IM Greg Shahade vs 10 year old chess master

classic Sam what do you think the probability you're gonna win the game is 100% I mean recording on this'll be on this video yeah can you give really bad you've also some video are you would ever get over I'll give you drop you won don't don't I've no draws it's this video thank you [Laughter] killing or actually get myself home on bamboo dragon video look at it it's gay move shake the bus thank you so badly you want to anymore for MS this is like yo okay I don't care the converting cash rushing and I'm really fishing oh look at that you're long going a weapons here that's for sure it's all good yeah see none you're down on time five million twenty hey quiet come on

48 thoughts on “IM Greg Shahade vs 10 year old chess master”

  1. The kid is 10 and you are all expecting him to act like an adult. Let him be a kid, because if he tries to act all mature and shit like you want him to, he's gonna regret not being able to be himself at such a young age.

  2. I hear Garry Kasparov wants in on this guy, just like he did Carlsen. He's a very strong US GM now, more mature, mellow and 'deep', almost like Carlsen.

  3. Sam did very well in the US national championship. He played the best vs the super GMs than the other grandmasters did

  4. God damn you people, that kid is 10 years old how the fuck can you judge him for being "cocky" or not "humble enough" ? 

    He's achieving something amazing and he's young, no shit he's gonna get hyped up ! It's just funny, they're both pros and can poke each other for their mistakes without taking it personal, open your mind a little !

  5. Magnus has videos of himself as a charming kid beating Karpov and drawing Kasparov. Meanwhile this kid has a video of him getting hyped and acting arrogant/douchey with an IM. haha, I wonder what his reaction to this will be when he's older.

  6. is there actually something wrong with this kid. yes hes obviously good but jesus hes so annoying think i would end his life if i was his parent

  7. but greg played so badly…i have watched him play on, he's good. How did he lose his rook in the beginning.

  8. For all those hating on the kid, you need to understand the context.  Greg has probably beaten everyone in that room dozens if not hundreds of times in a row in blitz, and so they couldn't pass up the opportunity to bust his balls a little.

  9. I am glad the kids play chess. But why play the stupid 3:00 blitz matches. It's an exercise in dexterity of hands, not mind. It should be no less than 5 min

  10. oh come on guys, he's a kid. if you were winning against an IM i'm sure yaa'll would react the same way. plus, this was just a friendly game, obviously touch moves/dropping pieces were excused. it's like yaa'll just started playing chess yesterday.

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