i tried *BODY POSITIVE* workout classes in LA!

– I first got the idea for
this video a few weeks back when I was on my YouTube break, and I was thinking about the fact that when I move my body, I feel a lot better
mentally and physically, but I am someone who’s kind of intimidated by workout classes, or going to gyms, and places like that, like
fitness establishments. And so, I was thinking in my head like, “Man, I really
wish there was some kind “of body-positive workout
class that I could go to, “where it’s not focused
on burning calories. “It’s more focused on moving
because you’re able to, “and because it brings you joy, “and not focused on losing
weight or anything like that.” And then, I did a quick Google search, and actually came across this thing, it’s not sponsored, nothing in this video is
sponsored whatsoever, by the way. This is all my own research, but I came across because
after searching on Google, and then, it led me to Yelp, and then, it led me to this, which is called, SuperFitHero. It’s basically a website that helps you select
body-positive workout classes or gyms in your area, and I was like, “This is genius. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.” And there are so many
things to choose from. I was so stoked to find this. A lot of times in a
mid-sized to plus-sized body, it can be this vicious cycle
where you feel like your shamed for not working out, but then
when you do want to work out, you feel like you’re kind
of shamed for it as well, especially in the gym scenario. And because L.A. is
such a progressive city, it really didn’t surprise me
whatsoever that this existed. So, I narrowed it down to my top four body-positive
workout classes. And I just want to make it perfectly clear that I am only making this video because moving my body brings me joy. I’m not doing this to lose weight, I’m not doing this to burn calories, I’m not doing this to shrink
my body in any way whatsoever. I’m just doing this because I thought it
would be a fun experiment for my life, as well
as my YouTube channel. So, for day one, I’ve
selected a class called Pony, which I found in my YouTube search, and I got so excited because
it only exists in L.A. from what I understand, and usually I do the class that I’m the most excited about last because I don’t want to
like, get the excitement over with right away that I
honestly just couldn’t wait, like, I have to take this
class, I’m so pumped. A little bit of info about the class, it says it’s called, Pony Sweat, “is a fiercely non-competitive, “radical dance aerobics
celebration from Los Angeles. “Music that’s close to the heart. “A dance-fitness class “that feels like dancing in your bedroom,” yes please, “A simple
yet challenging workout “that is fun and has feeling. “Come as you are, all ways, always.” Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. – Pony Sweat is a
fiercely non-competitive, body-positive dance aerobics celebration for all levels of
fitness and coordination. – And since I did
research about this class, one of my girlfriends,
who will actually be going with me to this class told me
that she’s been to it before. It made her cry. She said it was so inspiring,
and fun, and amazing, and that’s kind of, for me anyways, what working out is about, and I’ll get into it
later on in this video, but for some people, can be
really like, hard, intense, competitive, strenuous movement, but for me, it’s just about having fun. That’s what I’m most excited
about for this class. So, let’s see how this goes. What is up everybody? It is Monday, day one, and tonight, I am going to Pony Sweat. I’m so freakin’ excited, however, I’m running really late. I’m currently on Sunset
Boulevard right now, and it is so busy,
there’s so much traffic. Really, no expectations going into this, other than it’s gonna be really fun. I just know it. I love an aerobic-style workout. I love Zumba. I love anything that requires dancing, and like they said, or in
like I told you in the intro, it’s supposedly like
dancing in your bedroom, which, what more could you want. So, I’m currently arriving at 7:06, the class starts at seven o’clock. I’m gonna try to very safely get there, but like, you know, as
quickly as possible right? And then, I will check in
with you guys when I’m done. Fingers crossed. (upbeat music) (class cheering) You guys, (screams) I had such a good time. It was so much fun. It was a really hard workout, actually. Like, it was, or I wouldn’t say hard, but it was just really good. There was like some steps
and choreography to learn. It was really, really fun, and the instructor of the class was actually the creator of Pony Sweat. So, I got to meet her afterwards. Her name’s Emilia, she
was so kind, and so sweet, and I really, really, really, really loved what she said in the class during. She kept holding her chest, and she just kept telling
you to listen to your body, and listen to what your
body was telling you. It’s not about competition. She was like, “This class is
about dismantling the hierarchy “and holding space for each other.” At the end of the class,
we pulled out yoga mats, and she was like, you know,
“At this point in the class, “we’re gonna be doing some yoga, “and we’re gonna be doing some pushups. “If you feel like your body is telling you “that you want to do
that, absolutely do it, “but if your body is telling you, maybe, “that you deserve a (beep) break, “you can do that too. “And if you don’t really know, “and you’re feeling conflicted about it, “maybe just give yourself some
acceptance, and some love, “and that it’s okay to not know.” Like, it was just, she was
just really, really kind and almost maternal,
and just so, so sweet, and she just kept saying things like, she would tell us to do a certain step. She would say, “Do this,
or whatever you want.” She just kept saying,
“or whatever you want,” so inclusive, so positive. There were many, many,
many times in the class where I did not know what I was doing, I kept messing up the steps. I was just trying to follow along, and I was like, “What the heck?” But that’s okay, like
that was the whole point, was that it was okay, that there was space for me in that class, and everything that I was doing was valid, and amazing, and I just feel so, so happy. I’m definitely gonna
