How You Can Learn Design Without School

what is up everybody happy Friday welcome inside the dojo I know Joe Chris doe and this is the dojo on today's episode it's gonna be heavy so you know if you're hungry go get a sandwich or something hang out with us guys it's Friday it's Friday today today we're gonna learn how you you who's watching this can learn how to design without going to design school is that possible well if you're watching this channel there's a good chance it is possible and this is what you want so you're wondering well who's who's this for who's gonna tune into this episode well I'm gonna tell you right now we make episodes for you the career switcher the late bloomer the young guns are still in high school or beyond or earlier who want to learn how to become a designer – do-it-yourselfers look I can piece this together myself I don't need to go the route – the man your rule breaker and then there's the the b-schoolers you know what I'm talking about there's the a school and you couldn't afford that school you couldn't get into that school so you went to another school and you got exactly what you paid for you got a B school education okay this is for you this whole episode is for you the goal for today before I dive into the agenda the goal for today is this I am going to do the business stuff up front I'm gonna be totally transparent and honest with you guys November is an important month for the future we need to make ourselves in order for us to continue doing what it is that we do we have to hit our number so we're talking about the graphic design bundle you know if you own any one of the components the graphic design bundle you don't need to buy the bundle just wait to Black Friday you can buy them a la carte but what's in this bundle is what we think everything that you need to get going in design this could be for you or a loved one or somebody that's aspiring to be a graphic designer somebody who needs to sharpen their skills it includes the lettering course the typography course the logo design and construction course and the lettering war kit that works both with procreate and Photoshop some templates normally if you buy these things separately they are four hundred ninety six dollars but for the Black Friday bundle which is only available for a limited time you can save thirty percent if you buy the end higher thing that would price this at $349 which I think is this still so mr. Ben burns will you drop the link in the chat so that everybody's tuning in can do this and I want to tell you something that we're trying to do today I want to be very specific about what we're doing okay we're trying to move 100 pieces total that's it that's all we need to do we got to sell 100 and here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sweeten the pot only during this live stream if 50 of you buy this 50 or more what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a special webinar and I'm gonna critique your work I will randomly select a couple of pieces to critique for an hour-long live stream based on the people who purchased this to talk about either your logo design from the course or your type layout I'll do either and we'll vote on it so only the people who buy this during this live stream have the option to vote okay now should we pass that goal and I'm not sure we can sell that many kids because I know a lot of you guys have purchased these kits already mm-hmm but if we can hit that number and we can go pass if we can do 100 today if we can sell out of the allotment of the design bundle we can do that you guys may have seen on Twitter I've been talking about writing a book then oh man are you are you announcing this yeah I'm gonna announce it today hopefully the book I've been playing around with a title it's gonna be called a pocketful of dough which is some of my favorite thoughts and quotes and we have a mock-up and you guys are seeing it for the very first time right now it's being unveiled right here it's gonna be not quite pocket-sized but it's pretty small like eight and a half by eleven fold it in half it's gonna be called a pocket full of dough this is just a mock-up that my team in has put together for us you did a wonderful job you know and look inside this is what it looks like inside so it's gonna be a quote or a big idea with an explanation on the side so here's one of those ones where I say like stop wishing start doing and just to kind of whet your appetite a little bit here's another one focus and drive what traits do entrepreneurs have so I'll be working on this through the holidays and get this thing out now if 100 if you buy this course or a kit bundle today today all of you will receive a digital download of a pocketful of dough I'll even give you an advance copy before it's before it's printed guys the kickstarter isn't even up for this seriously with it this is I really didn't even know here we are man I'll be working the deck Ben and you guys know who Ben Burns is he's my co-pilot for today guys he'll be doing the business stuff right nasty let's do this we have an ambitious go who knows if we can move anything today but let's see what happens alright so the agenda for today I broke it into three parts I'm gonna talk to you you self-taught people and then I'm going to tell you once again the curriculum from an art school a design school that you need to learn and then I'm gonna share some design tips this is where I'm gonna step out a keynote I'm gonna jump into Adobe Illustrator and just show you a couple of things hopefully I don't screw that part up because I have nobody to blame I can't yell anybody for screwing up myself at this point alright so let's talk about self-taught now a lot of you guys are very proud that you're self-taught you're self-taught and for the record self-taught at least for me means that you were able to acquire the same amount of knowledge that someone who went to school got but didn't have to pay for and didn't have to go the conventional route self-taught does not mean you didn't learn right so there a lot of self-taught designers who are doing really bad design so that isn't count because that's everybody that's an amateur right then right and learning fundamentals is a lot different than learning tools yes yes so I can't think of anybody else that's more iconic successful the poster child for self-taught than mr. Danny Yount who's been on the show you guys have seen him he's won multiple Emmys he's award-winning main title designer that's mr. Danny young right there hello Danny if you're watching so here's what Danny did so if you're self-taught what Danny did was he read the manual cover to cover how many of you guys do that so you're self-taught you have to get that education somehow and the way he did it was he read the book and he always felt like there's no reason why anybody would hire him because the they're gonna want to go with a brand name person that went to a brand name school the only way that he can prove his worth is if he knew how to use the tools better than anyone else so it can make up for what he didn't learn in school next up is you can work your way up just like Danny did he started out believe it or not as a guy who drove the truck literally delivering packages for a printing company and eventually he worked his way into into the print shop so that he was off the truck working inside and learning everything he could about design but he was only gonna go so far in terms of his design knowledge so he found a mentor found a mentor somebody actually take him under his wing to show him design and to invest their time and energy into him now we had Seth Godin on a couple days ago Ben and he's like I don't like the idea of mentors because there's a finite supply of mentors and it's true mm-hmm a mentor is somebody who is going to give you that one-on-one attention so that they can spot problems and introduce you to books and they kind of nurture you along the way he believes in heroes because there's an infinite supply of Heroes that means that you can learn from afar they don't actually have to give you their time for you to learn from them okay oftentimes when you find a mentor it's going to require you to relocate you got to be able to uproot and move to wherever it is the opportunities you got to go there you have to be really tenacious you have to be tenacious you have to want it you have to be aggressive you have to go after it and then that also means that many of you guys don't look at Danny like he's just WonderCon where he's like this super uber talented super genetic factor like how's he able to have such an incredible eye and learn to use the tools that he's he's been able to master so he's some kind of special so if you have all those things this will quickly review here if you want to be self-taught if you want to reach the heights of something like Danny Yount you have to read the manual do all the hard work you have to work your way up hopefully catch the eye of somebody and prove to them or why you're worth their time to be to have them mentor you you might have to relocate you have to be super tenacious and not take no for an answer and you have to have a little bit of that x-factor you have to be willing to live in your car or share a room with somebody or sacrifice things like having a car or nice lunches there's there's you have to be the hardest work in the room and yes willing to sacrifice everything that's right you can be also like my friend ash Thorp who commuted from San Diego to Malibu every single day while he's working at prologue that is one crazy commute those are the kind of sacrifices that Ben's talking about okay so that sounds pretty bananas and it seems like there's only handful of people that we would put in that self-taught hero status only handful that I can think of so there must be other options Ben there must be other options well look if you're a young person or if you don't have a lot of money meaning that you have more time than money if you have more time than money excuse me do not thank you Jonah's on the edit today he's a little bit slower today then hang in there we need you so if you have more time than money you're gonna start to wonder okay so where do I start because now there's