(Anthony) Hey, let’s bring our kids to a rated R movie so they can cry and scream the whole time. (Ian) SHUT UP! (TV) I wish I could quit you. Dude, this movie is so unrealistic. No super manly cowboys would ever have a secret relationship together. Dude, how many times do I have to tell you, It would be stupid if movies were actually realistic. Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred. Here you are, Monsieur. This tastes like ass! Dude, check it out! If we extract this DNA, we can make real live dinosaurs! Wait, hold on. If we aren’t careful, then these dinosaurs could get loose and then kill everyone. Oh my god! But raptor babies would be sooo cute! (raptor babies roar) Okay, I’m just gonna keep that rolling
and then we can catch some ghosts! You just want to record us having sex, don’t you? Sh*t! Sir, I’m unable to see with all these lens flares. Whoa! Even my body has lens flares! (screams) That sucks. Well…at least they look pretty cool. (screams) -Hey, are you Bill?
-Yeah. (groans in pain) That was easy. Look, Toto! A tornado! Maybe it’ll whisk me away
to a better place where I’ll learn the value of family
and become a better person! Take me to a better place! Wheeeee! -(bell tolls)
-She never was very bright. -You wanna race, bro?
-I only race for pigs, bro! -I’m not your bro, bro!
-Cool, let’s race, bro! Three, two, one, BROOOOO! (mimics engine revving) Frickin’ bath salts! So you’re telling me that if I put
this ring on, I’ll become invisible? Yup! Hmmm… That’s right. Keep scrubbing! Yeah– What are you doing in here?! This ring isn’t making me invisible?! That’s from a Cracker Jack box. Awww…damn it, Gandolf! Alright, ladies! There’s nothing
standing between the monsters and humanity’s destruction, except for our robots! Now are you ready to kick some
monster ass with our robots or what?! (together) Sir, yes sir! -To battle!
-YEAAAAAAH! Well…we’re f*cked. See, I told you there’d be blood! Whoa! This ability is gonna change our lives! Hell, with this power, we could change the world! Yeah! What should we do first? Hmmm… (gasps) You guys too? Heh heh heh. Yeah, I do reckon that would be quite preposterous. Darn tootin’! Well, I’d better go tend to the cattle. Hold up now, partner. I reckon maybe
we should try that one thing… you know that one thing we’ve always wanted to try? -You mean…that thing?
-Yeah. -Get the lights.
-Okay. (slurping and moaning noises) So good. Eatin’ mac and cheese in the dark
is even better than I thought! I know! To see bloopers and deleted
scenes from Warm Bodies… I think I love you. Click the video right here! -You just [bleep]ed in my face!
-I don’t believe it! Thanks for doin’ that little
subscription thingamajiggie. If you don’t mind me, I’m gonna go eat
some more mac and cheese! Yee-haw!

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  2. One time I told my teacher I did not like star trek I said there is nothing wrong hating it and she got pissed

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