be going to that class, in case you were wondering. We just had such an awesome time, it was so much fun. So anyways, that’s gonna wrap up day one. I had such an incredible experience. I just can’t say enough
good things about it. I got to go to bed, and then, we got to
get up tomorrow morning to do the next class. So, I will see you bright and early. Good night. Next workout that was recommended by SuperFitHero was a
studio called Ratio Cycling out in Hollywood, and basically, it’s a female-owned studio, which I greatly appreciate, that focuses on indoor cycling. And this one seems to me to be like a little bit more competitive. It seems to be a little bit more intense, but I thought, because
SuperFitHero vouches for it, they literally have the badge at the bottom of their website. They proudly are inclusive. I figured it can’t be that bad. I am gonna go with Leah to this class, and Leah and I have been to a
Soulcycle class once before, so, I don’t think anything
could be more intense than that, but I mean, I’m willing to be surprised. The front of their website says, “Local, inclusive, independent.” And their philosophy is, “Ratio cycling classes
are high on intensity “and low on intimidation. “They’re designed to improve fitness, “boost wellbeing, and foster
a sense of community.” That all sounds great to me. I really actually do enjoy
the fun, upbeat nature of these cycling classes. I think it’ll be fun. Hopefully, they’ll play really good songs, pump us up, so, I don’t know. This is the one I’m definitely
the most nervous about. So, we’re gonna see what happens today. All right, we made it in the car, on our way to my second ever spin class. If we’re just judging it off of the one Soulcycle class I went to, I’m a little nervous, to say the least. I’m not gonna lie. I actually almost canceled this class. I got a little in my own head. I started doubting myself. I started getting a little freaked out. And basically, when I signed
up for the class yesterday, just something to keep in mind, I’m not trying to like,
speak negatively about them ’cause I haven’t been yet, but one thing I did notice was that it asked for my weight when I was filling out my profile to sign up for the class. So that’s something to keep in mind. That can be really,
really, really triggering for some people. Some people, totally comfortable with it, and that’s totally fine, but for me, it made me feel a little iffy, especially for other people that might be like, just kind of, stepping into the workout space, or trying out a cycling
class for their first time. Like, that part made me a little bit like, “Hmm, someone might be really,
really thrown off by that.” But, I’m keeping an open mind, and either way, it’s gonna
make good content, right? Let’s go. (upbeat music) All right, here we go.
– Hi guys! – Are you nervous? – I’m excited.
– I’m really excited too. I think it’s gonna be good.
– I’m ready to go. Yeah, I feel good about it.
– I have a very positive mindset. I’m feeling good about it. Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (Leah cheers) (class murmurs) (upbeat music) – Okay. We did it.
– We’re done. – We finished the class.
– We survived. – One thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is that I got in trouble – Oh no.
– During the class. – Bad Carrie.
– I got in a little scolding. Not really, but she,
– Slap on the wrist. – This instructor actually
did see me on my phone, which looking back, like, “God, you idiot, “like, why would you try, “why wouldn’t you just update afterwards?” Like I was just so
– You’re just trying to get the content.
– I was trying to get the content.
– Just trying to give you guys – I was really trying to give an insight to like, what it was like. I wanted to hear her yelling, and like, you know.
– Yeah. – I was only filming for like a total of probably 20 seconds, but she did notice, and I was like, “I’m so
sorry, I’m so sorry.” And then, I actually went
up to her after the class, and I was just like, “I’m really sorry, “that was really disrespectful. “I’m filming a YouTube video,
and I was really focused, “and I was like, I’m doing “like, body-positive workout classes.” And she was like, “I love
that you’re doing that. “Thank you so much for saying sorry.” Like, she was very, very, very nice. Okay, so anyways, thoughts. The only thing we have to compare it to is Soulcycle, – Yeah.
– Which was more intense, I will say.
– Yeah. – So, it’s like, it was way more intense. This was much more fitting for someone who is looking for, I guess,
a less aggressive approach, and they did show our
metrics on the screen. – I didn’t really like that part. – I did not like it, and you can, (car engine roars) you could see what
everyone else was doing, you could see what you were doing. – Yeah.
– Although, I will say, I was really only paying
attention to what I was doing. Like, I would look occasionally, but I didn’t know
– Yeah. – Who any of those people were. – Yeah.
– So, it wasn’t like, a big deal. – I didn’t really
understand them, honestly. Yeah.
– I’m not good with numbers. Something I didn’t know until after I already took the class, was at this place, they actually
offer another cycling class that’s without the metrics. So, it’s called a tempo ride, where you basically just
do a normal cycling class, and they don’t show your
metrics on the screen, or measure them. So, I thought I would
mention that in this video in case anyone was interested. It was overall like, a
really cool experience. I’m glad we did it. The only complain, and we did mention this on Leah’s channel, as well, is that our vaginas, – Are gonna be sore. – Very.
– Like for real, and I wanted to keep standing. – I’m already tingling. That’s just cycle classes in general. That has nothing to do with this class, but I, you would think with how uncomfortable the seats were, you’d be standing more.
– Be standing more. – And it was a good workout. I’m sweating. – It was, I was sweating a lot. – And I loved, loved, loved, loved that there were other kind of like mid to plus-sized people in the class. – There’s the guy.
– And like, the stickers, there was a guy, there were a couple guys, actually. – Oh really? – And everyone was really nice. – Yeah. – The employees were really, really nice. – Yeah, really cool class.
