Impeachment: Public opinion from Nixon to Clinton to Trump | IN 60 SECONDS

As the House Judiciary Committee widens
its impeachment investigation, where does the public stand? And how do today’s
polls compare to past polls about impeaching Nixon and Clinton? In a July
poll, 45% said Trump should be impeached and removed from office. The opinions of
Democrats and Republicans differ dramatically. Independents were split, 46
yes, 51 no. The year before Richard Nixon left office, 24% said that he should be
impeached. Using a different question a year later, 58% said the charges were
serious enough to warrant his being removed. In 11 polls, no more than 35
percent said that Clinton should be impeached. In each case, public opinion on
impeachment impacted congressional elections. Nixon resigned, and the
Republicans lost seats. For Clinton, impeachment efforts backfired —
he remained in office and Democrats gained seats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
has tried to slow walk impeachment talk because she knows it is a political
loser now without broader public support. Do you think Democrats will gain from an
impeachment inquiry? Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other topics
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9 thoughts on “Impeachment: Public opinion from Nixon to Clinton to Trump | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. A president who condoned burglary, a president who lied took the American people about extra marital affairs, and a president who has been the victim of the most aggressive witch hunt by opposition in government, media, and elites tho ever focus on one person… and who has been lied about consistently by the aforementioned… hmm.

  2. Looking at those stats, it’s not clear whether impeachment would be a good or bad move. If there is an impeachment inquiry, it could tip the balance for independence. Regardless, this race will likely go down the wire so it’s muddled to me.

  3. The Constitution directs that the impeachment issue should be driven by a single question (not by poll numbers), which is whether the official committed a "high crime or misdemeanor." For Clinton it was perjury, for which he was disbarred, and for Nixon it was either orchestrating the politically motivated Watergate burglary or covering up involvement in the crime using the power of the presidency. Have the advocates for impeachment today made the case for it? They insisted for two years that the alleged crime was "collusion with the Russians," which, after the most thorough investigation in independent counsel history, turned out to be a big nothing burger. What is the basis for impeachment now? Or is this just political gaming?

  4. Impeachment for what? Every crime he's been accused of has been bullshit. This will be Mueller 2.0: a lot of hype and buildup by the Democrats that turns out to be nothing. Naturally the TDS crowd will ignore facts and chalk it up to "Drumpf must've bribed somebody to get off scot free" or whatever, because they're incapable of handling reality.

  5. By your own statistics though, Donald Trump apparently has more support for impeachment then either Clinton or Nixon. Just saying, for a generally conservative lot, you literally JUST laid out the evidence that you think he should be impeached.

  6. its all just a lot of bullshit anyway impeachment would never go through the senate so its just another way to waste the taxpayers money

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