IBM Z | Transform data into insights with machine learning

– Each and every customer transaction provides priceless information that can help you provide your customers with the best possible experiences. Machine Learning on z14 helps
makes sense of that data in real-time, to make
better decisions, faster, and improve overall outcomes. (gentle string music) – When you look at Machine Learning, it's such an emerging field today. If someone had told me 18 months ago, that we would have such a strong set of analytic and Machine Learning tools, available directly on z/OS, I'm not sure I would have believed them. And the fact that we're a
major player in that field, just is another example of
how Z is a modern platform. – Over 80% of the world's data, is not searchable in Google. That data resides behind
the firewalls of enterprise organizations across the world. There is immense value in that data that is currently unsearchable. – Machine Learning is an industry term that talks to the ability of the system to look at historical data, identify key characteristics
and patterns from that data, extract key correlating
features of that data, apply statistical algorithms
to those key features, to create a model that can then be applied to the most current data, to predict a likely outcome
or a likely behavior. – Bringing the analytics
and the cognitive processing to the data, rather than moving the data, really provides the best of both worlds. You keep your data secure, but you still get the insides from it. – Businesses are now taking the next step and applying analytics
and Machine Learning, to extract more insight, from that data that they hold. – If our clients are using
IBM's Machine Learning, they're truly innovative
in terms of addressing how they want to compete
in their industries today, and really bring the best
experience to their clients. (gentle string music)

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