– So full. (car honking)
Time to go. – Okay, that’s our cue.
(Leah murmurs) Oh, you’re sitting on
a trashcan, by the way. Bye! Woo, okay, we’re back in the car. I’m gonna sanitize ’cause
sweaty handlebars everywhere. I wanted to add a few more thoughts. So, all in all, after
the actual vaginal pain that I will be experiencing subsides, what remains is that it
was a really good class. I really enjoyed the instructor. She was really positive. She was really motivating. I think coming off of the Pony Sweat class that I took literally last night, like, 12 hours ago, it
was different in a sense that that class was very like, mind, body, hippy-dippy spirit, and this was just a much more traditional, like, strict form of exercise, but it’s cool to change it up, and there doesn’t have to
just be one way of exercising. There could be multiple ways, and whatever works best for you, and what motivates you, and what makes you feel
good is what I think is key, and that sticker that said, “I workout because I love my body, “not because I hate it,” was like, honestly, needs to
be the new motto of my life. That’s exactly how I
would describe this video, and what I want to do with it. I’m just really, really happy. The endorphins are going, baby. I feel like I’m glowing. I’m like so happy. I need to, I think I need
to go back to that class. Maybe I’ll bring a butt cushion next time. And last, but not least, we
are going to go to a place that I’m actually probably
equally as excited about as the first place, and this is a gym called, Everybody, and on their website, it
says that their mission is, “Everybody is committed “to creating a radically inclusive culture “for all bodies to move,
strengthen, and heal. “We believe that health and
wellness should be accessible, “affordable, and adaptive to all people, “regardless of their gender,
sexuality, size, age, “ethnicity, or ability.” Like, I’m just so happy. They offer everything
from just plain workouts, to different classes. And so, I figured for this, I would take a class, just to kind of see what it’s all about. They have a wide variety
of boxing, cycling, all sorts of different
high intensity workouts. And so, what I’ve chosen
for this workout is Pilates. Now, I’ve never done
Pilates before in my life. I don’t really know what I’m in for. I know it’s a lot of core strength. I’m a little intimidated, but at the same time, when they used the words
“radically inclusive,” that just makes me feel so good. So, it’s the last day. I’m hoping that we finish out strong, and on a positive note. So, we’re gonna see what
everybody is talking about when they say that
Everybody is the (bleep). You know what I mean? Okay, let’s go. Good morning, everybody. It is the final day. We made it. I mean, it’s only been three days, but you know what I’m saying? I’m a little nervous ’cause I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a brand-new gym or workout
class by myself before. I think going to this gym
and checking out this class, in comparison to if I were just to go to like a, you know, everyday normal gym, like 24 Hour Fitness, L.A. Fitness. I think I feel a million times
less anxious going into this than if I were go to a gym like that. So, that’s something to be
noted in this video, I think, but a lot of it can also be
in your own head, as well. Do you know what I mean? I think because of how it went
last time with the filming, I’m just not gonna film. I’m there to be a student,
not to be a YouTuber. So, I will check in with
you guys after class. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] One hour later. – Woo, all right, just took my hair down, just got out of my Pilates class. It was interesting. I don’t really have much to compare it to because I’ve never been
to a Pilates class before. The instructor was singling out myself and one other girl who was in there, and kept telling us to correct our form. I want to know what I’m doing wrong, but I just noticed that like, nobody else was being corrected besides myself and this one other girl, but maybe, we were the
only ones messing up. Who knows? I think the best way I could
describe my experience, just based on first impressions, is that it didn’t really
feel any different than any other gym, if that makes sense. So, it wasn’t bad by any means whatsoever, but it also just wasn’t any different. I think after setting the bar so high with the Pony class at
the beginning of the week, it just sort of made every other
workout pale in comparison. And I know they’re all three very different types of workouts. Cycling is like, really intense cardio and like kind of muscle engaging. Pilates is very big on toning, but it’s also kind of
healing and semi-relaxing at the same time. And aerobics, obviously, is
a bunch of moving around, and dancing, and sweating. It’s kind of like a full body workout. So, I hope you guys
enjoyed me dipping my toe into the world of body-positive
workout spaces in L.A. I think it’s so incredible
that these spaces exist. I’m definitely not opposed
to going back to any of them. I think I’ll just have
to keep playing around and seeing which place
is a better fit for me. I had a great week. I enjoyed all three of these workouts, even if some of them
weren’t necessarily for me, even if I got in trouble, and even if my form wasn’t perfect, I still really enjoyed it and
had such a freakin’ blast. I can’t wait to do more. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, be sure to
give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already. If you want to see me continue
doing videos like this, definitely let me know
in the comments below, if you have any suggestions of classes that you want to see me attend. I love you guys so, so much. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please remember that your
size, and your body shape, and your weight does not
define your worth whatsoever. You are allowed anywhere you want to go. You are valid, you are
beautiful, you are powerful, and you don’t have to move your body, but if you want to, you’re
allowed to do that too. So, anyways, thank you again
so, so much for watching, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye. (funky music)

