Human Dignity Curriculum

Up high down low you’re a friend I’d like to know Universal – every person has dignity U-ni-versal it means every person has dignity. Do people who are old and sick have human dignity? Yes. Do people who have
committed a crime have dignity? Yes. Do our families have dignity? Yes! Do children have dignity? Yes! Every person has… Dignity! The second word Intrinsic Our dignity is with us our entire life. It’s a part of who we are. [Conversation] Inalienable and universal. Universal, intrinsic, and inalienable. Now I learned that human dignity is the special value of every human person and that affects your life and how you think about other people. It changed that way that I behave in school. Desmond is a hero because he was risking his life for other people’s life. Your job right now is to identify your hero. You’re going to? Identify my hero Ask yourself: why are they my hero? Why are they my hero? And what actions make them excellent? And what actions make them excellent? When I heard like dignity then I started to realize how I was behaving because I noticed that I’m distracting others and they need to learn It has changed the way I act at home because I used to always just come home throw my stuff everywhere and just automatically use my tablet but now I just go home fold my clothes clean up my room and then I ask my mom if there’s anything I need and if I have anything she wants me to do I will do it for her. Human Dignity Curriculum is that if you don’t have it you should have it because this program, it actually exposes your students to things and I’m gonna show you like a couple of things that we did and like some projects we did So this one is that I want to be a hero.

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