no instruction manual there's no guide this is a problem right if where do you go and more so who should you trust who can you trust Ben there's a lot of information out there that a lot of courses there are a lot of downloadable things in people who want your money just because you have a class on Skillshare does not mean you're a credible instructor it means you know how to upload a file yeah right so it's hard right there's not that many great instructors out there they're not that many people who have the design experience the requisite knowledge the design training the rigor and all that kind of stuff who are actually going to be open and share that information with you at a reasonable price maybe there are these kind of mastermind workshops that are quite pricey right but okay maybe you're like Blair and Blair and says this is a quote from Blair's Twitter account if you can write a check to solve the problem then you don't really have a problem do you okay so when we said you have more time than money maybe you have some money and you can augment it so some kind of hybrid blend between doing it all on your own or using some of that money but use it wisely now if you have a lot of money you have a lot of options and it's totally okay so if you have $22,000 to spend well then you can go to a fancy art school like art Sarila that's US dollars yeah twenty-two thousand dollars a semester Ben that's a lot making mr. Ben burns sweat a little bit here in the room with me okay so 22 KS master then here's the curriculum I did this earlier today I went on to the Art Center website and looked up the undergraduate program and looked at the course of study you can do this with any school that you're looking into whether it's Cal art School of Visual Arts full sail Ringling Rhode Island School of Design Otis I'm probably missing a bunch in there mm-hmm right and you can go and look at that you can get an idea from a very broad view what's inside the curriculum what you hope to learn and some of these things don't make sense but let's take a look so this is term one they use the word term as a semester semester one for graphic design you can see things like critical practice writing studio communication design type one letter forms digital basics I think that's where you learn to use a software it even says there oh man design one narrative sketching sounds really cool the art of research motion design so let's move down let's move down so now here we're at a term three and moving into intro to modernism which is I think the history of art or art history comm design three so some of these classes look amazing they sound amazing so if you go to an a-level school with a concentrated design program that's been around for some time the program is gonna be really mature they've worked through all the kinks and the problems and it is a pretty tight program and I can see that right now as of 2018 this is very up-to-date because they have motion design they have information graphic design they've got a lot of really good components in here so you're gonna get a very good broad understanding of design so that if you're interested in one area over the other you can dive deep now I'm going to compare and contrast that to what I learned in graphic design circa 1995 that's when I graduated Art Center okay now here are this some of the classes that I took not all of them just the ones that pop up in my mind my memory okay so communication design figure drawing which they don't teach for graphic designers anymore not the same way that's how I learned how to draw people you anatomy I took a perspective class then there were two lettering classes lettering 1 & 2 typography 1 2 & 3 color theory advertising design packaging 1 2 & 3 exhibit design that's like where if you go to museum you learn about how to design the exhibit house to showcase certain things and do the typography for the walls and really kind of create an immersive environmental design ok and then there was a class called environmental design which is better known today as wayfinding this is how you go this is the parking lot a this way to Hall X etc so when you're going to a place that has great wayfinding you're able to find the restaurant the parking lot and wherever else you want to go unfortunately if you travel a lot the way I do you understand that wayfinding is lackluster in a lot of places it's not creative it's not clear yeah right right ok then you you might take a class like a dance graphic design 1 & 2 which you get to incorporate all the things you learned in lettering and typography and you get cool projects to work on you might design a booklet a multi-page brochure something like that and of course not a great art school if you don't have art history design history and a class called nature of materials which we learned how to use model making tools castings once I called resin casting working with wood working with metal all kinds of different materials and you learn craftsmanship yeah you better hit that Bell why because we just got our first purchase Giannina Ramos thank you so good we're like 14 minutes in we made our first cell we're on track you're selling eight today let's keep going here okay I also took a den a design which is what you consider designing the entire identity system took the class and the elective called viscom where I learned how to draw and render things really quickly with the industrial designers I took an elective painting where I'm working with acrylics hmm and there were plenty of software classes too back in the day 3d modeling Photoshop Illustrator those kinds of things I didn't take many of those classes because I just decided like my money's better spent learning that on my own so I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to Photoshop actually I'm a hundred percent self-taught but that's kind of like what you need to learn if you want the same education that I got but it's not 1995 it's 2018 so we probably need to refer to the Arts Center one more and so if this seems like a lot it's overwhelming for you because you're a self-taught person you're like well get started is too much I highlighted the things that I thought were the most important to me so those are ones that pop up look if you had to get started this is where I would start and I've even reduced it down even further and I've broken into two categories here the formal qualities of design lettering typography and identity design with the conceptual parts of design the communication parts that's where the advertising concepts come in okay so I've broken into parts now these are the essentials and I'm putting a box around this half of it because we actually have courses and this bundle mostly covers what you need to learn on the left column here lettering one essentially typography and identity design which is part of the logo design course mm-hmm okay and to be honest you know I went to a school that well I didn't design I didn't join a design program and so when I went to school I graduated out of a media arts program I was kind of like that let's go to go to USC so University of South Carolina okay so I graduated out of this media arts program and I got none of that it wasn't a fine arts program and I went on a hunt after after I graduated because I wanted more of this design education I was working as a designer and I wanted the fundamentals and I couldn't find them hmm and so even now today when you search typography it's really difficult to find a good quality class online yeah for us well I think I just want to be clear here and and the snob and me is gonna come out right now you guys so you can get ready hit thumbs down or whatever you guys do when I say something like this I would not consider the school USC the one that Ben went to even eSchool I would consider and I'll say why there are concentrated design programs that are private schools and there's a handful of them probably 10 that I would consider a level schools where they've been teaching design and pumping out like incredible influential movers and shakers in the design field and I think there's about 10 in the United States the second tier down is all the state schools and these not focus design programs that are private school but they do an incredible job I'm not saying that they're bad they're just on a different tier because not everybody is that go-to goes to these programs has that same level of intensity and focus right right and then you have these C schools which I don't want to ruin any potential sponsorships but like the Art Institute sorry for all the people with art people who said shots fired and shot fired here we go let me load up the gun there we go yeah that's I'm talking about programs where I think sometimes it feels like it's more designed as a loan institution to help you get home send you through a program you learn something you get out and like oh my god my portfolio is not there where are those jobs that I thought I was gonna get why aren't i amove ER and shaker in the industry hmm yeah so that's why I like those schools I would consider in the sea level and I'm just saying that as for example I'm not literally saying like an Art Institute down the street I don't know no I graduated with $50,000 in student debt and it took me buying renovating and selling a house just to get out from under that debt Wow your flipper so what you didn't get in design you got in entrepreneurship cool hard knocks yeah hardest work on the room man so now that would enter into the D level school which is some state university it's true that has some kind of program quote-unquote like media arts where you might get two of the classes that we mentioned what were the two relevant classes that you had in a four-year program at USC the one that sticks out is like a it was just like a special projects class and so what I did was I built kind of like a 3d scene because the goal was in two months to build an entire video game still set i had never opened any kind of 3d anything i had no guidance from the instructor yeah it was just a like a special projects class yes and I bombed it I just absolutely failed I have to find the file to show you but I'm sure I'm gonna be blown away so we've seen instructors in classes