Human Rights Video: Right to Education

Now Krista, make sure
you stay with her the whole time, she is new to the country,
this is her first day. — Mom…
— This is a brand new country … — Mom, mom… It’s gonna be okay.
— It’s a whole different culture. Now make sure you
stay with her the whole time. — Okay. — I’ll be here
right after school to pick you up. — Okay mom.
— Okay, have fun. Bye, bye. Ignore my mom.
She’s so annoying! She’s totally freaked out
about this whole thing… … she always does that. So, ready for your first day
in the wicked castle of doom? I mean like, seriously. It’s so boring. I don’t know how they can put us through this,
like, every single day. How many schools do you have in your village? None.

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