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Imagine we take a tour inside your body. Where do you think we’d land up if we
reach one of the farthest points? You guessed it right, today we’re
going to talk about the Cell! Come on now! Zoom in! So, I am inside the human body right now! But I need to go deeper,
inside to find the cell. I am passing through the
organs, the tissues,.. ..and I think I am almost there.. Yes! Here I am… This is the cell! Well always remember this, a cell is
the basic unit of life. All livings beings started out
from a single cell. You started out from here, buddy! But the cell is made up of some components. A Cell membrane is the outer covering of
the cell, which is like your skin. It allows some substances to seep in
and keeps the harmful ones at bay! Mitochondria – This is the power house
of the cell. As it provides for all the energy
the cell needs. When the human body consumes food,.. ..the digested part of the food reacts
with oxygen and mitochondria. To create energy for that cell! Booom! The Ribosomes are very important as
they make proteins. Which are used to repair any damage caused! Nucleus – Now here comes the
brain of the cell! If we go inside the nucleus,
we’d find Chromosomes. Which carries out the instructions
of the brain… I mean the nucleus of the cell! Cytoplasm – This is the space where all
the components of cell take a chill-pill! Well, what I mean is that the cytoplasm
fills up the rest of the cell,.. ..where the other components of cell
keep floating, as this is mostly water Lysosomes – Like we all have trash cans,
the cells have Lysosomes. Which get rid of the waste material and
other unwanted substance in the cell! TRIVIA TIME! The cell was first discovered by a
scientist named Robert Hooke! Humans carry more bacteria than
human cells itself! Imagine that! So friends, while I prepare my journey
out of this human body,.. You tell me what is the powerhouse
of the cell called? This is me going out..wooaah! This is me Zooming out! Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on the
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  1. 1. Cell Membrane
    2. Mitochondrion
    3. Ribosome
    4. Nucleus
    5. Cytoplasm
    6. Lysosome
    7. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
    8. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
    9. Golgi Apparatus
    10. Vacuole
    11. Cytoskeleton
    12. Centrioles
    13. Chloroplast
    14. Microtubules

  2. Nucleus
    Nuclear membrane
    Chromatin network
    Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    Rough endoplasmic reticulum
    Golgi apparatus
    Cell membrane
    Cell wall

  3. I know the parts of the human cells here are some parts the mitochondria the lysosome and the cell membrane

  4. mitochondria – is a power house.
    cell membrane -is the outer covering of the cell.

    and my answer is mitochondria

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