In residence 2018 highlights – Department of Education

[Music playing] 120 kilometres from Toowoomba 600 kilometres from Rockhampton 900 kilometres from Mackay 1300 kilometres from Townsville 1600 kilometres from Cairns [Music playing] Yesterday was my first time on a plane. This is my first time in Brisbane I am so excited that we finally have this
opportunity to have regional students and metropolitan students all coming together
to experience working together as a team, thinking creatively, connecting with industry
and also tertiary institutions – all to try and build as much capacity as possible
for them to find pathways into the arts in the future. They become these little satellites to go
back to their places and spread the word. So, it’s so important to bring the kids
in and send them back out with this breadth of knowledge that they otherwise would not have. I can see, being on the ground with these
students for the last three days, just how life changing it is. [Music playing] To see students drop down their private practice
and what they think they are good at, and be open to input from others, and develop
artworks together, that’s been consistent over the last three days. That’s a really
powerful learning. How we can move from cutting edge technology and learning about manufacture,
laser cutting using materials that are unfamiliar to us, and then move it back into a traditional
art-making space. So that movement from private practice to collaborative practice, from new
media to traditional media, and moving and fusing that all together has been the take
home for me. Just to see the whole process of developing
multiple artworks within the 3d program. We started out with something really low-tech,
in a way, with just drawing on fabric and to see that turned into sculptural objects
as well as print, for me that was really refreshing to see the level of creativity that students
have within, you know, a really short period of time. [Music playing] We learned about photography skills, and the silhouette
effects and everything that has to do with the digital media. I don’t get these opportunities at home
where I am from, because it is a small place, so when you come here, you get to work with
artists one-on-one and get to really delve into different mediums that you didn’t think
you normally would have and could have, even. We got to into lots of different studios and
try different things that I have never done before. It was so much fun just being able to come
in and work on an artwork over a three day period, and watch it all come together and
work really well as a team. I think it’s really good to come and apply
for it at least. Give it a go. Because it’s fun! You meet wonderful people. [Music playing] My favourite part of this entire experience
is… Just hanging out with these two boys. My favourite experience was the wheel. Yeah,
she went on too! We went on the Brisbane Wheel and they surprised
us. It was so good. [Music playing] You get insights of things that you didn’t
think you normally would. Hopefully we are going to be able to submit
something in the next couple of years. We are in the battle ground already. I think
I am ready. Yeah. [Music playing]

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