Importance of Video Education in Schools

(gentle electronic music) – The education system’s
completely broken. Sitting in a desk, taking information from one specific source
is so incredibly antiquated and then to be able to show that I understand this
by filling in a bubble is just laughable at
this point in our world. Visual storytelling is the way
that’s all gonna be cracked. Chicago actually has the best network of media education in the nation. – Film making allows you to tell a story. A lot of times, people can’t
verbally articulate that, but they could tell that
story through video. (laughs) That’s so fresh. Like, most of my students
are visual learners, so I think that as educators,
we have to be open to that. Otherwise, you become antiquated. – We work together as
educators to really understand how can we prepare students
best for their future. I’ve been piloting and I’ve
been working with students to be able to capture
their reflection visually, of whatever it is that their learning, to be able to wrap that together in a 90 second to two minute video. There’s no better way to prove that somebody’s learned something than for them to A) teach
it or to articulate it, so I’m doing that with social studies, I’m doing it with science, I’m doing it throughout my building, to kind of proof this out, so that then others can be freed to rethink the way that
they’re teaching and assessing. – [Lateefa] Video
production, this process, should be available to all students. Every teacher should use this process in some form or fashion. You know, when you talk about your common core standards in education, you know, we’re talking about listening, we’re talking about speaking, we’re talking about critical thinking, all those are incorporated and seeing these young
people go through it on such a deep level, that
was next-level for me. – [Steve] Here, I feel
like I’m planting seeds in 12 different kids who then
can go back to their programs and change dramatically how they learn, how they go about telling stories, how they go through that structure. – Kids love it. They don’t care about all that. Got teachers that don’t wanna learn. It’s like, okay. You know? And then you got kids that
run circles around you on tech that you should be teaching them. I think it keeps everybody on
his toes, checks and balances. Step your game up. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ And I see it, yeah ♪ ♪ Love, we’re nowhere near ♪ ♪ We’re nowhere near ♪

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