Importance of STEM Education | Junaid Akram's Podcast#29

36 thoughts on “Importance of STEM Education | Junaid Akram's Podcast#29”

  1. One of the best podcast, two gems in a video. Need more awareness regarding early education so that we can discard these filthy curriculum of matric fsc and opt for modern day education

  2. wese agr change hum log policy maker mai bhe le ain to yh bhe zabardast ho jai ga,
    we have so called educational system in this era as our primary education …
    hope for best
    this podcast is amazing ♥♥

  3. Like always awesome video but I want you talk on the corrupt system we have in Matric and Fsc and how students are just for advertisement rather than a passion to teach them something

  4. or edher pakistan mi wo bacha media ke nazr mai ata hai jis ko batmeze krne ate ho .
    like peeche to dekho

  5. मुसलमान आंतकवादी ही बन सकता है और कुछ नही

  6. Very Very Excellent Interview (Y)
    I wish my baby will follow this Study. My baby age is right now 2 year old almost Hope Inn Shaa Allah he will get this. Any body can give me detail of Lahore where this school/study is going on……

  7. یا الله تیرا شکر میری ویڈیوز واٸرل ہو رہی ہیں۔🤲
    کشمیر کی آزادی کے لٸے ویڈیوز بناتا ہوں..😭
    میری تصویر پر کلک کر کے میرے چینل کو سبسکراٸب کریں.🙏🙏
    آپ سب کی مدد کی ضرورت ہے۔🙏😭

  8. Junaid Vai, mere pas vi ek solution hay. Free me good education ke liye mujhe lagta hay Khan Academy bohot bahtar hay. Maine vi udhar se khafi had tak help liye hay. Lot's of <3 from India 🙂

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