I Teach Teachers: #8 First Day of School Celebrations

hello everyone it has been really fun watching so many teaching videos and watching teachers get so excited for the first day of school one of my favorite books that I got my very first year of teaching clear back in 1994 is the first days of school by Harry Wong this is the latest edition I believe there are five editions so that says a lot about the things that are in here one of the best things that Harry Wong talks about is celebrating the first day of school so many of our kids celebrate the last day of school but I really believe it's important to celebrate the first day of school as a parent I always make sure my kids are well dressed and well scrubbed and on time and well fed and that first day is honestly going to be the day that you get the best from your kids it should be a day of celebration as the teacher I am very prepared for my first day I script out the entire day and I'll share that with all of you I also get there early I have a smile on my face I'm ready to take pictures with every child if their mom comes in or dad or someone comes in and wants a picture I'm very welcoming I stand at the door I'm ready to go I wanted to share a few other things that I do on the first day of school to celebrate that it's the first day I take pictures of all the kids again they're well scrubbed they're the cleanest they're going to be probably all here they have new clothes on probably your entire class will be in attendance on the first day of school so I take individual pictures of the kids and I also take some fun group pictures because those pictures are going to decorate our classroom just like photos decorate your home I want pictures of my students decorating my classroom another thing we do on the first day of school is we paint picture frames this is just a plain wooden picture frame you can get these at Michael's Walmart Hobby Lobby and I buy them for the whole class and then we paint a picture frame during the first week of school and it becomes part of our classroom decoration and then at the end of the year the kids get to take it home so this is a picture of me in fourth grade and this is the picture frame that my daughter painted just for me and so that is one of the fun things that I do on the first day of school I'll talk about painting procedures in another video but just for now be looking for these wood frames and use these pictures to decorate your classroom another thing I do on the first day of school is I have every child make a piece of paper that has their birthday on it and mostly want the number after they have made or I can even make the numbers for them that's not that crucial but after they have their number I collect groups of students according to their month so my birthday is in May I would have all the May kids hold up their little paper that has their number on it in order and then I take a picture of all of the May kids in a group I do that with every month and then I have my birthday bulletin board actually has their photo of them holding up their little name or their number this is a great way to display our things first of all kids love their pictures taken second it can be used for a lot of math things because it's a perfect I do mine you know just a month you can say what months are in the winter what birthdays are in the summer you can see it easily and use that for a lot of things so those are my two first day of school tips make sure you celebrate the first day of school do something fun like picture frames and pictures to decorate your classroom pictures of your class take birthday pictures all the kids in this that have a birthday in the same month put them together in a picture holding their number I'm gonna close by sharing one book I always read on the first day of school you may know it it's called first day jitters in this book the girl in the book the main character is so scared to go to school and at the end of the book we find out who she really is so this is a great first date book once again I want to congratulate alodia spray for winning the book and I will do another drawing soon thanks so much cheers to being a teacher go out and change the world

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