I Hate Studying? Motivational videos for students to study hard | Educational Videos Motivation Tips

Ms. Ava. I saw you working hard in the library. Thanks Mr. Childs, but I hate studying. But that’s a part of learning. I know Mr. Childs, but I feel like we memorize
stuff for no reason. You are looking at it the wrong way Ava. What do you mean? In school, although you may not like the topics
they are there to help you not just study but to learn. What is the difference? When reading and memorizing your lessons;
studying helps you to get things. It’s like playing a game over and over until
you pass a level. Once you beat that level all the work you
put in playing the game are part of learning to be better at the whole game just like in
school studying and making mistakes will help you to be a better learner. I like that Mr. Childs.

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