I spent 30 days trying to learn how to scream

hey what's up it's David here so as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be able to scream but for the longest time I never got far in learning exactly how however one day recently while attending a local show and observing the vocalist I realized something I realized that I'm never going to be able to learn how to scream if I simply sit around on my ass dreaming about it so I asked myself what if I started from scratch and practice screaming every single day a rain or shine for 30 days straight would I be able to unlock my screaming voice within that time so on November 10th 2018 I began my 30-day screaming challenge this is the first day I tried to scream aside from sounding constipated my throat would feel super irritated and I ended up coughing like crazy this was the day that I visited my girlfriend's parents and I had to sneak off to the beach to practice this was the next night when I was in a hotel nervously practicing because her parents were in a room right next to ours this is the day that I was practicing while taking a shit this was the day that I started to do a lot of research on YouTube although there are no shortage of youtubers who could scream the quality of information out there was complete crap it was either under explained conflicting with other YouTube videos are all fluff and no information this is the day that I watched the tutorial that instructed me to scream in a way that made me feel like I swallowed glass I felt pain for two days afterwards this is the day that I almost completely gave up this was day 30 the end of the challenge that night I recorded myself screaming over music for the first time but when I listened back to my recording I realized that I sounded like complete and utter shit Wow haha frags no matter how I tried to push or pull or strain my throat I sounded dull dry asthmatic froggy and just played stupid I thought after all this work after all those painful hours of practice this was the best my voice could sound and it wasn't just because I failed some arbitrary challenge I wanted more than anything to be able to express myself artistically through my voice but my inability to scream felt like I was being told by the universe that I wasn't allowed to that I wasn't good enough so to take my mind off of all of this I stopped listening to music and I started getting really interested in reading books about success in entrepreneurship author Dan Locke writes that the people who are most successful in life aren't the ones who just work themselves into the ground if it's not working you got to know how to think the keywords not Hustle is leverage I had all the hustle in the world practicing for at least two hours a day but I was trying the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results could this be the missing ingredient could leverage be the key I realized that I had nothing else to lose by giving it one more shot so I went for it and that's when I began to adjust my approach I began to leverage my social circle and ask experts who are touring vocalists to help is it okay if you like evaluate my shitty ass for ice cream including I would leverage money and hired multiple vocal coaches to help me with warm-ups and exercises I leveraged the internet and learned about the anatomy of vocals as well as studied laryngoscopy footage that I could find and that's when I started making progress this was the day that I started eliminating sounds that were completely wrong this was the day that I learned that I was able to strengthen my screaming muscles in order to add volume things started clicking and making sense ah ah I began to start making less of the wrong sounds and more of the right sounds my voice started hurting less and less and then suddenly on February 26th at 8:05 p.m. it had finally happened I had unlocked my screaming voice I was now able to scream along to any song I wanted to in the car I can now join a metal or a hardcore band and play live shows I can now record myself doing vocal covers of my favorite songs and upload it for the world to see but most importantly I now gained the confidence to musically express myself using my voice now during this process of learning had to scream I learned a very important life lesson hard work is 10 times better than being lazy but working smart is a hundred times better than that always think to yourself how can i leverage my resources and do the things that take little effort that will give me the biggest reward i failed a 30 day challenge instead of doing it in 30 days i ended up doing it in three months in 17 days however when comparing that to the fact that many 20 vocalists take anywhere from 1 to 5 years i think that this is still a pretty successful experiment and this brings me to a very special announcement so there's a lot of misinformation on the internet and i don't want anyone to be led down the wrong path and potentially hurt themselves like i did that's why i made a completely free four-part screaming crash course that features over an hour's worth of premium lessons this will show you how to avoid pain as well as show you the anatomy of how screams worth to make sure that you have a solid foundation sign up by clicking the link in the description since this is the first version of the course I'm going to close and roll it by this date so I could continue to make it even better if I had the information that I'm going to teach you I would have unlocked my screen ten times faster and in fact I taught my friend Nick nocturnal who's a complete beginner and he was able to unlock his first Scream within 26 days I am I advert so leverage the knowledge that I'm giving you and let's see how quickly you can unlock your screaming voice click the link below and sign up I'll see you inside