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  37. Thank you for making this video 🙂 I think something that could make it even better would be some sound insulation in your room to make it less echoey

  38. You may want to invest in a good pair of padded cycling shorts or underwear to wear when you go to your cycling classes! I ride bikes on the road and without a good pair of cycling shorts it would be miserable. Your body will get used to it/adjust after awhile, but when you aren't planning on doing it regularly your body won't be able to. So wear some padded shorts and you'll feel SOO much more comfortable.

  39. Taking fitness classes helped me be more confident in the gym. Instructors help you with form and new things to do so that way you know what you're doing 🙂

  40. I definitely think you should get into yoga! It’s inherently body posi and you can get a great sweat on in a vinyasa!

  41. Love this!!! I honestly can’t recommend planet fitness enough – I’ve never felt judged in there and I can get a great workout!

  42. I think that you should try pole fitness. I have been going for a little over a year and it is the most empowering thing I have ever done! I love it. You do have to find the right studio but honestly I have seen polers come in all shapes and sizes and do incredible things. If you love dance I think it would be amazing to try. I love the regular gym, that is my "me time" but when I am at the pole studio, I'm home and that is the best feeling.

  43. If you like yoga and you have the space in or outside of your house I always recommend Yoga with Adriene here on youtube. Her slogan is "find what feels good". It's all about listening to your body and doing what is best for you, she encourages to move in a safe way the way you want. I always leave the mat in a better headspace and just feeling better all around.

