HRC 33 – Education: Reaching the Furthest Behind First

Education is more than reading, is more than
writing, is more than learning arithmetic. It is a transformational power. It is the single best investment we can make for development. A damaging combination of poverty and discrimination that affects mostly the girls, children with disabilities, marginalized children including refugees and asylum-seekers, migrants and children affected by armed conflicts. Children are the world future as well as the world fortune. Therefore promotion of the rights of the child has always been among top priorities of the Slovak foreign policy. Participation is really indicator of the quality of education and I am sure that it is time to involve more children. Progresses are significant but the challenges are still immense. If the implementation of articles 28 and 29 of the convention of the rights of the child was a sport and if we were in the Olympics, I am not quite sure if there would be any country who would get into the medal rankings and little get gold.

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