i fail at learning faze sway high ground retakes!

okay guys what is up bizarre shift also known as shifters back with another video and today we're actually recording a video now we're not dreaming what is recording a playing video and it's I messed up and then today's video we're gonna be trying to learn space to a high ground research technique I've been seeing a lot of people um kind of making these types of videos so I thought no i'ma make one also that's why I am wearing one of space ways and guys we are using his we are using it one of the orders on it I'm not sure if you made multiple but we are using an older one from two months ago so this may be a little outdated I don't blame me for my editing now let's switch over and there we go now you guys can see my just plain display you can't see the controller but you can see the top bar and the subscriber cap okay so we're gonna go to youtube and we're gonna watch I do like you so guys this video is gonna be me explaining all of my high ground retakes and how to gain a high ground without like getting shot at all like how to protect yourself out getting high ground i'ma show a clip of someone I'm first thing I'm gonna show their perspective of me trying to get high ground it's literally so hard to do because I cover myself so good alright here's the clip I am gonna meet a kid I've seen part of this video before but I have not tried the retakes and this person I'm pretty sure does swear these people are insane like this person's not bad but dude's way though okay the way a lot of my guy retakes up so this is the first one I always do in every single fight alright so first thing there's always gonna be a ramp above me no matter what there's always a ramp above be alright no matter what there's always gonna be a river but always alright so this will be a rip above me I do this and then I do I put a platform in a pyramid right platform in a pyramid the reason why I do this is because if they're like chasing me from on top of the stair they like get stuck and they can't post here so we're gonna have to do like this or something so yeah that's I put a platform in the pyramid okay so the next thing I do put a platform in a pyramid alright and I go to the side and I put a platform in a stay or I go I'll do a platform in the stair the home minister this is how it looks but if I'm gonna steer you have to be on top of this here alright so I go on top of the stair and I do this I put walls right here so boom boom boom boom boom boom alright so platform is here was a pyramid all right let me do that again all right so stairs of Ptolemy all right platform in a pyramid go to this side make sure you're on top of the stair you have to be on top of this here so what I do telling us there a platform and a stair I did this all right absolutely it's this it's worked so well cuz if someone's like right here a Samsung is like right here like you Larry blocked yourself like it's so hard to shoot you like you can cover yourself so well we try do it fast I like myself we're gonna try it see right there there you so many ways you could do this alright the second way okay now let me switch back and okay so we're gonna push the ramp and we're gonna do that alright I got kind of close on my first shot I got kind of close like it okay let's try again you should just opposed to jump to the side you and then you're supposed to build the four walls I'm sure bit up top and then what I would do I've got a double wrap out and then 90 I kind of failed so I jumped out here then I got really close to it and first instead of blocks back I keep redeploying okay I'll even make it one I kind of did it but it should look something like this if you do do it correctly also guys about to show you something kind of cool make sure to use support critical shift in the I do shop and also guys make sure to subscribe to the channel we are getting very close to a 100 subscribers so I wouldn't mean the world to me if you guys could subscribe okay now we're gonna go back to the video all right I do another thing so why do that I use I could do I do this as well right platform and I do this try always cut I always do this so I was like if the dude is like right here always try to do this alright you cover yourself well like it's 30 is this drag stuff and they kind of like mess up so I'll just do this look sorry so how I do it is this look stare above me all right I put a wall right here wall wall wall wall pyramid all right pyramid all right just keep on doing this try keep I'm trying to master this all right this works really well or this see that's what I do it's really once you get this down it's literally so easy to do this all right all right the next thing I do if I'm trying to regain high ground now let me switch back and go back into four-night wig give me a second guys and there we go okay so he's doing this I go let me get inside view so he pretty much runs up heat well I would I would try to build a ramp but usually I can just I mean walls on the side back you know I can just do it on the back and do a cone should look something like this one just to provide you this better because you guys aren't legend okay wait let me try this one last time okay it should how it looks for me after doing it like before so I think you guys could do better if you guys do have the willpower and I said to try to learn these techniques to make them perfect okay let's sit back and alright so I do like some weird stuff right so this is what I do I put a pyramid on top of me I split up here I'll type in a ramp and I put a pyramid on top of here and then once I do this I put platform right here I put platform in the stair and I did this it's literally it's very so hard to like read to me if you do this ludus I would do it again pyramid on top of the ramp that's all up here put floor floor stare wall wall wall walk another pyramid alright they do it again buh buh buh buh boom all right it's literally so hard to read me alright so that's another thing I always do when I try to get high ground we do it fast we're you guys oh my gosh so do they invited me to he gave did all right it's really so hard to like count it's very so hard to what next thing I do is this alright okay let me switch back give me a second okay and so pretty much what he was doing so we start out regularly twist you cones go to floors out and then we do the last technique and then the way I would add on I would just add on to my knees at the end no I already messed up it should look you guys JooJoo correctly but that pyramid right there pyramid right there should not be there I just got messed up the one building but should look something like this if you guys do it do it correctly except if you guys want there could be a wall like right there there could be a wall right there hey let me switch back and yep go back into YouTube and for screen so it's above beef I said what else I do pyramid on top of the ramp in the top here I ended up here but I did these two squares right here look CD two squares are here I added that and I'll put a pyramid on top of the pyramid it's so nice so once you get this down it's a really good learn so you could do this see they're not gonna expect you to edit this pyramid I put a cone on top of you you get them stuck all right so it's really really good alright so just let me do it faster see that's like the alright alright all right next thing I do okay sits back just let me make sure you are in for tonight okay now go back and forth okay so pretty much pretty much like I said I was kind of add-on to 90s double ramp up then you will place a pyramid above you you'll play this experiment in front of you and behind you and then you would edit the pyramid in front of you go ahead place a pyramid behind you again let me just show you guys do do it correctly it was also I do oh yeah I did this all right so put pyramid without fear stare obviously above you I do this as well I did this and that did this all right so I put pyramid on top of the ramp and on top of here in that both boys about to was a stair and then put floor and a pyramid all right put four in a pyramid sides up this is the most complicated one all right I will do it in slow motion but I'm gonna like cut it down all right so I'll push stair below me on top of me all right we do it slow all right so this is what I do stair oh all right pyramid on top with the ramp on top of here all right look behind you get your wall out pull wall right here well right here and then you put a stair all right you put a stair you put there all right wall wall stair go look above you put a floor in a pyramid floor in the pyramid like it's so hard to read you like if they're right here there will be so good feels like why the hell do you do that and then you just go to the side it's very so good all right so floor in the pyramid and I go to the side jump think what I told you before so floor and stair and then do that it's learning so good art that did I do this all right once I do that I usually do this and I edit it that's how I usually do so this is how it looks all right that's how it looks all right try it get this is down these techniques are really feeling the breath like this is high dude this is like do you like wet most of off bites let me try it so yeah that's pretty much it that's are you almost all of my techniques that I didn't try k hi grant okay so after we learned that to beat that's gonna be it for this video switchback you check and we are on for tonight okay so pretty much start out regularly she comes you you turn back around you jump out with the wall then you would side jump and then place a ramp you would kind of place the pyramid place jump and put your in then you would do that I would do it it would look something like this I kinda did it to try I'm gonna try a couple more times okay no I messed up use the push I can do it okay I failed at it and that's pretty much it for the video so if you guys did enjoy the video and would like to see more videos like this make sure to drop a like subscribe comment down below and see you guys next time bye

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