'Illusion In The Dark' Flash Challenge Tattoo Part III | Master vs. Apprentice (Season 6)

two hours remaining everybody two more hours I'm just gonna keep working my brush all the way through so I'm gonna do orange then white orange I'm clearly taking control of this design I want the win just follow along DUP you let's maybe do our blue rings while you're doing the black yep I need to keep my momentum going I am on top right now and I'm just gonna keep knocking off players five four three one that's it time's up no more painting I think we should just start strategizing on who we're passing out the skulls to do you're the only one with a partner here I'm not try to take anybody time to critique your work first up is Kido and Tyler all right guys hit the Lights that's super rad we're going for psychedelic cuz he's glow-in-the-dark the key here would have been to leave out parts of the body there's glow-in-the-dark all over the entire human form so what we see is a silhouette of a human form as far as the real ingenuity part of this challenge you might have fallen a little bit short Dave and Eric hit the Lights we figured we'd take a little risk and try to shape the body first you really do lose the sense of what the shape of the body is I like the way that you ended at the bottom to where it stops Ahai then it disappears you actually saved yourself a lot of work that also shows ingenuity because you're working smart not hard I think you did a great job Duffy and Chris this is a really really creative approach and you've shown a lot of ingenuity here we want to talk about cool things that are artistically inspiring and move your competitors to try to rise to your level you did an amazing job st. mark and Marissa great use of the body with the movement to show ingenuity it's a strong image really using the negative and having the falling petals work to your advantage it gives a nice warm effect because of the colors that you chose very cool guys thank you Matt and Katie the strength of this is the concept I love the depth of field that you have you use so much negative space to really bring out the positive when the lights went off the balloon on the back of her head completely eliminated the human form it took me to a scenery and that really shows ingenuity kruseman in rural I don't really see the human body once the light goes out but I also don't see any kind of real artistic creativity obviously this is gonna tie into a tattoo challenge we're gonna be judging ingenuity if you're not hungry to win this challenge I don't know how that's gonna help you out in this competition what was bugging me is because I don't talk crap that I'm weak that's both because no one has to be like that m/v in a detail challenge you have no delivery having stars and Spike TV's miniseries tucked premiering

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