I decided to start learning how to skateboard in my 40s.

– Hey everybody. Um, it’s been a while since
I made a YouTube video and things have been pretty
hectic here in Hong Kong and obviously different
parts of the world because of the coronavirus. We’ve been just staying home, keeping low, and trying to wait and
see how things develop. Hopefully, thing’s getting better. I work from home a lot of the times and so does my wife who is actually
holding the camera right now. Hi Heather. We’ve been pretty much staying
at home most of the time just trying to stay low,
wait this out and hope things get better with the whole situation. You know and I’ve been
thinking, what else can I do, you know, during this time? I actually came up with something. I thought what would any
normal 43 year old dad of two sons do in this situation? Skateboarding! I want to take up skateboarding. That’s what I’m gonna do and I know is sounds crazy. My wife, you know, when
I told her about the idea she was like, you know, mid-life crisis. [Heather] Mid-life crisis. – Yeah, in that voice. So in Hong Kong, almost
100 percent of the people wear masks just to be safe. (music) – Hello. So I’m here to basically choose a skateboard from scratch. [Salesperson] So have you skated before? – Not really, no. – So maybe, for a skateboard,
we have size A, A25 or A5. Like this is an 8. – Eight inches? – Eight inches for the width. – Oh I see. That’s 825? – It’s 8.6 actually. – From factories, so they
have different type of wood. – Oh – And also the shape,
like, this square nose. – This is gonna be a tough call. – Crazy right. (laughing) – Shines, this is kinda
cool and unusual actually. – It actually glows in the dark. – Really? – Yeah, the music notes glow in the dark. – What do you think about this one? Yeah, how about this one then? – This one? – Yeah. So I picked out my wheels, I picked out the deck, totally just went with looks. I wanted to figure the rest out. We’ll get the good folks
here at 8-5-2 to assemble the skateboard for me and then, we’ll check it out once it’s done. Are you sure I shouldn’t get the helmet? – A helmet, yeah. – Got a helmet? – It’s not as cool. – There’s our skateboard. – Not now. Break my neck out first. Wow [Heather] Hold it like you’re supposed to. – So I got to do it like this? Oh good, fantastic, thanks a lot. I’ll see you at the skate park. This is a place called Chai Wan. Whats’s the skate park? – Chai Wan Skate Park. – Chai Wan Skate Park. This is Ryan Hurn my good buddy, we work a lot together doing music. You should check his stuff out. I’ll link his channel below. Definitely one of my best friends that I know actually skates pretty well, so. We’re the same age right? I mean, we’re dads. I’m a total newby, as you can tell cause I have the wrist guard here because I’m pretty freaked out right now. I’m not sure how this
is going to end up but he’s gonna teach me some moves. Is it too late, is it too late to learn? – No, I think it’s totally fine. There’s a lot people, actually older, starting to skate too. I just saw an Instagram post
of a lady who got cancer at 65 and then she started
a whole movement called Shove It Cancer and so she’s
learning how to skate at 65. – At 65, wow? – Yeah, so it’s pretty cool. Even Tony Hart just jumped
in on her Instagram feed so it’s never too late. – I’ve always been interested
in skateboarding, I mean, back in the day, I would
watch, even though I would admire skaters from afar, cause I just didn’t have
the guts to do it, right? One of my favorites was
a skater, this is how, this will probably reveal my age a bit. Frankie Hill? – Frankie Hill, Powell-Peralta yeah. – I used to watch, I admired
the tricks he was doing. Not that I wanted to do
that or aspired to be him. It was just like, whoa,
I admire him from afar. Like the stuff he was
doing was mind blowing. So, I really enjoyed
watching the skater videos and even the music in them actually. – Yeah – It probably influenced
guys like you and me into the punk rock direction. If you check our old, previous
work, you’d see that we do, we’ve always loved
and still love punk rock. So what’s the first thing
I should learn, like push? – Pushing off yes. How to stand on the board, pushing off. – So what can we do in the
beginning to start that journey? – I guess the first thing
is to figure out what stance you are. Are you switch, or goofy foot or regular? – What’s goofy? – Well, regular is left foot forward and you skate going this way. – Yeah – And then goofy is if you
