Imagina Books : Our Story

Well, I like books that are imaginative I like to read funny and action kind of books Cause they all have drawings in them and they all have active stuff like imagination Mostly the drawings cause they show you what the person looks like I hate the boring books the ones with no pictures, and the ones like dictionaries I hate dictionaries! I would like you to tell me what do you think about this book “The Human body” It’s an informative book I like it I like that it tells you about all the human body and the bones Tell me what do you see? Wow! Oh the lungs! It’s really cool It’s actually like it’s 3D It’s amazing, I love it cause it’s about science and now i know what is inside on me Books enhance imagination, but now, we’re unlocking another dimension of it through innovative science delivery, in a very entertaining way Imagina books introduces a series of educational augmented reality books that blends the classical book reading experience with the newest technology boosting visualization and imagination Just point your camera and enjoy! “The Human Body” is our first book we simplified the basic body systems with 3D animated models that will pop-up on the screen kids can see them in motion, play with them and interact with them Imagina Books is an effecient yet affordable way of education with just a book and your device our kids’ potentials are unleashed We wanted it perfect So, starting from science, we are delivering information and knowledge that is age compatible yet the fun is everywhere in the book Also, the book design went through several iterations that you will be proud to add to your library and as for the application, we made it simple, neat and attractive The 3D animated models are so vivid that enables our kids to clearly identify the functions of the human body systems and to boost the fun, we designed awesome 3D interactive games that assess their understanding and take it to a whole new level We also, created two lovely cartoon characters, Sarah and Adam they will be the guide to our future scientists in their journey inside the book they can share insights, play together and help them understand more about the human
body We’ve been working on this for the last 6 months and now we’re ready to introduce this concept to the world So, kickstarter community, we need your support to bring this product to mass audience We’ve finished almost 90% of the graphics of the book and more than 60% of the application but why kickstarter? Our aim is to build a community of parents educators and technology enthusiasts that share the same vision with us to believe in taking education to the next generation and make it available to our children,
today We believe that augmented reality and virtual reality are the next revolution in education and we are working day and night to make this a reality We as a team are fully committed to this vision and we have big plans for the future With your support we can together start shaping a better future for our kids That would make all books even better 100% better

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