41 thoughts on “I Rented Friends to Be More Popular on Instagram”

  1. Eww renting friends is the lowest of human character ever. So sad and depressing that this is happening.

  2. I can't immagine how sad, lonely and empty a person must be feeling after throwing their own birthday party and having to pay for guests to attend . So sad for that poor young man.

  3. An advanced society but poor in emotional intelligence,
    wake up, people need unconditional affection more than ever, depression is becoming something serious.

  4. Weird shit. I’m okay with the whole parent on wedding day though, loads of (often Asian) families don’t accept interracial/ same sex couples so it might be needed.

  5. Hahahaah you can rent people for a funeral? Oh hell, yeah!!
    I'm going to to have people give wild ass speeches at mine!
    "I meet her in the peace corp"
    "She carried me up Everest on her back because I twisted my ankle"
    " She helped my built my fortune 500 company from the ground up"


  6. And what if I don't give a Damn about any fucking social media?What a sad little man,I mean chick.I guess It works for he/she.

  7. Reminds me of when my bf skipped y birthday to play super Mario karts then dumped
    Me so that he didn’t feel obligated to get me a gift. Only I didn’t rent friends I just spent it alone

  8. thats a guy??, and if this is to impress your friends, wouldn't they think you're a loser if they watch this.

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