  44. Working out is not all about weight, it is about feeling good mentally. I enjoy spinning class because I forget that I have a shitload of homework that is waiting for me whenever I get home. Also, Carrie, you look amazing before and after a workout!

  45. It's so frustrating that there is such a lack of body positive workout environments! I used the website shown in the video (I live in Sacramento, not a small town) and only 2 results came up within a 50 mile radius, one of which is a super expensive personal trainer and the other is a roller derby ring.. while I guess that is technically a form of work out I feel like that's more of a skill/specialized hobby..

  46. Plug for trying pole dancing! I've been pole dancing for years, and it's an incredibly inclusive community, although it may take finding the right studio but LA has a number of them. Check out @rozthediva @thefamousvegas and @curvygirlspole for all size pole inspo.

  47. Insecure people at the gym bother me…only because I want to yell at them that they don't need to worry Nobody's judging you, you don't need to be scared! As long as you're considerate of others nobody cares what you do or look like in the gym, at least that's been my experience. I will say that all the people changing in the stalls (rather than out in the open) do bother me because I have to poop

  48. Such a great idea for a video! Exploring what’s out there to see where you feel comfortable and what you love is so positive. I never would have thought that I would love weightlifting, but I really, really do. It took me until I was 40 because I have always felt awkward and out of place in exercise spaces.

  49. Carrie you should do a video where you go on a trip for a few days but pack no clothing. You then have to thrift all your outfits from local shops on your trip. Love your videos girl.

  50. I love this 🙂 I've been doing pilates for a little over a year now and it's been the best exercise for me! Only very rarely will there be any kind of comment about changing your body shape/losing weight, the instructors always just focus on teaching you the moves and pumping you up.

  51. You’ve helped me so much because I’m 13 and tiny, but just moved from kids clothed to adult cause I’m starting to grow. I was soo upset that I wasn’t gonna be a tiny skinny girl anymore, but now I know that doesn’t matter! Thank you times a million

  52. I feel like this class is just trying to profit off the movement. I realize the gym and fitness classes can seem intimidating but most of them focus on strength, moving your body, and there isn’t pressure to keep up. I’ve really gotten more involved in fitness classes in the past few years and every instructor has been super encouraging. I’m not a thin girl and need my modifications and THAT IS OKAY. My instructors give me safe modifications that still help me get my full impact and love seeing me try new things. I get not wanting to focus on calories and some classes do that but most don’t. Most classes focus on getting stronger and knowing your boundaries while listening to your body and your needs. A class like this is doing the exact same thing as other classes just now they are pretending to do something different…and probably charging you a lot more. I’d love to see the Body Positive Movement stop bashing fitness classes and gyms because most of them are amazing and not judgmental.

  53. love the video, but gotta say: I used to do pilates like 6 days a week, as much as it can be uncomfortable, you WANT your instructor to correct your form EARLY (obviously it matters how they correct you). It's way too easy to injure yourself or cheat yourself out of the workout if you're not doing it quite right. My neck hurt so bad when I started because my form was wrong. Obviously not all workouts are right for all people, but I'm sorry to hear you didn't really enjoy yourself, glad to hear that pony sweat class was good though!

  54. Thanks to you I had the courage to buy a size up on multiple clothing items as I was sick of feeling uncomfortable just because I wanted to stick to “my size” . I ordered some skirts in a bigger size than normal ( after being so scared for so long to do so ) and I bought some shorts in my normal size . Two of the skirts fit perfect and the other was a little tight whereas the shorts which I bought in “ my size “ were loose. It proves like you say “ it’s the clothes, not your body “
    Thank you for inspiring me to be more comfortable and confident rather than worrying about the number on the label.

  55. I hate being singled out with anything. I really like our gym instructors at my building. They don’t single you out if they see you doing something wrong in a class setting, they just address everyone as a group and show the proper and improper forms. They also give us 3 different variations to each exercise in case we want low impact, or more challenging sets and offer to help with other variations if folks have limited mobility or injury. And they always stress quality over quantity of reps. Don’t sacrifice good workout form for more reps. I work out to strengthen my body and stay healthy, and I’m such a regular that I love seeing new faces come to class. It’s so fun to get new people involved and I love encouraging others during class.

  56. I recently started “working out” since not having been active since I was in high school. I do it because it help my mental health and gives me more energy. Thank you for sharing Carrie!

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