I BETRAY The SPY NINJAS and SNEAK INTO The SAFE HOUSE! Project Zorgo Challenge In Real Life Vlog

– Hi Spy… Project Zorgo Members. I just want to let you know that I’m about to get promoted into a higher level of Project Zorgo. I did pay $10,000 to
get to the higher level and this is what they gave me. This box here. Whoa! It’s a safe! It says Project Zorgo on it. Inside this safe is a key to get to the top of the black pyramid. Once I get there, I’m going to be one of the most powerful
Project Zorgo members. Project Zorgo’s making
me finish 3 challenges before they give me key to the safe. The first challenge that
Project Zorgo gave me is that I have to go to
the Spy Ninja safe house and take things from them. (door creaking) (door slam) – Hey did you see this? Look what I found on the street. They’re looking for a new
Spy Ninja to replace you. – Wait, what? They’re already replacing
me with another Spy Ninja? – What do you care? You don’t need to be
with those losers anyway. You left them, remember? – I mean, it’s going to
be hard for us PZ members if they have more Spy Ninjas. – Hey, why don’t we call this number and play a prank on them? Hello, Spy Ninjas? Why did the chicken cross the road? To take down the Spy Ninjas! Ah ha ha ha. – That was really funny
PZ member … so funny. – I thought so. All right enough of this, it’s time for your first challenge. You need to go into the safe house. You gotta get the stun stars from Chad, the lie detector from Daniel, and place security cameras
all over the safe house so Project Zorgo can always
be watching the safe house. – Got it, got it! – Well get out of here, go! – Before I start the mission, I’m going to give this
number a call right here and see what the Spy Ninjas
are up to without me. That’s me! They block out my face! This could be you? No one can replace me. I’m going to leave them a voicemail now. Hey, my name is John. My skills are sleeping in late, I like to lie down and eat a lot, and I like to sleep. Can’t tie my shoes, I trip a lot. Oh, that kind of sounds like Regina. I can’t work computers really well. Okay call me back, bye. Let’s make our way to
the safe house, guys. All right guys, I’m
back at the safe house. My old door, welcome home! My former home. It’s kind of bittersweet being back here. Luckily, I have a key. Wait, this doesn’t fit? What the heck? My key doesn’t fit anymore! Did they really change the lock? I’m one of the original Spy Ninjas. I can’t believe they moved on already. It’s only been like a week. It really is over, isn’t it? But you know what? I’m still a spy and a good
spy knows how to pick locks. Here’s my lock picking kit. I got in! I’m in you guys, I don’t see Daniel, Chad or Regina right now. I gotta go set up my … (dropping sound) No one heard me. They must be sleeping. In the day, though. Okay, I got to go set up my first camera. I see there’s still
dirty dishes in the sink. Regina, Daniel and Chad, they don’t know how to do anything. See this plant is almost dying. No one’s been watering it. (footsteps) They’re here! I’m going to hide in this cupboard. – Guys, we need to talk about tomorrow. It’s Spy Ninja tryouts. – Did they say Spy Ninja tryouts? They’ve already found some
candidates to replace me? – We’ve got three candidates coming. They left voicemails and a phone number. – We know who they are now? – Yes, I know who they are. We’ve gotta have some
good challenges for them to really test them out. – Yeah we can probably do
like a lie detector thing. – We gotta test their ninja moves. – And maybe we’ll do like
a tiny Spy Ninja challenge. – Yeah.
– Yeah. ’cause they’re replacing Vy, we need a new tiny Spy Ninja. – They’re going to have
them do challenges? Whoever they found, I just know they’re not going to pass it. They can’t replace me! I’m irreplaceable. Look at all of them. Chad’s backpack is wide open. Regina, her shoes are untied. And Daniel, his shirt’s clearly dirty. – Have any of you guys
seen my CWC wristband? – Uh…no, you need it? – I would like it but I’ll look for it. – Let’s just all get ready for
Spy Ninja training tomorrow everyone do their thing. – Let’s do it!
