IEW 2017 Compilation: The Importance of Language Skills & Global Competencies

ever since I was a kid I was absolutely
fascinated by East Asian culture in particular at that time anime ninjas I
was hugely fond of pandas and so that sort of passion for East Asian culture
at a very young age albeit very superficially started this passion for
international travel and East Asian culture and my junior year of college
was actually able to attend an international conference in Malaysia
with my mom I loved every second of it and it really kind of sparked the
wanderlust in me I believe the International education is the most
important thing for today student for me the primary reason why students need to
understand and study languages and other cultures can be summed up in one word
and that is empathy in order to understand what one is studying and to
understand the people one is trying to understand you have to be able to extend
intellectual empathy to the other to the other culture into the other language
having a different language skill set is very much like having your full
capacities you know I mean it really equips you to negotiate and navigate the
world in ways that those who are not equipped with like linguistic skills
have more difficulty doing so I like to say that language is the window into a
culture and understanding culture is the key to understanding the world a lot of
people like to say and throughout this figure that 95 percent of the world’s
consumers live outside u.s. borders and that’s absolutely true and with that
comes the fact that 80% of the world’s purchasing power is also outside u.s.
borders and something like 92 percent of economic growth and development is also
outside u.s. borders so our students need to be able to develop the language
skills the cross-cultural competence understand
regional markets in order to harness what is happening outside of US borders
to harness that global economy for the benefit of the United States you have
this global hub you know of innovation here and there you know business is
having these different supply chains you know being located in different parts of
the world and if I really wanted to potentially pursue a business degree
International sounded great and I would have to learn more about different
cultures I had my own preconceived notions of just different cultures and
what I expected from others so I think just having an international experience
interacting with different cultures and really understanding what when ideas I
came with those cultural nuances they’re just very slight I was able to pick up
on based on my travels in East Asia while abroad I took a certain number of
cross-cultural communication courses so those have been extremely valuable in
helping me to develop just different teamwork methods with my coworkers we’re
in a world that is now so globally connected global skills really in my my
estimation broaden the aperture of our creativity of our ability to solve
problems of our ability to seize opportunities both for our own research
but also for our broader societies just because they have certain barriers
through language or financial constraints does not mean that you don’t
have the opportunities to go forward and pursue International Studies I think
it’s actually important to get more students who are studying who are they
have interests international food coming from diverse backgrounds and diverse
concentration is coming from Idaho and it’s a little bit more sheltered there’s
not a ton of cultural diversity it’s great place but there’s just so much
more to see and until I was 21 years old I did not realize that so the fact that
in you know three years I’ve now been able to see 24 different countries and
just expand my horizons and really get a sense for all of the different culture
cultural diversity that the world holds has been the most incredible experience
and I think that every student should really take the opportunity to try to do
that for themselves

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