like this before I'm not gonna mention where I got this assignment from but I remember taking a graphic design class at a community college and the instructor gave us an assignment to design an ad for a perfume or cologne and no other instruction what design an app or a perfume or cologne and so I was working on this for weeks I'm like what is the point of an ad like I'd even like I don't know yeah so this isn't about teaching it's just here's an assignment and it sounds a lot like the assignment you got back go be busy somewhere yeah and let me read and maybe you'll hit gold and maybe you won't yeah so that's kind of rough now I'll tell you something here as one as a person who's been teaching for 15 years or who has taught for 15 years and I continue that spirit by teaching you guys I think are trying to share some things I've learned is that when you give an assignment the design and construction of the assignment should teach itself so there's a lot of parts and components to it let me share something with you because luckily living where we are and being in a space where we can afford to send our two boys to the best schools in the region I was touring one of these schools and they shared with has one of these assignments right and and this was a school for gifted kids like xavier z' kids you know and it's for my oldest son who's a very bright kid and the teacher during the tour was telling us the assignment and when she described the assignment to me my mind was like this is for like fourth graders i think wow they were event for very young bright kids and she said that they want to teach in an integrated way so it was the mythology assignment right so she said that you had to create your own you had to pick a god like your own myth and then create a business out of this God like a Greek god right say for example if your God was Poseidon oh yeah say so if you got if your God was Poseidon you had to figure out a business that might have been created about Poseidon so then you would create this story about em it's a it's a car wash or sea salt or something like that yeah so then you would have to design a figure you would design a package for it you'd have to come up with a name and you have to create a backstory you'd have to do a PowerPoint presentation about your business you have to develop the business model and when she was describing this to me I was like this is an assignment they should give an Art Center this is incredible because you're gonna learn about entrepreneurship and about marketing copywriting you're gonna learn about mythology you're gonna be able to design a sculpted character you're gonna give a PowerPoint presentation to communicate yeah so you see like there are assignments and then there are assignments and so people who teach for a living who are in pedagogy who understand the theory and practice of Education they do things on a different level so saying then design a video game without giving you any of the necessary components and structuring the assignment he's basically feeding you to the Wolves yeah yeah and how'd you do I bombed and that that wasn't even any assignment he was like just make something no I was like okay I'll make a video game he's like cool oh I see you made your own assignment yeah so you didn't get a lot of guide instructions yeah no no lecturer no just just a flaming plane screaming down to the earth okay so before I dive into the tips and talk to you guys or put your questions on this Friday evening I want to have spent been what is included in the kit what's in the kit man all right so we have typography one okay we've got lettering one mm-hmm we've got logo design and construction mm-hmm and the lettering work KITT fantastic so there was more parts to this okay can we step into it so you can tell the people what it is that they're actually buying yes do you want to get into each one yeah just really briefly though right so that they know what's up let me let me run through this rope okay can you make that full screen or yeah well there we go alright so in the type class we've got 50 plus videos 50 plus you were busy that week a little bit that's a good over a month anyway there's downloads there's also homework all right so there's an assignment mm-hmm-hmm there's several assignments actually you also have bonus material at the end that include illustrator shortcuts and some deep Studies on specific typefaces yes all right then we switch over to logo design and construction now this one also has 50 plus videos mm-hmm there's downloads there's homework you can actually watch Chris and a team build three different types of logos yeah some of you guys might have seen us on the Adobe livestream what we started to this and what we wound up doing is finishing it and then re-recording the entire thing back in our studio so that's included in there and we teach you basically how to go from a rough concept doing style escapes all the way through mock-ups so there it's quite deep its deceptively deep because it's called logo design and construction but we show you how we present and build things and talk about different ways of executing an idea that's right and so the different types of marks that you're going to learn our letter mark and monograms monoline logos word marks symbols and icons and then you're gonna wrap everything together with combination marks and applications lovely so that's a bunch of videos yep there's that that course is pretty deep too is it deep it is deep yeah all right so let's jump over to lettering and now guys this this course has nine videos but they're a little bit longer and is taught by a master somebody that actually taught Chris yes ring yes yes yes so let me give the introduction to everybody who kneels Lindstrom is I know how to draw letter forms because I learned them from Nils I took two of his classes lettering one and two I believe our Center calls it now typography one and two I want to make a little bit of point of this it's like some of you guys look up to me as a designer this is who I look up to as a designer because this was my master so we're very hmm when you say shots fire we're very critical of other people who teach lettering because they actually don't know their craft they don't know the rules they don't know how to draw and you can tell when you see somebody to draw a letter form you can see how their hands super sketchy and they draw these Jaggi lines right it's like a hairy dog yeah you're guessing kind of you're guessing and you're working through and you know someone who's drawing a lot when they just go like that like when you see Seb Leicester draw a letter from calligraphy he's practiced that stroke so many times that he can just do it and be perfect cuz there's no undo there you know what-what would just show them okay let's just show that all right jazz this Nils is amazing all right I'm gonna play this video you guys and watch what he does play ten fifteen so guys I've felt like that let me talk over Neil's a little bit I know he's talking to 35° this is just the tail chuck okay and we come over to make sure that this is bass between the strokes equals the thickness of the stroke then with the tip of the pen we draw that the ascenders on a lot of black letter characters are split so they have these little rabbit ears right here at the top here's the B for example and then this lines up with that I should create a simple straight line between this stroke and that stroke you guys enjoyed letters like to see you starting a beer at home having do next height line and you come back up and you match it here you'll go ahead and try this on that's a little you can't yeah it's part part of the the technique that art lower will come about right there the D has this fun little piece that comes down like so the e also starts below the base the x height line excuse me down and then with the tip of the pen this connects to the stem and creates the e shape so it's very similar to the see except there's an openness here F and this serif at the bottom is centered on the stem like so okay maybe maybe you guys can see now whether lettering wizard does this is like Harry Potter right there yeah Dumbledore right there hey Ben I'm seeing in the comments here first of all I want to welcome 367 with you guys that are watching this live with us on a Friday thanks for spending your Friday with us that's amazing wait have you along the ride here inside the dojo they're saying that some people are saying the link isn't working hmm but that can't be because somebody just bought it that's right now guys remember the English not working is going right to the checkout okay we should have said that so here's the deal guys we are doing something odd here it's like the bundles are up only for a very limited time so we did not build a landing page we don't describe all the parts and pieces that's why we're doing that right here right now so those of you guys that are ready to pull the trigger and it's actually not even that big of a commitment financially it's 300 some odd dollars I've been 39 yep so for $349 you're gonna get Niels Lindstrom teaching you how to draw a build using the build up lettering technique which is how I learned how to draw letterforms he's fantastic okay and we're also going to include the typography course there's some bonus materials in there the logo design and construction course and the lettering work kit which has some templates and some guidelines for you to practice your lettering on your iPad or in Photoshop let me show them this this is an absolutely beautiful guys the lettering work it has 15 worksheets in it and each worksheet is both a procreate file and a Photoshop file so you can use either one to make your lettering it also includes this guide now the author of this kit is an Italian calligrapher who actually interned for us for a while yes that's amazing well Emanuel yeah yes he's awesome so can you show some of that I think people like seeing the goods Ben definitely I'm seeing some cement has some comments like holy typography Batman okay so we'll kind of go through the workbook here but yes what I really want to show you is the Photoshop file so this is just one of 15 workshop or worksheets and you can see he's giving you