I See Something Blue | Colors Song for Children

Blue! I see something blue. Blue! I see something blue. Blue, blue, blue, blue. I see something blue. Find something blue! Yellow! I see something yellow. Yellow! I see something yellow. Yellow, yellow. I see something yellow. Find something yellow! Red! I see something red. Red! I see something red. Red, red, red, red. I see something red. Find something red! Purple! I see something purple. Purple! I see something purple! Purple, purple. I see something purple. Find something purple! Blue. Yellow. Red. Purple. I see colors everywhere.

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  6. SuperSimpleSongs, you guys are amazing with the songs that you have. My students adore the songs and I love the lesson content that flows from it. I do have a request though. Sometimes I teach in certain school where they’ve no tv, computer, or WiFi in the classrooms. Would it be possible if you guys could do like a ukulele tutorial on how to sing and play these songs with the chords maybe?

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