Improving Rural Education

[music] Rural schools have a different set of challenges than their urban counterparts. Instead of a one size fits all approach, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln works with rural educators to find tailored solutions. We are very interested in identifying ways to support teachers as they continue to want to learn about new strategies, new approaches, new ways to reach individual students who are struggling to achieve in their content areas. UNL is the home of the Center for Research on Rural Education. Supported by a 10 million dollar grant from the US Department of Education. With its large number of rural school districts, Nebraska is the ideal location for the center. We have a test bed right here in our own community where we can really learn with and from rural educators about what works and what might not work to help them achieve their goals. Research projects include assessing how collaborations between schools and parents influence the way a child learns and use of distance learning and web based coaching to provide professional development for teachers. And so we’re going to be looking at ways of using technology and other supports to bring people together through virtual means to really provide the kind of support and relationships that the teachers sometimes lack when they’re in such isolated settings. UNL provides national leadership to help schools, students, teachers and families make the grade. [music]

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