plenty of opportunities to practice each one of your lettering in three each one of your letters in three different styles so we've got a Suzie D through F and they're all kind of layered nicely in here he's showing you the stroke direction two legs stroke one two three it's kind of like how you learn how to do elementary school yeah yeah how did you draw a love letter forms one down two over and three over yeah and so these these he also included procreate files in here for you guys who use that program so love Brooke really really seamless yes all right Catherine Adams is saying how did I miss this teacher at Art Center so that's the thing you can go to a great design school go through a great design program I still miss the great teachers it happens sometimes to take a semester off I know Neil's had some some issues and he's recovering from cancer right so I'm just thrilled I'm just thrilled this be because now for the rest of eternity we've been able to capture his knowledge and to be able to preserve it for future generations to learn from and I think that's one of my missions to be able to attract the best teachers in the world to get him to come and teach a class with us better ring that bell because we got another one Mariano Garcia jr. thank you so much two down 48 to go we unlock before we unlock the next bonus right thank you guys seriously william saying this is a great price somebody's saying uh sahil's saying Saturday morning here love you guys thanks for being live on a Friday night that's commitment you better believe it alright mmm all right so something you guys can't afford this I get it I get it so one of the things our business model want to be super transparent here our business model is this we want you to buy from us 100% so what we do is this we put out high quality content videos that you guys get to see not this one per se because we're not going to teach you a ton of things on this one but videos where you can exchange that information that we've given to you for free to level up to make money and when you make that money hopefully you can reinvest in yourself by our class by something else cause my book read a book it doesn't matter go to LIBOR do whatever you can it's a level up because that's part of our mission our mission is to help empower creative people just like you to live a creative life that's sustainable so that you're not starving you're not living with your parents anymore you've got your own place and you're making your way into the world and to the degree of success that you want that's up to you we want you to be super uber successful but that's not what everybody wants in life that's right that's holy okay right all right that's why we created over 600 videos I think we're over 700 videos now and we're just getting started just getting started now there's a rumor you guys have our full attention for the first time ever yes so hey so there's a rumor been the rumor is that we're going to split the channel I heard you and Matthew conspiring without me last night so Matthew during lunch is okay I think we should split the channel what do you mean split the channel because we have a lot of business content and we have some design content and we want to segment the two so I think in the very near future what we want to do is we're gonna leave the future where it's at and leave that focus on the business content the mindset stuff the confidence the communication all it all the soft skills that don't teach you in school which ddv to make my list on the curriculum and what we want to do is move all the design content to a new channel and we'll let you know about that later on so we're gonna segment this so those of you guys that want to tune in for design tips for logo critiques for illustrators shortcuts or little hacks in Photoshop yep we're gonna create another channel I'm gonna keep all the business content here of course we want you to subscribe to both but you don't have to that's where I can pick whatever works for you so I think somebody just dropped a super chat oh yeah Joshua Joshua thank you very much thank you thank you for preview for worksheets for being super awesome that's what he's saying thank you very much Josh what we really appreciate that thank you so let's keep going I don't know how to turn this off there we go all right then is the link working now the link is working um paste it one more time okay before we move into are there more components to the catters that it do you need more than 120 videos and 50 worksheets I mean maybe the price is too low Ben geez maybe that's the problem oh wait a minute more money is coming in okay we really appreciate that guys we would love for you to take a course though okay Anthony saying Anthony coffee saying thank you for helping me level up guys well thank you for supporting us and you know I just want to take this moment in time to thank all the sustaining members big heart for you guys big heart right therapy boom the sustaining members for for nothing more than saying we're gonna continue to make content they've agreed to pledge to give us $5 $10 $25 a month every single month to keep us going and they think we're almost at 500 pound so we're up there guys and thank you very much okay and thank you for the people who've joined the pro community where we do weekly coaching calls and everybody the program you guys are amazing we're gonna have some Pro group people on the call on the livestream with us pretty soon there is a question is this bundle going to be available on Black Friday and the answer is no so then you're supposed to draw that out okay Ben what do we learn yesterday about storytelling okay the story delay gratification storytelling the story delaying you're supposed to say is this one not gonna be available I have two letters for you and oh professional story delaying yeah no okay well there goes the suspense all right that's right oh my gosh Catherine thank you so much she just did a super chat of $10 thank you very much Catherine really appreciate you I like your thumbnail picture she's got cool glasses and cool hair going I have one of two things in common with that all right all right thanks for calling me out on that haha yeah all right all right its future fright yay this is the only place where I can find business design content and learn design as well please don't split just think about it please okay I'm thinking about it I'm in and then ink ink knee design thank you for the super chat there's just money they don't even ask a question it's rolling in all right thank you love it love it thank you very much okay you guys I think it's time Oh Katie is it Katie now mm hmm hmm she's like call me Katie thank you very much Katie all right you know if you guys don't have a question maybe what we should do is go into the tips I want to I want to hear the tips okay well this is the only part I have not been okay guys I just want to remind everybody the goal here I know it's kind of ambitious its lofty but you know set big goals that's what I believe in if we're able to sell enough of these kits and Ben's gonna do the link in the chat here if we can sell 50 these things during this live stream today today only I'm gonna do an additional bonus webinar for you guys specifically on either critiquing your logo submissions or your typography assignments so after this airs you guys download it you do the assignments maybe in a couple of weeks we'll set a time then we can tune in and I can go over it and we can go deep all right you guys are at the front line we're gonna go and take care of you first now I mean hey we wonderful we can sell 100 if we can sell 100 everybody that purchases a kit today will give you the pocket full of dough dough isms Doh isms dough quotes and we just started on the layout and it's gonna be beautiful guys something physical I mean we're not giving you the physical copy but you know it's gonna be awesome a minute the beast she's only had two days to work on this and she's so many different layouts she she took the typography class at Art Center she's great before she got here otherwise we won't hire her all right you know what I think it's time I think it's time to get into design tips let's do that so what I'm going to do is I need a minute I'm an exit out of this and I jump into Adobe Illustrator where I'm gonna do some layouts okay and you guys can watch as I work okay so let me escape out of this and guys any purchases that come in during the webinar I'm gonna shout you out I'm gonna have Chris ring a bell or sure sure whatever soundboard I got going on and we will make it a big deal because it's a big deal to us mm-hmm mm-hmm okay so I'm gonna jump into a prepared file here I am a zoom in and I just want to go over some keyboard shortcuts here okay I wish I had another camera here so you can see my hands and maybe that's what we need to do we got to get another camera in this room but we don't need one for today right now so the way I like to work is my right hand my right hand is on my house right now and they've had a Wacom tablet and stylus right now be using not evil reliable sometimes it's not reliable and my left hand this hand over here because I'm right-handed is on the keyboard and my index finger is usually parked on the spacebar but you know what was that your other index finger needs to hit that Bell because we just got a purchase all right thank you thank you everyone thank you you know what let's just all the right thank you thank you all right what is gonna happen during this live stream all right it's gonna be bananas guys so if you made it this far this is the part where you want to lean in probably I would suggest get the screen capture ready probably grab a notebook and a pen why don't we give you guys two minutes to do that or a minute go grab something then and if you have to use the bathroom this is a good time to do that grab a beverage why are we here today in case you're just tuning in we're here because we got to do some business and Chris you better hit that button again Kristen Carole thank you so much thank you much you you're a better designer now it's built in yes thank you very much okay I'm not gonna be able to do that every single time but at least you can call them