#ICEat40 — Four Decades of Culinary Education

Marc Murphy: It’s just gotten bigger and better.
These facilities are amazing. I’m jealous of the people and the students that can go
to school here. Danny Meyer: Outrageous, as a matter of fact,
I’ve never seen this much space anywhere in New York City for anything in my life.
Drew Nieporent: I’m blown away. It’s absolutely stunning.
Rick Smilow: I wanted to create an environment that would make people happy, be facilitating
to education and be inspirational. Zac Young: It’s completely state-of-the-art.
It’s like no other culinary school that I’ve seen in terms of the technology, the space,
the layout. Not only do you have New York City as your playground but you have one of
the best kitchens to play in. Anthony Caporale: I have lost track of the
number of ways that it inspires me as an instructor. It’s all designed to provide a culinary education
experience that is unrivaled in the world. Sohui Kim: So impressive, my god this school
has grown up. Miguel Trinidad: I came to ICE to do the work
study program. It really helped me to evolve into the chef I am today because I’m Dominican
and I’m cooking Filipino food. Zac Young: I love ICE, it really laid the
foundation for my career. It gave me the tools to go out and conquer. Anthony Sasso: I took very, very intense programs.
You get in, you get out and then you’re professionally cooking as soon as possible.
Sara Moulton: The chocolate room? Oh my god, that is like the state-of-the-art!
Michael Laiskonis: A lot of people are surprised at how much equipment it takes to make chocolate
from bean to bar. I don’t think that they would get any exposure to anywhere else. That’s
really what we’re all about here, we’re helping people find their culinary voice.
Sara Moulton: And then this, this garden here. This is in the middle of New York City, we
don’t have things like this. It’s very exciting. Daniel Boulud: In all my restaurants, I depend
on a lot of young students and ICE is one of the schools we favor a lot.
Danny Meyer: For my sense about alumni of ICE is that they should all work for us instead
of only some of them working for us. Drew Nieporent: I know Danny Meyer is trying
to cherry pick all the good students but once in a while call Drew. The ICE students always
do a spectacular job. We’re always very impressed with their background that their education
is always very prominent. Rick Smilow: I say to students we’re big enough
so that we can really help you and we’re still small enough so that we really will. And I
think this new facility will really facilitate that concept.
Sohui Kim: A school like this that keeps up with the trend of what’s going on and the
techniques. I don’t know that too many schools are keeping up with that. I would love to
be student here all over again. Drew Nieporent: ICE has always been the cutting-edge
school. They’re always ahead of the trends. They’re always thinking about the next new
thing. I’m very impressed with everything that ICE has done for so many years.
Daniel Boulud: I can see this school being here 50 years from now and being very relevant.
Rick Smilow: I really can’t believe it but it’s exhilarating and when I look around at
what’s been built, I’m really excited for the future. Here’s to decades and decades
of ICE being one of America’s greatest culinary schools.

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