I Teach Teachers: #1 Get to know your students

hello everyone my name is Carrie and this is my first youtube video that is going to be all about teaching currently I am a teacher and I teach students at Utah Valley University I teach students who are becoming elementary education teachers and last semester I had a fellow colleague asked me to make some videos about the things that I teach my teachers and the little tips that I give them so I decided to put those on YouTube and hopefully everybody can learn a little bit about being a great fantastic teacher that all of our children deserve my first tip today tip number one rule number one is get to know your students get to know your students get to know your students spend a lot of time during the first week of school doing getting to know you things as a teacher the better you know your students the more you can assist them in learning in loving each other and being kind and also in motivating them to do better when you know that they play soccer or they do gymnastics or they're a really good swimmer you can use those things to motivate kids because I'm talking about getting to know your students I want you to know me a little bit so here are a few things about me number one my family is most important to me I have three daughters McKenna sage and tests one son-in-law Tyler and one amazing ginger husband Scott we love doing things together my daughter Makenna and her husband Tyler they actually live in Orlando Florida and work at Disney World that brings me to another thing you can know about me I love Disney and I love books so this is a perfect book to share with you today everything I need to know I learned from a Disney little golden book I love Disney I love MARY POPPINS is my favorite movie of all time practically perfect I teach at Utah Valley University I will be starting my 24th year of teaching in the fall I taught for Nebo school district for 16 years and then I've been at UVU this will be my 24th year on the first day of school I like to introduce at least one book I usually read several and as you watch my daily videos you'll see that I'll share a lot of books with you this is one of my favorites it's called the magic in you it matches my classroom theme which is dare to dream and this is all just great motivating quotes and Disney illustrations this page for example says the magic is in you to reveal the power of true friendship so that's something I like to do I'll during that first week of school cheers to being a teacher go out and change the world I look forward to talking to you tomorrow and sharing tip number two have a great day

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  1. Way to go,! I love seeing you make your dreams happen. I used so many of your tips last year and I had a great year! This year my theme is “Dream Big and anything is possible!” With space and llamas as the backdrop 😀

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