out okay right I'm just stalling for a few minutes to give everybody a chance to prep I understand for some people it's really early some people it's really late for us it's 554 p.m. in our studio here in Santa Monica and I'm gonna bout to dive into my illustrator file and do some layout work with you guys live on YouTube so we're going do and then I think this is also a good opportunity to tell everybody something we put up this video that's called 1702 and this video has nothing to do with Casey nice that's three six eight so we're going to begin we're going to begin we're gonna start opening the doors to the public you don't have to be anything you not to be a sustaining member you don't have to be a professional you don't have to be a designer you know hey anybody's welcome and we're gonna create an event bright notification and we'll link it on our Facebook page so that you guys can check it out all you have to do is register though you have to register because we won't let you in if you don't register we need to know who you are so we'll have a little casual meeting rate that's right and maybe have some drinks first one is probably gonna be in December before the holidays so if you're here if you're in LA if you're in LA in December we're thinking middle December ish we'll lock in a date and we'll figure out a time for you guys to come by you hang with us take a look at the space maybe we can talk shop talk design we can do whatever it is that you want we want to see your faces is what it is alright I think that's been two minutes so everybody's ready now okay so I'm gonna dive into this and I'm going to zoom in so I was talking I have three fingers I mean three fingers on this side so this finger is on a space bar this fingers on command this finger is on option and I'm just show you a little bit about how it works so imagine that it's on the screen right now so if I hit spacebar as long as I don't have the type tool paid space where allows me to move the page around I'll try not to do this too much because I don't want to make you motion sick okay and then if I hold down the command and space I get the magnify and there's a couple of ways to magnify it you can click on it okay or you can marquee or drag left and right I'm sorry it's changed a little bit and that'll zoom naturally so this is how I'm working so I won't be explaining this the rest of the illustrator tips okay if you're an illustrator professional some of this will be very rudimentary to you you're like I know I know don't worry about it this isn't for you this is for everybody that wants to be a self-taught designer so I want to teach you how to do this the right way the first time so you develop really positive habits okay now if I'm zoomed in and I'm in too tight I want to zoom out I'm not gonna go over here I'm not gonna get the tools I don't know where they are to be honest I'm just gonna hit command option and spacebar and you guys don't have to do the PC translation I don't know what they are but the reason why I'm gonna make some somebody mad mad at me right now the reason why I don't like pcs the reason why I don't use pcs is because Adobe developed their software for the Mac first so all the keyboard shortcuts are aligned in a way that works for me now there's a lot of workarounds you can buy a Mac keyboard and plug it in and it works perfectly you can reassign the keys but that's where I'm bothered it's like out of the box it should work a certain way without me having to modify but for the kind of power and the money that you save I suppose you can go out of your way just to reprogram your keyboard or to buy a different keyboard that's that's a Mac keyboard okay so that's what I'm doing so spacebar gives you the hand command space allows me to zoom in I can click or I can drag left and right woo left would zoom out okay or I can additionally hit command option spacebar and zoom out okay that's it now if I want the selection tool I'm already on it but let's say I'm drawing boxes right and I want to select that box if I hit the command key now I'm gonna shift my index finger over and now it'll automatically convert whatever tool I'm using to the direct selection tool or just the selection tool I'm sorry okay that's what that's for so I can select that I can hit delete so here's what we have we have a basic layout I'm hit tab right now and I'm in full-screen mode there we go so I'm hit tab to hide the palettes boom you guys see that I toggle back for tab okay and what I want to do is I want to try to design this so it's more interesting so the number one rule of design is contrast okay the number one rule of advertising marketing and everything else is content before design for the formal qualities to design its contrast so I'm gonna try to show you a couple of ways to increase the contrast and the first and easiest one to do is scale now you'll notice yes I am using Helvetica okay I am using America this is haveta Kanoa alright and in the the bastardized american way of saying that is Helvetica new but I believe it's pronounced Helvetica neue I think that's a German pronunciation and it just so happens I have this copy from one of my favorite topographers this is from his or from the Wikipedia page for Yan chokehold okay so scale the first trick is scale make something much bigger make something much smaller so if you ignore all the parts at the top and at the bottom here right ignore those parts I'm gonna work with this so if I take this and hit the letter s my computer will freeze no I'm gonna hold down shift and stretch this out I'm gonna scale it up and I want to make sure as I scale up from the corners that I'm holding on shift so don't accidentally do this that would be a typography no no you see the type has been stretched now if you have to stretch type it's okay to stretch it horizontally it's not okay to stretch it vertically because you screw up the proportions okay I won't get to Kiki on you to tell you why that's okay not okay so the first thing I need to do is just change the scale I want to make something really big next to something really small so this looks a lot better to me already than the previous layout okay if I wanted to I can select these two paragraphs and do another keyboard shortcut here and make the type smaller the way that you do that is you hit command shift less than and you could adjust it dynamically I'm getting up mmm for Jonah so you know it's good this guy's nutty filming video buddies mm-hmm I like them keyboard shortcuts I can hear you man I can they hear you I want them to hear you when you're grunting and groaning like that it's really good it's pretty high that's pretty hot all right so command shift less than and command shift greater than is what scales the type okay so we want maximum contrast a good rule of thumb is do things double quadruple but don't do things that are 20 percent bigger or 85 percent smaller that's not enough of a scale change it almost looks like a mistake when you do that it does because you can't decide between 12 point and 16 point taya so instead go 12 point in 24 or 12 point and 36 go big or go home as they say so here's my rule of thumb I'm gonna use the type tool here I'm gonna type it in 2 X 4 X 6 X or something like that okay what you want to do scale now look at this now my layouts broken guys and I'll tell you later how it is all this but look at this right so I have four elements on the page one two three four you guys can see me highlight highlighting that right generally speaking when you're designing you have to control things in groups of three so one two three I can read that that's no problem so this becomes a little bit problematic and we'll talk about that later so scale by up to two times four times six times but don't do the little bit of scaling okay the next thing is weight you can achieve contrast by changing the type weight the typeface okay so I'm gonna select this typeface and I'm gonna go over here in the by properties panel and find my type where's my type here it is it's right down here SOTA vatican oh yeah and it's set on light what I want to do is I don't want to go from light to regular because look at that light to regular you could barely see the difference especially because of this resolution can you tell the difference between those two been Oh barely apparently it's so far away now that I know okay so what you want to do is you want to skip a weight so when you're selecting weights go from light to bold and if necessary to extoll Solis here is bold okay let's take a look at that now I'm gonna hide my palate there so now I have contrast and so this is actually a nice layout to ignore other stuff on the side okay so now I have three groups yawns your cold body paragraph one and body paragraph two so that's pretty cool right so that's all you need to do okay now I'm gonna go and teach you another style contrast which is to change the style so now I'm using Helvetica neue and this is the light weight of Helvetica right so what I want to do now is I'm gonna bring my palettes back and I'm gonna select this is probably bugging somebody but should I fix this problem I probably do need to fix it before somebody freaks out like me oops well now you made it worse no what's the same it was like that before anyways what I want to do is I want to change the typeface here okay I want to change this a different typeface so the rule here is contrast so you don't want too tight choose two typefaces that are the same family you don't choose two sans-serif typefaces better ring that Bell because we got another one a mark Hannah Thank You Marc happen awesome this is gonna be a long night and it's getting hot in this room and I have to say I got a lie I'm gonna be sweating in here okay so what I want to do is I'm gonna change this type or I can change this type okay and I'm gonna change this to probably one of the most ubiquitous typefaces times new roman' if I can spell Times New Roman right there okay let's see if I can pick these are lightweight no just regular weight okay so now let me hide all that stuff now I have Helvetica and Times New Roman there's a little bit of a problem though okay because this weight is heavier than this weight and I want a little bit more emphasis