Humiliating Airsoft Players with Tiny Noob Gun

what up hey what's up guys it's day 2 after my Thompson game I've been given a very interesting little gun by Swit airsoft the real-life counterpart of this pistol is dick colt 25 a super small pistol that started manufacturer in 1908 and it was designed to fit in the smallest pockets on a person's clothing and airsoft many refer to this as the useless gun but today we're gonna find out if it's actually true today we have a massive game with a hundred and fifty players on the field 75 were 75 players where it's our team's task to overthrow the buildings in the centre of the area and raise our flag me and my squats plan however is to circumvent all the players on the field and make our way to the castle located near the enemies respawn since the castle is such a hard location to recapture we should be able to disrupt the enemies respawn ways for long enough should we be able to sneak in there and ensure that we can raise our flag elsewhere here we go shut hey haha with her first attempt having failed as we got caught halfway on route and succumbing to a massive counter-attack we try again however this time we're using the obscure routes through the building complex to get to the other side near the castle Hey what up after making her way through the building complex or getting close to the castle we figure the best way is to use the dried-up riverbed to ensure a smooth entry but it seems like they're onto us already as there's a search party attending to wipe out our small squad [Applause] [Applause] so the enemy players getting closer and the multiplying numbers we need to make a break for the castle this is our only chance to get in there and attempt to hold what up never demo me I lost my little pistol nah hope somebody found it even though we got wiped out we've managed to stall for long enough to overthrow the building and raise our flag thanks for watching guys check out my web shop if you're interested in getting some of the airsoft gear that I use and I will see you in the next one

38 thoughts on “Humiliating Airsoft Players with Tiny Noob Gun”

  1. Have you thought of using comms with some of your team you work with? It would bring in some interesting dialogue and tactical discussions.

  2. Im 14 but im NOT allowed to play air soft in my country (Denmark) and I think that’s not fair

  3. I from Taiwan and I really love your video ,could you tell me where you play this please ,maybe Ican go there after I older.

  4. Can you do more 1.2J gameplay? Like a really good long range full auto capable games? There are not much on YT, everything with good video quaility is sniping..

  5. For those who don't have as much money, basically the same gun. WE-tech C-25 gas blowback pocket pistol from Evike

  6. Hey silo im 13 years old kid and i want to get in to airsoft, im living in czech republic but i really have no idea what to do what gear to buy where to buy it how is ist expensive what should i focus on and all that stuff. if could u gimme any tips i would be greatful… (aplies to anynone even if you are just viewer) thanks

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