IDOE Announces 2018 Teacher of the Year

Students, you are blessed to be in a great
high school. You have teachers who are some of the best
in our entire state. Your teachers are courageous, they are passionate,
they are nimble and they continue to develop their own capacity. Your teachers are so great, that it is my
honor to acknowledge one of them is the 2018 Teacher of the Year for the entire state of
Indiana. Mr. Flewelling. Stop. Thank you, thanks to god, my family, the DOE,
the community. Thank you to my colleagues and friends here
at Crown Point Community Schools. You motivate me to be creative and courageous
every day in the classroom. Your passion is contagious. Thank you so much. A great big thank you to the students. You inspire me to do more, to be more, to
live more in and out of the classroom. Its because of you that I’m here. And I guess if i could paraphrase something
that someone had said once, maybe every Friday afternoon; I’m not just a reflection of me,
but I’m a reflection of family, the school and the community. Just thank you. I hope that I reflect you well. Thank you very much.

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