on this so what I want to do I'll just do command T bring this up command T is for the type pallet and switch this to bold because I wanted to stand out because I'm just looking for contrast so here's the thing that you guys need to learn which is when you adjust one element it impacts the entire layout so even though the layout was fine before when you adjust one thing it impacts everything else do you have to keep constantly making adjustments to one thing to the other so that you can achieve the balance that you're looking for yeah I noticed when you went to Times New Roman there yes it it almost like made that body copy more important you did yeah I did and generally speaking if this is the head or sub head it needs to be a little bit more important than that so again I'm gonna just take this and scale it up I'm a little done shift okay maybe I'll make it like that big and then I think we're okay again nice all right you can make this really big and it'll be fine there's no problem with it going to big until it cuts cuts off the page so there you are so let me just quickly review the three things okay contrast you can achieve that by scaling okay use the 2x rule the 4x rule or something make it at least twice as big or twice as small and I'm gonna show you one other thing I'm gonna take these two things and I'm gonna scale it down and the way that I'm a scale right now is it scales towards the center anchor point of these two objects right so if I were to scale it scales right there you see that Ben mm-hmm but what if I wanted to scale towards this corner because I like the way it's lining up here what I do is I click here and I scale from a 45-degree angle towards it while holding down shift and I can scale it down now it's even more contrasty and the layout is even better now why don't you do the why don't you grab the corner after you select thing I select tool because it scales the box I'm not the point size yeah thanks for setting me up on that one okay so we have some problems here in that we have a widow we have a widow here but we'll talk about that later okay anyways I'm gonna get over to this page here so I'm sorry wait change the wait so go from bold to light and one better is to go to thin then it's even lighter than light hmm I'm trying to create contrast between those two okay boom any questions so far everybody everybody's following along if you're doing layouts for the web if you want to do a cool Instagram post or for Twitter what I would recommend you guys just pick one typeface a good typeface you sylvatica use Times New Roman one of the classic typefaces that have been designed for for some time not one of those flavor of the month something that you get off of diff'ent stay away from the font I mean they're good ty faces there but it's dangerous when you don't know what you're doing it's dangerous okay so I would stay away from that and then just do something that's very simple and that's all it needs to be it's your restraint that makes it feel like it's modern and timeless okay don't go bananas so this is where we're going to contrast in style so we're mixing a serif next to a sans serif typeface okay and those of you guys that are new to typography when we talk about serif we're just talking about these little doodads they're the feet so serif means I think with feet and stance air without feet okay the the ends aren't bracketed see is there's bracketed serifs right there and that's another type our feet classification anyways all right let's mix them all together what if we can do contrasting scale weight and style so if we want contrast why not go for maximum contrast and then now we're going to do that so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use all the tricks okay so we've got scale now and I'm gonna change this I want to change this to thin I'm gonna change this to bold okay and maybe that looks really good to you but maybe we're thinking here you know let's make it more interesting so only one part of design is about legibility the other part is to make it interesting so if you're legible well good for you but it could be really boring but if you're really interesting it's not legible then we have some other problems there too so you're trying to find that balance and each person gets to determine what's important to them so there's a line between while that was super interesting hard it's read but I still like it and that was all through the experimental phases that everybody goes through and you could still do that today so I'm looking at yawns you're cold and I'm thinking maybe maybe it would work if I changed the yawn to thin right now it's not looking great but maybe I can get rid of the space now because now you can read it and separated I'm gonna scale this down a little bit maybe it was too big the spacing between these things needs to be worked out right so we can also mix typefaces we can do a bunch of things but you can combine all three together to create maximum contrast and that's what we're trying to do mm-hmm okay any questions so far been well you're getting heckled a little bit for the widow I know I know I told you the we don't we will fix there's there's things that are built into this so that we can fix there's other things in your bed all right so Hendrik asks why what would you use handwriting fonts for in copy or design handwriting typefaces hmm well if you want to make it feel a little bit more informal that would be a good thing to do if you wanted to make it feel like a comic book that's a good thing to do or maybe it's one of those things where you want it to feel like somebody's just filled it in with our hand right so a form with dashed line so that you can fill it in that that might be a good time to use a handwritten typeface but I would stay away from Comic Sans if you guys go to there's a site that's dedicated to comic-book lettering I figured what it's called maybe Ben you can find that and it's awesome because what they've done is they've taken lettering artists from comic books and they've scanned in a bunch of samples and built a complete typeface based on their handwriting style hmm and they'll take famous artists like Jim Lee and say this is Jim Lee font Jim Lee extra bold did you did you find it I'm looking now yeah if you tell me the name I'll recognize it okay okay all right so yeah there's a bunch of things that are wrong with this and we'll talk about it later so we'll talk about hanging punctuation and widows and all that kind of stuff whatever we have time for okay but I know that when you're designing a logo so let me take this take all of this right here I'm gonna hit command C for copy I'm gonna click on this artboard and hit command F to paste it in front the command half paste in front right I believe all this stuff let's just say like I'm working with a logo type and you could theoretically take this and change this too I really like dido there's title right there alright so look how beautiful that type pairing looks right there hmm so I've gone with a really classic classic typefaces dido right which is a modern serif typeface and how it's modern I think is because there's no bracketing on the serif there's no curvy parts in here you know I'm talking about been interesting yeah so let me draw that real quick for people so I'm gonna hit P for pen tool and zoom in on this I'll show you what I mean so usually serif typefaces are like this so there's bracketing so I almost like that like a gentle curve into the transition yeah it's a transition versus the hard edge but there's something really beautiful about that once you know that you can actually go in and custom design typefaces right you could just add a bracket here and there because you're like hey there's a little bit of a flourish a slight modification and you can say it's a custom designed typeface at that point so I'm gonna remove the bracketing on that and this is died oh so this is died oh and just like the singer no it's not okay and then I'm going to teach you a really quick keyboard shortcut here if you want to adjust the kerning we we call the space between letters kerning and overall letter-spacing tracking okay so if I adjust attracting let me show you how to do that if i justed tracking i can hold option in right arrow on the keyboard and left arrow to adjust the tracking to make it a little tighter generally speaking when you're designing a logo you want to be tracking to be pretty tight because you want to make a nice condensed bold typeset okay and while you're talking about that we made another one Jason Clarke thank you so thanks Jason thanks Jason we're doing this all night it's gonna be like a design telephone we're set right I feel like I need a big like ready Martin okay all right so I'm looking at this and I'm like thinking my goodness maybe the jazel too far from the a and what I'm looking for I'm gonna tell you guys something I'm looking for the spacing between these two letter forms okay so what I'm gonna do right now to illustrate this for you guys I'm gonna drag this down I'm gonna hit command shift o to outline that okay and I'm going to delete this part now it's grouped right now right so if I hit the letter A that gives me the direct selection tool and then I'm gonna select this oops I went too far on that holding that option and I can hit delete on that alright so now we're gonna get into this now I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about letter spacing okay a lot kerning so what you don't do is you don't go and do this you don't take a box which many people do who don't know how to design it professionally and I'm gonna make this box somewhat transparent so in the under the fill do I have more options here I'll pass it here we go I'm gonna make it like 30% transparent so you can see it okay hit tab Ian to hide all that junk and this is what people literally do they take this and they're like okay this is the spacing right and so they make adjustments based on that but with a serif typeface like this where is this edge somebody might say it's over here right and then they adjust it to this edge and they said well mathematically speaking this looks bigger than this so then they're gonna adjust it to make it even bigger so someone who