– I’ll look for my wristband. – Chad’s coming this way. – All right, my wristband. – He’s looking for his wristband? It must be the CWC wristband that’s in the Spy Ninja Essential Kits. He’s always misplacing things. He can’t find anything without me. – Hey Vy, where’s my … Oh nevermind. She always knows where I put my stuff. – I think he’s getting closer. I hope he doesn’t open this one. It’s gonna be kind of awkward. (dramatic music) – No, no, no, no … No, no, no, no Wait, I don’t hear him anymore. Maybe Chad left? His backpack’s open. That’s where he keeps his Stun Stars. That’s what I need to get. I think the coast is clear. I’m able to get the Stun
Stars out of Chad’s pocket, I think I need to climb up into the vents I’m going to get to
higher grounds, look down, and get a string, reel it up. I need to get to the vents
inside of the laundry room. (gasp) I think that’s Daniel. – Is this a door? Oh … – He’s doing his laundry. I don’t think he knows how to do it because I always do his laundry for him. – Take this off. Ummmm. – Did I just see him put
his white lie detector shirt mixed in with all the colors? I told him, you need
to separate the colors from the whites. – Hello? Hello! Regina! Regina! I need help! – I don’t know if she’s going to know. I did her laundry also. – What, Daniel? I don’t know how to turn
the washing machine on. Aw, this is the dishwasher. – No, Daniel, this is the washing machine. I think you just need to put it on, press this button, and then that button. – You’re messing up! It didn’t! Nothing happened, Regina. – I don’t know, I’ve
never done the laundry. – I know, Vy always used to do it. I feel like a complete dweeb. – Well, I don’t know, I
don’t know how to help you. – You’re going to have to help eventually. I don’t know, I just don’t know. – They’re leaving, I got
to go get to the vents. Wait, this is my Spy Ninja backpack. I’m going to take my Spy
Ninja backpack with me. It’s the shirt that Daniel always wears when he uses the lie detector test. Project Zorgo wanted the whole entire kit so I gotta take this with me. He left his phone in the washer! How’d Daniel miss this
start button right here? I’m just going to help him out and start the load for him. Okay, got to put this down. The vents are up here. 3 … 2 … 1 … (screams) Back to these vents again. I gotta get those stun stars. Oh he’s not in this room. Wait, there’s Chad. Oh he’s practicing his ninja moves. He’s definitely the best
ninja out of the group but not very good at closing things because his backpack is still open. – This used to be Vy’s. – The extendable will staff, that’s mine! Maybe he misses me! – She’d go hi-yah! – I’m going to lower this down. – Like that, I see. Little bit of this! Little bit of that! Little bit of hey Project Zorgo! Whack! – To the left a little bit… – Whack! Whack! – He needs to stop
practicing his ninja moves. Yes, yes, good thing. The ninja stars are magnetic, so my magnetic end is going
to attach the ninja stars. So I just need to be
really precise about this. (dramatic music) Lift this baby up. Yes, got it! (ninja fighting sounds) All right guys, got the ninja stars. Mission is complete. Let’s get out of the vents. Let’s get out of here quietly and safely. – Hey Mister Bear, time to get your leg back together. Time to do surgery on you, Mister Bear. We’re going to be okay
with Vy’s sewing kit. We’re going to get you back to life, bud. – She’s trying to sew Mister
Bear back with my sewing kit. I left it for her so she
can work on Mister Bear. – There’s nothing … ow! I don’t know really what to do with it. – But it doesn’t really seem
like she knows how to do it. – Tomato? Why does she need a tomato? I don’t get it! – She thought it was a tomato! It’s actually a push pin, you know you can put your needles in it. – Maybe I’ll just do
something with the needle. Just poke a hole or something? It’s working, it’s working! – (groan) that’s not how sewing works. You need some thread, not just needles. I mean, I sewed back his head last time and now he’s missing a leg. Mister Bear’s been through some battles. While Regina’s doing that, look where I’m at. It’s her secret room. The room that nobody knows how to get in. And nobody’s still asking her. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me keep my secret alone. I’m gonna try and find out
what’s in her secret room. – [Recorded Voice] Get out of my stuff! – Oh my gosh! What was that? – [Regina] Who’s over here? Hello? Chad? Daniel? I know one of you guys tried
to get into my secret room. Hello? – Mister Bear, you poor thing. You’re still injured. Regina hasn’t taken care of you. I’ll take care of you Mister Bear. All right guys, I still need to set up this last camera here at the safe house. I gotta find a good place to do it. (camera drops) Luckily, no one’s in here right now. I’m in the bathroom. I’m going to place this up on top of the doorway in the bathroom
