HS introduces “Exploring Teaching as a Profession”

To me, the purpose of the class is to get
kids excited about teaching. To introduce them to the profession, to expose them to
a broad range of experiences that will kind of open their eyes about this this
thing that they’ve been doing for their whole lives, but they’ve been doing it as a – they’ve been consuming it. And this gives them an
opportunity to see a little bit from behind the teacher’s desk and, even
broader than that, of all the myriad factors that go into educating our youth
and into educating students, both to inform them of things that they don’t
know, and also to give them an opportunity to start sharing and using
their voice in a way that they haven’t done before. The course is an
introduction to education. There’s some foundational philosophy, there are
historical and contemporary figures and movements that we’re introducing them to so that they have a little taste – a flavor – for what they might be learning
more about if they choose to pursue this field. And also to give them a chance to
try it out a little bit, you know, in tiny little baby step ways, by getting into
classrooms and observing teachers in action and observing students in action.
They’ve done at the high school level and I’m working on taking them to the
middle school and one of the two-five buildings to do that too. And then
they’ll close their program with a mini internship with a teacher that they
approach to spend a little bit more time with, to learn a little bit more about
the daily life of what it is to be a teacher. And that gave me an opportunity to give
students a chance to be hands-on and to be really practical in the work that
they’re doing so we wanted them to be able to do a little bit of teaching and
to get into teachers classrooms and do a little bit of observing of actual
teachers. They’ve really come together as a group, which is kind of fun because
they become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.They’re really excited to
see each other teach in the small little lessons that we’ve done and they’re very
complimentary of the strategies that students have chosen to use in these
presentations, in these little small Ed Camp-type lessons. My goal with this
program is to get them excited. We need teachers and we need teachers who are
dedicated, who are compassionate, who are interested who are cognizant of the need
to use their voice in ways that are productive and that offer an opportunity
for other people to do the same. And so, that’s very much what I feel teaching is
about and what I hope these students will embody as well. I hope that they
decide that they want to pursue education in some way shape or form.

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