doesn't know what they're doing will take that and say yeah I fixed the letter spacing cuz now they'll be equal that's how you do it so how you do it at all okay what you want to do is you want to look at the volume if you can imagine this area being filled up with sand or water and you want to compare that volume to this volume and now we can see that one is a lot more than the other so what I need to do is I need to take this and scooch it over to the left which I'm just tapping on the keyboard here with the left and right arrow okay and if it's making too big of a jump which you can do is you can hit command K you can go into your preferences which is command K and you can look at units or is it general keyboard increment is at one point if you want to do half that you can just type in point five points and hit okay so now it'll move it in half a point increments all right so I will remove this here and delete that okay and maybe that's better I don't know I'm not gonna see it obsess over it but you can another trick that you can do is you can take this I'm gonna copy it over by holding option and hitting shift by dragging it over I'm get our for rotate and all I need to do is click on it by holding option and click and then I can type in 180 I'm gonna flip it upside down and if you're not sure what that looks like you can hit preview it okay sometimes when you look at the letter form upside down it becomes a little easier to see so now I think I might have scooted in a little bit too tight and just move it over okay so when you're doing a logo type you want to sit there and adjust as you want to print it out you want to stand away from it like six feet you wanna look upside down you can do all that work to make little adjustments and I seen my professors do this they have a little pencil and they look out there they're drawing and then they'll make a little mark on it like increase or decrease letter spacing they'll go back to the computer and they'll just print it out again they'll keep looking at it and they'll look at it from a variety of point sizes big and small to get it perfect and if you guys want practice if you guys want to learn more about kerning without actually cracking open a design tool there's an awesome kerning game if you just google kerning game I think the URLs like typed up method a see it teaches you just by doing a whole bunch of different things okay I'm gonna jump down there it is I see I'm gonna jump down to this other part cuz I want to talk to you guys about hanging punctuation okay talk about hanging punctuation right now this is a hanging punctuation you see this quote here so I put everything in a quote right now right it's James Smith alright so there it is and we know that from studying typography in the Western culture we read from top to bottom left to right so we're looking for that hard edge to find where to read so you can see the he but yon here is indented in because of that quote so what we want to do is something called hanging punctuation we want the quote to hang outside of the box how do we do that so I'm gonna hit command T I'm gonna click on this I'm gonna go into the paragraph setting and it's some somewhat hidden in here and there's two things I want to point out right now you see this hyphenate thing if i click on – it starts to – it all my words and it creates really unusual breaks I'd like to be in control of that mm-hmm so I don't like that so sometimes this is set on by default so you're gonna have some bad type potentially I want to be controlled because I'm a control freak and you guys know that about me already but if you go into this hamburger menu on the right you want to turn on roman hanging punctuation that's a game-changer right there guys you click on that now look what happened I mean he's still like there now you see the J of yon is lined up with Germany Switzerland also and the quote hangs out and you can see it hanging out in every instance here in case you can't see that I've already done this it's like a cooking show I've shown it to you and here on the right just zoomed in so you can really see that how it's pushing the punctuation out so when you want to do good typesetting you need to deal with that kind of stuff right we're good we're good we're good in the hole okay now you guys will see sometimes in my deck for keynote the quotes are not hanging and I know what's not right and sometimes just a pain in the butt to do because there is no hanging punctuation checkbox there's some tricks that you can do to make it work but it's a pain in a book and I don't want to do it so sometimes I'm really lazy and and it's okay because heaven forbid me my keynotes a little bit off all right now I'm again to another idea this is really important in graphic design and typography okay and we might end it pretty soon I don't know how much more I want to go on this so it looks like we're like 48 shy six over 44 away yeah forty-four away that's all right that's right okay so I want achi gives guys a little bit about grouping okay before I had mentioned that you want to kind of look at the page and three elements just three groupings here okay so right now these are exactly the same there are three boxes and we read them from left to right so by virtue of being placed here the left this most box is considered the most important relative to where it is on the page whereas this one would be the least important but there's nothing else that's separating them besides the position relative to the top corner of the page now all we have to do is take this and move this closer to this and we've turned three groups into two groups now so proximity matters proximity allows you to control how things are read so this is the the gift that is given to all typographers and designers in that we can make things be more complicated more intricate or less complicated and simpler just by moving groups around okay now let's say we don't want to do that yeah Chris I don't want to do it I can't do that for whatever reason I can't do it there's another thing that you can do so what I'm gonna do is on the copy this okay and I'll move this back over here that's one way to do it and I'm gonna show you another way to do it here okay I'm gonna take this no I don't wanna do that what let me see I'll just draw a box I'm hitting em for Marquis I'm gonna draw a rule or a headline or something by including a line between these two I've now grouped those two this is how you use lines so if you can imagine this being a body piece of body copy and another piece of body copy this line will connect these two and say hey you over there you're not part of us and we if we follow the rule of contrast if the spacing is very similar all I have to do is move this a little further away farther away and now I'm really driving the fact that these two belong together and that's different well where might you use this I'm gonna give you an example right now okay to make this really tangible for you guys I'm going to take this copy I'm gonna hit command C I'll go over here I'm a command F to paste it in front this is very typical for page layout right and what is very typical two is two do something like this I'm gonna hit t4 type I'm gonna sue I'm gonna grab this pair up here hit copy command C and draw another box here and hit command V oh it's ready in there no so this is where you can see something like this happening for a caption so this happens a lot so I'm just using lorem ipsum right here which is Greek text and what I want to do is I want to make sure this looks and feels different than the other one so right now it has a different typeface it has a different column width and it's separated to the side so if I want more separation what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull these to the left and put that to the side there you know it's interesting if we go back to the line one yeah I can remember cuz guys I consider myself self-taught I can remember scrolling through Pinterest and seeing beautiful layouts and knowing that they were beautiful but not knowing the reasons why people would do things like put a line that spans two columns mm-hmm and understanding the Y has really helped amp up my game because otherwise I wouldn't even think of it it's like why do they do that why is it looks good but you don't know the inner workings right yes so if you were to take a typography course from talented instructor who really understood how to design they would have explained that to you probably it was probably self explanatory in the assignment in the design of the assignment itself which is what we've done in our and our assignment oh yeah that it's included in the class right yep so I'm gonna move this up I'm gonna play around with this cuz now there are a lot of elements on the page I'm gonna p44 pen and then click here I'm I click here the column width somewhere on here and I'm gonna go to my properties panel and I'm going to change that I don't want any fill I do want a stroke black stroke maybe a couple of points okay I'll show you there will be a point in which this becomes too thick or too thin now relative to the weight of the typeface and the point size I feel like that's too thick so I'm gonna go back and make it a little thinner now here's one thing that you may or may not know if you use a mouse with a scroll wheel if you just hover over this you can just scroll up and down and it adjusts it for you to one point two points whatever so maybe out since the two points now I'm gonna talk to you guys a little bit about proximity okay now if I move this line here it makes this the group if I move it exactly in the middle it says separate these two hmm while grouping see the difference there if I bring this up here it makes that part of that group so we're talking about little tiny adjustments mean different things that make a huge difference especially if you had more more columns and paragraphs under that yeah that that proximity really plays it it's a huge impact because right now the line is associated with the header and so all four of those paragraphs are kind of considered under that yeah so I'm gonna fix the widow right there and make it look like this is a different paragraph here just so it we have some