I Tried To Master The Ice Bubble

– Kids, don't smoke
cigarettes, blow bubbles. (fun music) All right, so I recently mastered the invisible step challenge. (fun music) So, I'm just gonna keep mastering a bunch of cool things on the internet. I just saw a really cool video
about making ice bubbles. It is freezing in New York right now. There's a storm called the Bomb Cyclone. And I thought, why not
recreate that video? Warning, I'm not crafty at all, so if I can do this, anyone can. I think all you need is
a straw and some soap. It shouldn't be too hard. Got soap, do you have a straw back here? – [Woman] No (chuckles). – Alvin, do you know
where I can find a straw? – Next to the drinks,
that's where the straws are. Oh, over there? Got my straws. Now I just need to find a
good little patch of snow. This seems like a pretty good
patch of snow right here. (fun music) I saw the video. It looked like you kind of
just get some soap in the tube. So, that worked. Now, I think what you do, is
you get low to the ground. Should've worn gloves. I think you just blow. Yeah, it didn't seem to
work whatsoever (laughs). I failed miserably, it's okay. Life is built on failures. And then, you go and you
succeed, and work hard. And that's the message of this video. So I did some research. I figured out what I need
is a bowl and a spoon. All right, that shouldn't be too hard. 200 milliliters of warm water, 35 milliliters of corn syrup,
35 milliliters of dish soap, two tablespoons of
sugar, one plastic straw. And that's it. So, I'm gonna go to Tasty. And I'm gonna steal a
bunch of their stuff. (upbeat music) That's corn syrup? – [Dark Haired Woman] Yeah. The only issue is, they don't
really have regular sugar. Oh, there's real sugar back there? Thank you. So, I got all the ingredients. I need to make like a Tasty setup, like a little top down thing. You know what, screw it. You can just record me. So, I need 200 milliliters of warm water. Which way is warm on a sink? Up or down? I've only used left and right sinks. Good enough, next. This is like the (censor beeps) episode of Chopped you've ever seen. 35 milliliters of corn syrup. There's no even 35 milliliter thing. How am I supposed to know? Ew, what is corn syrup? Can you drink corn syrup? Not good (chuckles). I need another measuring cup
'cause now this one's sticky. Oh, my God, I hate cooking! Another measuring cup. I need dish soap, I forgot my dish soap. I left it outside. That looks like 35. I need another measuring cups (laughs). I need to measure the sugar (chuckles). Oh, my God! Make sure, if you guys
wanna make these bubbles, you have a lot of measuring cups. So, I need two tablespoons. (laughs) I don't need a measuring cup. T tablespoon? You got me a teaspoon. – [Man] Just scoop it out. – He told me to scoop the sugar,
instead of pouring it out. And we're done. What I'm going to do right now, is I'm gonna find a patch of ice first. 'Cause in the video, it
was like on an icy surface. So, I'm gonna see if that works. (fun music) So, we got this nice little beautiful patch of ice right here. (censor beeps) All right, so I added some more soap. Let's see how this works. I'm making bubbles! It is time to get some
bubbles on the ice patch. (screams) Why? Why, why? Even though it seemed
like all hope was lost, I was not going to give up. I decided I was gonna stay outside 'til I made the perfect ice bubble. It started to start but
I kept blowing bubbles. Bubbles kept popping and
popping, but I kept blowing. And they kept popping, and I kept blowing. And then, finally, this happened. (intense music) I gave up. I didn't really give up. It's freezing outside, so I'm not gonna keep trying and failing. I don't know what I'm doing so I decided I'm going to call the guy who actually made the bubble video and he's
gonna tell me how to do it. Hello, it's good to meet you. – You, as well. – So, you made the bubble video? – I did. – Where did you actually blow the bubbles? – In southern Alberta. – I've been trying for a long time to figure out how to do
it and I failed miserably. So, how did you do it? – I was using a soap bubble solution. I was using a mixture of dish soap, corn syrup, as well as,
a little bit of sugar. – That's exactly what I have. – And I was blowing the bubbles using a straw from McDonald's. So, I was dipping the straw.
– That's what it was. – In southern Alberta,
we had a temperature, it was about minus 25 on that day. I need about minus 20 Celsius. What's really been awesome this year, so many people have been
freezing bubbles, it's been fun. – You think I can do it today? – I think you can do it today. – That didn't sound
very confident (laughs). (Chris laughs) (laughs) No! So I now know how to make an
ice bubble, which is awesome. The only problem is that the
circumstances aren't right. It's way too windy outside. And it's actually getting
warmer in New York. I can't believe how hard
it is to make a bubble. I can't give up. A freezer. Bye, buddy, stay warm. I hope he (censor beeps) freezes. (lighthearted music) Yeah, so this trend is
definitely very difficult. So, if you're like me, don't try it. On a difficulty scale from zero to 10, I would give this about a seven. Also, it's very uncomfortable
to be cold for that long. So, I'm gonna bump that up to an eight. Eight out of 10 difficulty. Don't try it if you're like me. If you guys like the video, let me know in the comments below what you want me to try and master next. (lighthearted music)

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  1. * eric tries corn syrup *
    Eric:I DO NOT LIKE IT!!

    Let's rewind the time when Zach kornfeld from try guys tasted corn syrup in without a recipe holiday pies

    Zach:ooh that's sweet

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