I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White

I Am [not] black I Mean that’s what the world calls me, but it’s not me [I] Didn’t come out of my mother’s womb saying hey everybody. I’m black No, I was taught to be black And you were taught to call me that along with whatever you call yourself is just a label see from birth the world Force feeds us these labels and Eventually we all swallow them we digest and accept the labels never ever doubting them, but there’s one problem Labels are not you and labels are not me labels are just labels But who we truly are is not skin deep? See when I drive my car. No one would ever confuse the car for me Well when I drive my body, why did you confuse me for my body? It’s my Body get it not me let me break it down So your bodies are [just] cars that we operate and drive around the dealership. We call society decided to label mine the Black Edition yours the Irish or white edition and with no money [down] zero Percent apr and no test drive. We were forced to own these cars for the rest of our lives Forgive me, but I fail to see the logic or pride in defining myself or judging another by the cars. We drive Because who we truly are is found inside? Listen I’m not here to tell you how science has concluded that genetically We’re all mixed in racing the human species doesn’t exist or how every historian knows that race was invented in the 15th century to divide people from each other and it has worked perfectly no, I’m Not here to lecture I just want to ask one question Who would you be if the world never gave you a label? Never gave you a box to check Would you be white Black Mexican Asian native American Middle Eastern Indian no? We would be one we will be together No longer living in the error of calling human beings black people or white [people] These labels that will forever blind us from seeing a person for who they [are] but instead seeing them through the judgmental prejudicial artificial filters of who we think they [are] and when you let an artificial label to find yourself Then my friend you have chosen smallness over greatness and minimized your self Confined and divided your self from others And it is an undeniable fact that where there is division there will be conflict and conflict starts Wars Therefore every war [has] started over labels It’s always us versus them so the answer to war the racism and sexism and every other ism Is so simple that every politician has missed it? It’s the labels We must rip them off Isn’t it funny how no baby is born racist yet every baby cries when they hear the cries of another no matter the gender? Culture or color proving the deep dad we were meant to connect and care for each other That is our mission And that is not my opinion that is the truth in the world that has sold us fiction please listen labels only distort our vision which is why half of those watching this will dismiss it or feel resistance and conflicted with Just remember So did the caterpillar? Before it broke through its shell and became the magnificent butterfly well these labels are our shells, and we must do the same thing So we [can] finally spread our wings human beings We’re not meant to be slapped with labels like groceries [in] supermarkets Dna cannot be Regulated by the Fda we were meant to be free and only until we remove them all and stop living and thinking so small [will] we be free? To see [ourselves] and each other for [who] we truly are So what can we do in the face [of] all this madness and Chaos what is the solution? We can love trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water you just make more waves

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  1. MY body?
    i AM the body.
    i am everything there is.
    everything there ever was
    and eveything there will ever be.
    i am existence.

  2. Black and white is a label for someone's skin color.

    If you have a friend, and you simply describe them as: "White skin color with brown hair," that's not a good thing to say. I would describe my friend as "Smart and kind." But if you don't know the person, we typically use labels to describe them. "Human" is a label. Anything that makes up you, is a label. "Human" and "Dog" are 2 different labels, that separate a dog from a human. To completely get rid of labels, that would be pretty bad. For example, if you're in a criminal case and they ask you about the robber, you can describe them as white skin tone, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, etc. This will make it easier for the police to find them. Labels are the things that you are made of. People typically use labels to describe people if you don't know them. Or, you're in the store and you're talking to your friend. You say "That girl is pretty." Your friend says "What girl?" Then what? How can you describe the person to your friend if you don't know their personality? You can say "The girl with the blonde hair and purple dress." "Oh, yeah I can see her. She is very pretty." Using labels to define our friends can be unnecessary in some cases as well. "My friend, Jazmine? Oh yeah, she's black, you should meet her!" that is unnecessary to say, we already know she's black, that doesn't say anything about who she really is. A better thing to say could be "My friend, Jazmine? Oh yeah, she's very kind, you should meet her!" Labels are used to define people, and that isn't a bad thing.

    Then some people say "Yeah, we should stop labeling people as black, white, Asian, mixed, etc, because it's racist!"
    It is not racist to label someone by their skin color, it's literally a fact.
    No matter how much you think calling someone white is racist, it's a fact. That person is white.
    If you are in a situation where you don't know the person, you can say "That Asian lady with the brown hair has a nice outfit." People nowadays would say that defining her as Asian is racist. But it's not. It's a fact. The part saying she has a nice outfit is an opinion, but the part saying she's Asian and has brown hair is a fact. Yes, I agree we should get to know the person instead of just labeling them and moving on. But honestly, labeling isn't bad. It's just things that make up you.

  3. I totally agree with you that people should not be judged by their skin color. But you were talking about something that your body is not you and that everyone‘s the same apart from their bodies. But let’s look at the two genders: male and female. Before I get to the point: I totally agree with your opinion you shared in this video. Now, everyone is judged by his or her gender. If you replaced „I‘m not black, you’re not white“ with „I‘m not a man, you’re not a woman“, you‘d earn much more criticism, because we're all familiar with the physical differences of men and women and we know, that our bodies are not the same, but our minds are. My point is, that your quote „I‘m not black, you’re not white“ is not true, which becomes obvious when you replace black and white with male and female. It would be a perfect world if your labels (skin color, gender etc) were not seen as YOU. But it’s kinda unrealistic that that would ever be the case. Yeah, just think about this comparison…

  4. "We were forced to own these bodies for the rest of our lives" So true! I tell racist this all the time, at the end of the day no one gets to choose their race from birth no one does.

