Improving the teaching of pupils with Special Educational Needs

The research was focused on the problem
of whether ordinary classroom teachers should be teaching children with special
educational needs. Do they do they have the knowledge, the skill, the experience
to teach children with special educational needs. This is an issue
that exists because of the move towards greater inclusion in education. What
the research did was to show that actually teaching children with special
needs is very much like teaching ordinary children but with some
adaptations and intensification of it. So this particular research
developed a programme to introduce all trainee teachers to working and how to
adapt their general teaching approaches to working with individuals who have
special education needs. I think the key impact of this programme of research is
that teachers nationally have been introduced to learning experiences which
have better equipped them to work with children with special educational needs
when they eventually enter the classrooms as trained teachers. I
think has certainly been a development in national policy in this

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