IELTS Teaching Tips – Reading Race

hi my name is GAD and my name is Mina every year the IELTS partners sponsor the IELTS morgan terry memorial scholarship to attend the IATA food conference as part of their applications teachers have been sharing with us their ideas for teaching students who are preparing to take the IELTS test teacher such as yourself have come up with a lot of very interesting and creative ideas and we'd like to share some of these with you in videos such as this one as well as on the IELTS teachers website the URL for which you can see on the screen the teaching idea we'd like to share with you in this video and it's called the reading race and it focuses on helping students understand the purpose of topic sentences okay so what this is activity involved okay it involves the teacher choosing a reading test from a past paper and the teacher then has to break the text down into paragraphs then put each paragraph onto a PowerPoint slide but omitting the topic sentence okay the topic sentences are written on strips of paper like this okay so one strip one sentence okay and a set of the strip's belonging to all of the paragraphs is given to a group of students or a pair of students it really doesn't matter it's just that every student needs to be able to your the sentences the teacher then tells the students that they are going to participate in a race and then shows one paragraph at a time when the paragraphs up on the screen the students look at the sentences decide which one matches the paragraph and when they think they know they take the sentence run to the teach and give it to the teacher and if it's the right topic sentence they win it sounds like a good idea and basically the teacher goes through all the paragraphs till all the topic sentences have been completed yeah I think that's a very good thing to do because knowing about topic sentences can help students develop expeditious reading strategies which can help make them more efficient readers yeah I like it and I think it's a really nice activity to it to extend and in order to help students with cohesion and coherence and understanding how texts work together so what the teacher can do next is take two paragraphs off the PowerPoint slides cut them up like this again and give them two pairs and the pair's can then or reorder the progress to make the complete coherent text yep yes well we're sure you can think of other variations and extensions to this idea to contribute some of your own or to read about more ideas from other teachers please visit the isles teachers website we hope you found this helpful thank you for watching and see you again soon

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