Importance of Balance and Critical Thinking

hello all so we have we've pretty much come full circle in this country I see it all the time there's a lot of hate there's a lot of misinformed people I guess we could say that misinformed people in the world today being of scotch-irish and having some African and Cherokee ancestry really shows that early Colonials were very much a mixed you know racial people but many of them knew how to live more in tune with nature if you take the Cherokee people the Cherokee greatly knew that life is ultimately about balance and what we have today is very much this out of balance out of balance mentality without critical thinking so what you have today is a lot of people today they don't think about things they just feel they they process directly off of emotions and that is very dangerous it's a very dangerous thing in this world to go strictly off your emotions and I see the left do it and I see the right do it I see both people do it the so-called left and right but the truth is is that common sense will have you take a balance road and the cherokee knew that life was about balance if you were in balance with yourself then you can make the logical decisions the best decisions for your life that's a problem I think a lot of with people today is they are way out of balance they live completely off their emotions they don't they don't take time to critical thing they judge people left or right whether it's based off their skin color whether it's based off her social status you know I mean all kind of things but the original Cherokee people knew to live life in balance just like the rest of the Native American tribes the creeks the the Apache Comanche all of them knew that life was about balance now they don't have a great big spiritual guru insight into things it's just that when you live in nature you realize that life is about balance and that is where we're Altima Lee supposed to be is in nature the Asians completely understand this about living life in balance it's why they practice Tai Chi that's why they practice their all of the Arts that they do it's only in this country with the left mentality and the right mentality that we are completely out of balance and not thinking and not critical thinking controlled by our emotions which is very dangerous I've seen political ideologies you know ruin good friendships and people that maybe don't go to church like I don't go to church I'm not called a quote Christian I'm more a believer in a universal force a universal spirit if you will that lives in everything lives in us it's everywhere it's in the rocks it's in the trees it's in the Stars it's in the planets so what I'm trying to say is is that a lot of people will judge me based off of that they will judge me based off a lot of things that I believe in and then label you and then discredit you call you crazy call you des clay that but the truth of the matter is the people that do this they are the ones that are crazy they are the ones that are judgmental so the next time you judge somebody talking about border you know border control you know don't you put yourself in their shoes a little bit maybe they live down on the border maybe they're tired of losing their jobs you know for the people that talk about the mega-corporations you know controlling or maybe you need to put yourself in their in their position for just a second and understand that a these mega-corporations are absolutely becoming too powerful you know and you know socialism and crony capitalism to me are the same damn thing as ultimately it's just an oligarchy of socialists the elites that's it that's it so but you know we need to put ourselves in each other's shoes think more and just respect each other more love each other more out there and it's too bad we don't have that today we have too much too many idiots that are way too polarize way to ideological that follow everything in lockstep whether it's the left or the right and needs a change you

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