Hunter College: NEW YORKERS FOR DANCE Education

Dance brings us together.
JODY GOTTFRIED ARNHOLD Every child deserves a dance education in their school.
JODY GOTTFRIED ARNHOLD Dance and dance education matter to me because
dance is a universal language.
EMILY WONG It allows for freedom of expression, and I
believe everyone should have access to that.
TREVOR SPENCER As a kid growing up, I didn’t have an outlet,
Cory “NOVA” Villegas and then I found dance.
Cory “NOVA” Villegas Dance is life, and I don’t know what I would do without it.
MELODEE RODRIGUEZ & JUSTIN TORRES We all know that feeling when you have so much you want to express, but you don’t know how to say it
JENNIFER HOUSEK in words, and for me dance is the way that I do that.
JENNIFER HOUSEK Dance is a form of escapism.
JUSTIN VEGA For me, dance has been a way
MARY MARKOVITZ to stay happy, to stay positive, and to stay healthy.
MARY MARKOVITZ Dance and dance education matter to me because it’s
ETHAN GRAHAM important to always give back to the new generations.
ETHAN GRAHAM I believe it’s the best way that I can give back
SHANIK GARCIA to kids that grew up in the same situation as I did.
SHANIK GARCIA Dance saved my life,
DEENA CLEMENTE and if I’m able to give dance education to any of my
DEENA CLEMENTE students that walk through my room and give them
DEENA CLEMENTE the same seed that was planted in my heart so many
DEENA CLEMENTE years ago, that is my gift.
DEENA CLEMENTE I’m all about dance.
CHARMAINE WARREN This hand can help this hand – your turn.
CHARMAINE WARREN We need disabled children to see examples of themselves and role models in the classrooms teaching.
MICHELLE MANTIONE Dance is often stability for a lot of kids out there
AMANDA KONSTANTINE PERLMUTTER that are taking class, and even stability for the teacher.
AMANDA KONSTANTINE PERLMUTTER Every kid deserves a chance to dance
NIA KENNEDY and a different way of expressing themselves.
NIA KENNEDY Anyone learns to love and to care about themselves
and the world through dance.
KATHLEEN ISAAC I think it’s a great way for someone to touch
someone else’s life.
KRISTEN CORBO It’s the way I was impacted when I was younger.
KRISTEN CORBO Dance matters because it is the illumination.
NIA LOVE It is the spirit made visible.
NIA LOVE It is the power of the people.
NIA LOVE I took a really long break from dance and found that
VIENNA I.R. COHN I was a much happier human being when I was dancing.
VIENNA I.R. COHN Dance and dance education matter to me because
it’s inspiring.
RACHEL FAVUZZI & JESSYLYN REYES And I think it’s a great creative outlook for any child.
RACHEL FAVUZZI & JESSYLYN REYES It gives children the tools to build self-confidence
and apply it to their everyday lives.
ALEXANDRA JOSEPH All students need the arts.
BRIANA GASKINS Dance and dance education help me survive in this city,
MELODEE RODRIGUEZ & JUSTIN TORRES and not only survive but thrive doing something I Iove.
[hand clap] I love New York. I love dance.
CAROL K. & SCOTT WALKER We all love dance.
CAROL K. & SCOTT WALKER Let’s dance it out. Let’s all be New Yorkers for Dance.
SOLANGE BUON [joyful music]

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