I Tried To Master The Naked Pendulum Trick

47 thoughts on “I Tried To Master The Naked Pendulum Trick”

  1. “I’m not saying my pee pee is a big thing. This is a very small thing.”
    This is the moment I realized I’m a 12 year old 😂😂😂

  2. Eric: with like a little balk that swings-
    Phone guy: Oh.
    Phone guy on the other side of the line thinking: What tf is happening to this generation

  3. This is when you realize that the editor is gay and zoomed in on his penis and printed it out

  4. You are hilarious! Next time you're in Toronto, I would love to grab a beer with you and hear some of your stories! Cheers, bud!

  5. 10:57 before he added the video it was 361, but if it was after he posted it and refreshed it and stuff, it should’ve been at 362 and not 361… so did he delete it or something? Because now I’m confused

  6. i don't know why but i think he's a turn-off. not just because of this video tho. i mean, in every video he's been in.

  7. That’s too bad you lost some followers, but at least you have me as one of the followers! You will have 1M some day…

  8. Nobody :

    YouTube recommendations : I recommend watching this video of a guy swinging naked with a pendulum hiding his private part .

  9. When someone complains about how they got the same amount of followers, before and after, but if you see the number of posts they have the same number, 361, in the before and after as well (-_-) hmmmm

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