looking outside of course not in the bathroom, gross. While I’m in the bathroom,
I know where Chad usually puts his little wristband. Yeah, here it is. Wait, shh… I hear someone. It’s Daniel. He’s by the laptop. I can’t tell if he has his lie
detecting kit with him or not I gotta get a little closer here. – Hey Spy Ninjas, it’s me Daniel, I am trying to upgrade my lie detector. Just in case I have to
put the newest Spy Ninja member through a lie detector test, I want to make sure it’s
working better than ever before. It’s that the lie detector? That’s what I need to get from him. He’s wearing it in his hand right now. That’s going to be really difficult to get it off of him. – You know what, I have
an interesting idea here. In fact, maybe it’s an amazing idea. I think I can get the lie detector to predict the future. Watch this, you ready? – Did he say he’s turning his lie detector into a fortune teller? That’s impossible! That’s ridiculous, Daniel! You can’t do that! – I am going to have $5
million dollars one day. False? Must not be working. Let’s try another question. – Five million dollars? I hope you get that one day Daniel, just work hard, keep
uploading YouTube videos, I think you’ll get there. – One day, I’m going
to be the strongest boy in all of Las Vegas. – Oh geez, he’s asking another question? He’s probably going to
have like a laundry list of questions. Gotta come up with a plan here. What does he like? Oh, I know … Fortnite. I still have Daniel’s phone. He left it in the washing machine. So I’m going to request
to play a game with him. Request sent. – Let’s see what the lie detector said. (beep) Oh, what’s this? Multiplayer request for Fortnite. Someone wants to play with me on Fortnite. I guess I can hold off on this for now. I’m always down for a Fortnite battle. Let’s accept request. I’ll resume lie detector test later. Fortnite battle royale, no problem. – Ready? Okay, where’s Daniel. There he is, I’m going to take him down. Yes! It was so easy you guys! – I didn’t say I was ready yet! Ugh! I practice every day
and I’m still not good. – He’s rage quitting right now. Look at him pouting around. – You know, I’m just too good in real life in battle royale. That’s why I didn’t do good
in Fortnite battle royale. (buzzer) The washing machine is on? The dryer’s on too. What? – He’s leaving, he’s leaving. Okay this is my chance. I gotta go get that lie detector. Gonna take the whole laptop with me here. Okay, I’m going to give
Daniel his phone back, I don’t need it. I have everything I need now. So it’s time to leave quietly
and sneakily out of here. – Ohhhh … what? – Daniel. – It’s clean. Someone did the laundry for me. Chad! Hey Chad, Regina! Regina, did you? Look … it smells amazing! The laundry started
working all of a sudden. Did you do it? – I didn’t do it, I
wouldn’t do the laundry. Wait, wait! I just remembered something. Did you do this? – What? – Stay there! (door slams) Did you sew Mister Bear’s leg back? I mean, you didn’t do a great job but it’s back, it’s attached! – What the heck? I didn’t sew his leg back. – I didn’t do any of this. Maybe Chad did it? – Chad! – Chad! – Yeah! – Did you do the laundry? – No, I didn’t do the laundry. – Did you sew Mister Bear’s leg back? – No, it wasn’t me. Well speaking of finding things, did you find my wristband? Cause someone put it up there, and it wasn’t there before. – No I didn’t do that. – Nope, me neither. – That’s odd. Prepare for the Spy Ninja test. – Yes, I’ll get on it. – Everyone’s gone. I think I have everything I need. So it’s time to exit. Goodbye safe house. Goodbye Spy Ninja’s, it’s been real. I’m back at the basement in headquarters. I have everything they wanted. I’m ready to present it. Here! Everything you need is in that backpack. – Everything’s in there. – Yes. – Let’s check this out. PZ700, congratulations! You have completed a first challenge. For your second challenge. Go down the hall, take a right, and then your second left, go into the elevator, and go
all the way up to the top. There you will reach, the next highest level of Project Zorgo. Okay, all right, I’ll do it. Guys here is the elevator right here. I hope Project Zorgo is not lying to me and this elevator is
actually going to take me to the top of the black pyramid. (ding) It’s opening! It’s open! (ding) The elevator, it’s just going up! It’s going up! It’s actually going up! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! We’re going to the top you guys! – [Male Voice] Vy
Qwaint, are you ready for your next challenge? Your 72 hours stuck in
an elevator starts now. – What? I’m here by myself?

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