1. Pillow = Kissen
    I think, it's to difficult to explain the word 'Schäfchenzähler'. Is there anything small children should do, then they can't slepp at night? Parents in Germany told their children to count the sheep's (just in the meaning for the stars at the night sky) and sometime they become tired of counting the sheep's and sleep.

  2. 6:59 Es ist dafür da, dein Brot/oder anderes frisch zu halten.

    You can put your bread/or else into it and close it. That way, your bred will remain fresh and tasty for a longer period of time. I really enjoy your vids bro 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  3. It depends on the school.I go to the Gymnasium and Mondays,Wednsdays and Thursdays I have lessen until 15.25 but at 13:00 I get the Mittagspause and you can to the Lidl or whatever and buy some food to eat

  4. The pupils have long break for 1hour where they are allowed to go outside of the school area to eat etc after that they normaly have school for 3hours

  5. Ich spiele Flag Football,in 2 Jahren spiele ich auch normales American Football im Verein Jenaer Hanfrieds

  6. " ich spreche kein Deutsch" actually means " get the fuck outta my face cuz I don't want to talk with you"

  7. i living in Cologne and i learned Englisch with 6 years yet i am 12 years old and the withe thing in there you put your bread is for bread to keep it save from dryness

  8. German school ends at 1am untill the 8th grade, and there 3 types of school: the stressy one for smart kids called "gymnasium", the chilled type of school called "realschule" and the school for the stupid kids called "hauptschule" you dealt with the "hauptschul" type because in germany you acually start to learn englisch in the 5th grade.

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