I Teach John Wick Some Tricks *16 Kills* (Fortnite Battle Royale)

this thing's a hive job were you landing I'll go wherever you go alright let's go a little little house right on the ground fine top I walked up chillin or what yeah this supernate in there we thought yeah I got it oh shit breath oh how do you get so many no idea I don't there's some guys on me I want to wear Oh God then nice you want sit the Rockettes yeah I still have hello rockets I see someone foolish feeling everything oh god I don't know it's my first game and I'm freaking tweaking it all right detector fuckin ass bro I hate these bags nice is that it yeah I'll go get some Oh Kevin they're still I got a jump at if you want to get the hi gonna see you in these guys are guy destroyed one of them he wasn't inside the house Adam people coming in why does the guy never stop oh my god yeah this is so I think you got that jump head right yeah use that Wow watch out which I know Kelly sees down here no there's a Chuck Jeffrey right here okay so to disaster I used to be late when it was the old town but now yeah right now it's just just another spot it's not even scary yeah exactly back Daniel and and you know you'll drop bodies for sure but now it's weird bro yeah now you're get out dead or with 20 kills there's no in-between now that's just whatever nobody learns you know or it's on behind you oh yeah he landed right down there Oh 15-inch right here – oh my god dude I'm tripping big-time so you can have his Lu I'm chillin everything I can't freaking out let's get out let's be yeah hey there's people pulling up I know what he's trying to do yep cool so this team he's rebooting oh is it I was gonna let him reboot so I can get two kills but freaking how easy cuz right there everybody's gonna be fighting for that update now he's getting down in the hill northeast yeah you know for 24 that guy got into a brawler and deep no that's more all right knock someone the alright for this third party right now I think those guys so hard we're gonna be the one getting third party there's a circle small and there's a lot of people in yeah I think the guy that I knock I revived there's no way he's still alive oh he's in this heart right here yep I have plenty of Matt's actually I can find him this was not even worth the mats he has no shields let's go with that one over there let's get to a circle or what I got a jump pad right here oh yeah you can get to you with your ball she had a slurp cheese rocket to slurp juices all right somebody Elmo you guys on me now oh my god did you're joking well there's like three dudes freaking you need help yes I do in fact what my rocket didn't here boy oh no way oh my god yeah i'ma try just going to the little everything and go into the little everything over here bro and we'll get the high ground to second seed I'm trying to freakin kilo real quick but this guy doesn't let me know I'm trying to kill his ass too he's being annoying getting pissed off oh my god I got7 dude I got sniped from where did that sound telling ya if you got redeployed should be fine there's no nevermind the storms gonna be in alright building – alright no quick Sun ok come on come on come on come on come on down there we look good crap let's get out of here all right knock one there's someone right behind this right here where you're pointing it yes yeah about everybody Iraqis to bitch oh yeah uni rockets I got for ya yeah 100 on them this guy right here you killed him you killed him didn't you pull up on him yeah he healed up it's up to 2 V 2 this guy have shields yes he did alright little Matt's pull up pull up there's something here jump down jump down I left you Matt's right here alright looks where is this guy east I got his a nice one more guy no idea where he's in the boy somewhere smash let's go should we play with that guy so you play what I want to or you think he's good no idea it's freaking to smash them on that let's just fix it pull it up out of this dude is a good game 16 kills not bad 16 yeah did you see

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