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  1. The videos are an ad for a 300$ screaming course. I have them all if you want. Video 1 is 10 min of "don't be shy, just practice". Video 2 is "you won't hurt your voice with these 3 very vague steps" (and no info on how to use them with screaming). 1 is breathe from your diaphragm, not your chest. 2 is look up and visualize your voice going outwards to sing louder. 3 is the most vague shit ever, he says "be voiceless", so basically don't make a singing noise when screaming. That's it. He doesn't say how to put it into practice at all. No idea what the fuck it's about in the end, the video doesn't help. Video 3 is just "there are 2 types of screaming. One with your vocal chords closed, the other one with your vocal chords open". That's it. Nothing on how to apply the 3 pillars while screaming or anything. Still no idea on how the fuck to do that btw. No info on how to do these screams either. Video 4 is NOTHING, literally nothing. Video 3 is the end of information. Video 4 is 40 minute of ads for "Scream Academy", a 300$ screaming course he created. Voilà! How to scream for 300$! Cheers, fellas.

  2. It’s such a shit situation to be in when you really really want to learn to scream and to scream well.
    I am in a band now and I love it, the musicians are all amazing guys and the talent in the band is insane. So much has gone into what we’re doing and it’s time to record vocals and I just feel sub par. I signed up and I watched all 4 videos you’ve released through this and they’ve been a huge huge help in pushing me in the right direction. It’s all just a matter of practicing night in and night out now and doing it properly. Not pushing myself beyond what I am capable of and being disciplined when practicing.
    I wish everyone who signs up to the scream academy the best of luck. Unfortunately I am in no financial state to sign up within the allocated time but the initial videos have been enough to kick me into shape and start doing things properly. More research. More discipline and more practice.
    Thanks for doing all that you guys are doing.

  3. My first time trying to scream was singing along to 'korea' by Deftones in my car. Hurt like hell, sounded like shit, and I just gave up on it all together and put it from my mind. Two years later I'd totally forgotten about that day, started fronting a metal band, and now Ive been screaming and singing for seven years straight with no injuries. So I guess it shows me that the impossible can become the possible. Maybe it just takes time, determination, and forgetting about it all every once in awhile.

  4. Don't lose your time with the free videos. He doesn't teach anything.
    Pay for the course if you want, but the free videos are a waste of time.

  5. I signed up for your 4 part video series and I just wanna say that on video 4 about 13 minutes in I unlocked my scream! With more practice I’ll sound just like otep I’m sure 😂

  6. The "free four-part screaming crash course," aside from some info about confidence, anatomy, and safety, is literally nothing but a way to draw you into buying Scream Academy, a 297 dollar course that actually shows you how to scream. The crash course will not show you how to scream.
    When I learned about the crash course, it gave me hope. I literally camped my email for the next crash course part. Each part was informative, but it's created in a way to lead up to part 4. Always looking ahead to part 4, because that's when you'll learn how to "scream like a f***ing demon."
    Well, part 4 comes, and you're presented with nothing but a recap and a paywall. It is nothing but a 30 minute ad for Scream Academy. The crash course seemed to somehow help some people, but I cannot be the only one that feels completely deceived and misled. The crash course was talked about in a way that made it seem as though we could watch it and learn to scream… That David was doing us a favor, and that is just not true. If you want to learn from David, pay 297 bucks (or 79 a month for 4 months.)
    My utter excitement, motivation and disbelief that I actually may learn how to scream has been replaced with the feeling that I've been completely taken for a fool… drawn in to pay for what I've been teased with throughout every free video.

  7. -_- Why did you try to strain your voice? Do you want to never talk or sing? Use your diaphragm, not your throat.

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