skate with the right foot forward, so you just gotta, what side you’re on and go from there. – Oh okay. I’m definitely regular, I think. – Okay, yeah, most people are regular. – I guess there’s no better way
than just to start doing it? Okay, cool, let me try
and cruise this first. (music) (slow music) (wheels rolling) – Next you have to adjust your krux. Get the right feeling for the trucks. See if it’s tight enough or loose enough. That’s what Adam’s doing now. (music) – Yeah (music) – Hard turn, push off. – Push off? – Oh, we’re at the mini
ramp so, ah, maybe see if Adam could ride off
that bottom over there. What we got here. – This lethal 2 inches. I think there’s some sort
of technique here that I need to be aware of, some sort. – Yeah, if ride off into a ledge or step, try and come off the edge
popping a wheeley kind of thing. – Seems pretty easy. – You can drop off it,
it doesn’t look as cool. – Jump off meaning just going bump, bump? Oh man, I know this looks easy but I don’t know why, it seems like it could
be hard. I don’t know, guess I just gotta try it. (bump, bump) [Ryan] Try it with more style now. – Try it with more style now, he says. (bump) – Yes (one bump) – Yeah – You know how to do the board? – What do you call that? (laughing) – I don’t know. – And your holding? (music) – And you whole body jump up. – Yo, man – Yeah – Yes – So we’re hear at a place
called Morrison Hill Park and Ryan’s coming around the bend. (screeching) – Yo what’s up? – So, we’re in a new location today and starting off skateboarding. The best way to start is really
just to cruise more, right? I mean, I know we kinda like
jump the gun wanting to learn. I came right of the bat wanting to learn, which is crazy right? – Yeah – Definitely the best way to
start is just getting used to balancing on the board. Cause I find that just
pushing, cause like, I don’t skateboard, I mean,
I’m just learning right now so. I find that just pushing. I have to be just conscience on how I’m Cause I ride regular, so even
just knowing how to pivot as I’m pushing my left foot
from the pushing position to, I guess you call it, gliding position is I have to be really conscience about that. Let alone just riding and not falling. – Yeah – So I guess the only cure for that is really to get used to
he board and ride more? Not get too caught up in trying to learn and Ollie right of the bat right? – Yeah, the most important
thing is getting a good feel for your board and that
feeling under you feet. Today we just focus on
getting your balance, your kick turns and kinda
learn which way to lean. To kind of turn into the curve. Just to get more
comfortable with the board. – And not falling preferably, right? – Don’t fall. It’s part of the game,
falling, but try not to. (upbeat music) (sound of pavement under wheels) (upbeat music) – Whoa (punk rock music) (Wheels spinning fast) – I still suck, obviously. I’m still trying to
figure out how to balance. I mean, I see these YouTube
videos of this two year old doing crazy tricks already
and I’m looking at it like, dude man, I really suck. How do you get, how do you develop or build that sort of courage? – When I was in my teenage
years skating it’s like fall off a set of stairs
and get up and do it again. Then fall down and stay
down a little longer. It’s awesome. Just keep doing it, keep trying. Have a good time, enjoy yourself. – Yeah, especially in a
world where we are dealing with the coronovirus. Although the cases here
in Hong Kong specifically aren’t super high, in terms
of the confirmed cases, but you see a lot of
people wearing masks and being really cautious. The City is a little
bit on the cautious side to say the least right now, so for good reason I guess. Coming out here and me
learning to skateboard to me it’s really just the right time man because it tends to,
it lifts my spirits up. It’s frustrating I can’t even push off without feeling I’m loosing balance but like Ryan said, just keep at it, right? – Yeah, keep at it, have fun, you know. – Having fun’s the most
important right now. – Especially with everything
happening in the City with all the virus stuff, just be healthy. – Yeah – Be cautious, be healthy. Get exercise cause you
need a strong immune system to keep things checked out. Skateboarding is great exercise
and a good thing to do. – Okay, so see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Take care. (music)

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  1. Cool Dude ! Hope you will gilding away soon and doing jumps ! Man the boards are like surfboards compared to my days lol. Have fun !

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