  5. warning i wrote alot. I dont get why people say your act white. To me it make zero since because there is no you act white or you act black. That's what you choose to be. People tend to follow others because of the affection they gain. Yes we might be slightly diffrent like the way our hair works or the way it react to certain things but we are all still the same thing and that's the mistake people made years ago they thought we weren't like them because of the color of our skin. Did they know us? Not at all but was still judged. Not all people where for it but some people where enough for it to be official. the fact that segregation is over and we continue to label people by there color is ridiculous. Like deciding who you wont to be friends with and you pick a diffrent color to be your friend. Once my friends friend said why is that ugly black girl over your house. I was offended and heart broken that someone would actually say that. I grabbed all my stuff and left i said you shouldn't be friends with someone who acts like that. The point is why? Everything is over now we are supposed to be equal. We did not end segregation for people to be able to label people by there race what there wearing.what your wearing is not you personally. If I'm wearing what jogging pants Jordan's a hoody people tend to say oh you dress like your from the hood. It's a style not a meaning there is no meaning to the way you dress you can Express yourself with cclothing but you cant describe yourself by your clothing. Either your "black or white" we are all human whether you dress like a stereotypical "hood" or something diffeent we are all human and the way we look doesnt matter!

  6. This is stupid as f$$%. I hate people who try to play racial naturally. A racist cop and a person racist towards Black people sees I'm Black. Mass incarceration sees Black, unfair drug charges sees that you're Black. I refuse to allow Whites or stupid negros who want to "get along", to pull wool over my eyes so they can do racism without it being challenged. And Whites as a COLLECTIVE hold the most power. Man gtfo with this video. Race and racism is about power and one group (Whites) having dominance over another (Black).

  7. BTW I had a baby with a cute slim White woman but I love women of all races and have travelled to different countries. But I am still a PRO-BLACK MAN. People like this lead sheep to slaguhter with good intentions. I hate this guy with a passion. I am and will stay a BLACK MAN.

  8. Why don't you ask what if slavery didn't happen? What if Jim Crow, housing and job dissemination and mass incarceration and unjust police killings of Blacks didn't happen. Then you make a more valid point. If Whites were collectively a race of fairness and not a race of dominance, then I might entertain your thought of being color blind. I can say I wouldn't be Black if Whites didn't act so…..White, lol.

  9. And last but not least fuck this wanna ne Dr.King ass nigga. I rather stay divided in the truth than unite under a lie. I sleep with women of all races and can be a friend to a man of any race. But I will be who I am as a Black man and defend that. I wanna confront this nigga on some L.A. gangsta shit. He will lead Black children the wrong way. The White man wants us to forget our identity so he can commit atrocities against us and mistreat us without it being called out as racial terrorism.

  10. No you are stupid (bitch slap nigga rap )  I am Smart we Built the Internet  Never bought a Benzo from Africa   White and Proud

  11. Wow such beautiful and true words. Touch my heart they do. Well Prince Ea you are a Prince in the true sense of the word. I honour you. Ultimately labels and "identity" can become a trap and a mental prison and enslavement of the mind. Judgmentalism and black and white thinking are some of the foundation stones of narcissism found in religion and politics throughout the entire world. God Bless Prince Ea

  12. No One:
    Literally No One:
    Not A Single Soul In The World:
    “ThIs Is HoW mAnY pEoPlE wAnT pRiNcE eA tO rUn FoR pReSiDeNt”

  13. am biracial am 15yrs people call me l hate u so bad and that makes me feel bad l tell them my parents just love each other and they say stupid idiot but today am ready to stand up for myself

  14. Hi, my name is Elves, I'm from Brazil, and actually I use you're awesome videos to study English.
    I'm overwhelmed with all your great speech, that really cheers me up, and give me some knowledge about English and myself!
    I'm so grateful for finding your channel!! Thanks.

  15. These are the problems Presidents SHOULD be worrying about instead it’s all about politics, now I get it politics are kinda a HUGE thing, but it’s not something presidents and people should be worrying about every second what they should be worrying about is racism, the school system, and things that will affect everyone not just the president and other huge people

  16. There is a huge variety intelligence, and I think that Prince Ea is the smartest man alive. He brings out all the confidence and puts it back into people's hearts to make them whole like they always should be. Racism, sexism, and etc should all be taken away. No more stress on making money and trying to get all the attention. We should make each other happy with ourselves and look forward to something even greater. We are all together!

  17. Prince Ea: I am not black, you are not white

    Me: Correct, I am actually a very light shade of cocoa

  18. Thank you for this <3
    All of you guys in the comments: have a great day or night, love you all cuz the world would be so empty and boring without you.

  19. Today in school i got the role of a British , I was happy with it but one of my classemate said that I'm not fit for this role just because my complexion is black.
    This mentality of my classmates left me heartbroken.

  20. It doesn't matter if you're black white blue red yellow or whatever we are all the same like Martin Luther King said Lets live and love

  21. Wow So Awesome I am a Rainbow of Nationalitys I Always say the Only way I can go is up!!!So you keep it up!!!Love it! Really!

  22. Exactly thank you nobody in this world is white and nobody is black, everyone is fucking brown! how stupid can people truly be to call themselves a color that they are obviously not! White is the color of the background you see right here which is white, have you ever seen someone the color of his background? No! Have you ever seen anyone the color of my letters? No! That's because we are all different shades of brown thank you very much!

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