variation here I know it makes no sense so you guys can see it in play okay so now you can see that it starting to look like a textbook or something like that a manual something so where you place that matters a lot okay now if I wanted to say hey hey lonely caption over there come join our party you just pull that over there now they gather very simple things okay I just want to shout out Jordan Jordan says the future is also why I was able to go from making 20k as a newspaper designer to 45 K as a good job did he good job in Jordan Congrats and that this is why I'm here and whoever's like that forever arrest number twenty three twenty three you were the man I'm just messin on good job Jordan you are why we exists and why we're pumped up to help you guys learn so here's another thing we can do bad we can repeat that element because it's about repetition too so we repeat that element down here we can say these this is a group and this is the different group okay we're separating them out yeah right so there's a lot of little things that we do I'm gonna show you a couple more tricks here visual tricks I can take this and I can continue that line down here that means I'm also saying yo now you're really not part of us see that very simple little things that you can do and it changes everything so just using rules okay now if you like these kind of rules we have a ton of rules inside the typography course maybe someone can ask me a question at this point cuz I'm getting tired of doing this what else can we do bed before I get all cranky I've been looking for questions I don't think just about dude I don't think they want you to stop they don't want me to stop at some point I gotta stop cuz it's hot in this room now I want to point out something else here okay guys I'm zoomed into here this is Dido I believe because it's the last typeface we picked hopefully I didn't stretch it by accident we've got a real problem right now I'm gonna point out a real nasty problem right here what am I done where's my pen tool boom hold down shift I'm gonna do this okay we've created a shape in there okay now I'm going to do the same thing again I'm gonna select this shape get into my properties panel here I'm gonna make it 30% gray so you guys can see it okay hit tab high that thing what we have to do is be very careful about controlling our rag okay this rag is no good no boy no because it's creating the shape so what we want to do is have the type I'm gonna see what's a pencil tool this one yeah let's see if this works okay see this right here this goes out it goes in it goes back out and goes in so what you want to do is create this kind of even uneven undulation that's what you're trying to do when you're controlling your rack so you're gonna need to look at that so anytime you have three shapes this was I would consider this one there's a soft one but that's that's a problem there's another one cuz it's the same piece of copy okay we have to fix that so how do you fix this what do you do okay well we have a problem because this point size is a little bit big for this column width so one thing that we can do if we have that flexibility we're just doing one layout we just make it a little bit smaller and it fixes the problem I just hit command shift lesson so I bumped the point size down and it solved my problem so now we're back to evenly uneven that's what we want okay case scenario this is where being a good writer helps to yes well this is a problem let me talk about this so I just did a quick fix because I'm only doing one layout but if we were doing a manual if you adjust this that means it has to ripple through all your pages through the master template now you might say well that's terrible so your only other option is change the words now if you didn't write the words you might get fired if you change those words it's not like you can just go in and change the Old Testament because you didn't like the way the rag worked so you have to get really inventive you couldn't include hyphens now to break it up you can force a carriage return or a hard return to break up the words and that's how you fix that problem so it just so happens we do have a problem we have it right here internets the internet thinks they're so smart oh man some super chill super chat action district north media and design studio type design is something you'll never regret spending time learning never thank you I judge people based on their typography consider yourselves judged judged read from the comic book okay we have a problem here so young-shik hold on oh this is wonderful wonderful right and it gets this part I'm like oh snap this is a widow it's a black widow right there I don't want that okay what we want to do is have at least two words finish the paragraph because it looks so lonely down there so so lonely and how do we solve this problem just delete it yep I'm just delete it to me okay what I'm going to do is I'm going to force a return right here so I'm going to just hit return they won't know if you just delete those words yeah so that's it that's all you need to do and so you need to just move spacing around using hyphens or returns or I don't change your point sizes that's what you need to do and that's how you can break it up okay do we need to get into other tricks well before we do that I have a good question yes it's so Matt thank you for the super chat thanks Matt so how do you handle the education section on your resume when you're self-taught wait wait wait sit again how do you handle the education section on your resume when you're self-taught maybe you can write the courses that you took down and the books that you read or who you studied under but now you're opening up a can of worms here because you guys know how I feel about resumes resumes are an outdated way to measure somebody's worth period especially if you're in the creative field you know I think Google recently changed one of their hiring policies Jonah's nodding because he's looking at Google job employment hey back up Jonah they basically remove the requirement for you to have a degree this is where the world is going guys because we need to look at people more than what a piece of paper says because we all know those resumes are totally embellished yeah there's some distant version of if you think social media is fake just look at a resume resumes are super fake okay so that's one thing like don't worry so much about the resume if you came in the door and you dropped a killer portfolio you sent me something and I knew that the typeset was mmm that says everything about your education yep that you are paying attention so if I see oh oh I know one I know one this is rookie hour you ready let me copy this here so these are I would consider typography no nose or nodos yes Jonah's like all the cheesy puns I think I need to control the soundboard here get your hands on that guy all right here's one here's the typography no no if you do this I can't even do it anymore okay this is a legitimate quote mark okay and then I came in do it right now because the the computer is too smart I had to turn it off can somebody on the internet tell me how to turn it off how do I turn off smart punctuation or no what is it called that's not it where are you options thank you less is more Pro for the super stacker I love the name Pro pro all right I'm gonna straw it because I can draw it faster I can find it okay you'll see these marks okay and what people would call the double prime or a single prime instead of using a legitimate quote mark and my own team does this it makes me cringe Jonah we've seen you guys guilty of this Jonah and Stuart I'm gonna call you out right now these guys study film or video and they're like yeah whatever stupid typographers no he's not like that he heckled me so much about this that I made an entire Instagram post about it and the only thing in the picture was the the quotation mark okay so there you are so design tip will change this to quotes not prime marks okay so that's a quote and ' so if you're using a program that's a dumb program that doesn't automatically convert it for you most programs and the Macintosh will do this for you automatically but if I haven't forbid you using one of those archaic devices like a person like a PC heaven forbid like you're using word on a PC and it doesn't do it I think word on a PC does do it actually but and you need to type it in manually keyboard shortcut time option shift left bracket shoot let me zoom here why isn't it doing it's not doing it oh oh here we go no you know the funny thing is is that it won't do it anymore it is disabled on things like Twitter and Instagram though in the body copy they just use the the primes no you can you can actually get it out you can hack it yes you can hack it if you hold down any key on your keyboard on the on your phone it will show you the five options so you can that'll pop open all the quote marks and all the like if you're typing in Spanish or something you want the accent mark the room lots you hold it down and then that'll pop by I see you can also do this go ahead Jonah no press and hold yeah can they hear you or you just you turn it up turn up for what so turndown service later all right all right let me just acknowledge some of the money that's dropping on us right now guys you district north that's that's very generous so you thank you so much for the twenty dollar super chat thank you it's like it's almost too much I mean I will take your money but save up your money and buy a course from us level up make more money you could be like Danny yeah thank you done ok I see Marwa saying caught this live I'm so excited that's exactly what I need thank you guys from cherry my friend from the Philippines Matthew Encinas laughing at us right now Matthew why don't you contribute in a positive way my screen is locked-up guys what the heck oh I'm gonna reload this screen can I reload it right then carry the show for a little bit like what's wrong with my computer ok just carry the show carry the show men the blood oh boy you know somebody wants you to smack them smack man not me oh they want you to smack them in the face they said we were did that they would help us meet the goal they would pay you to do it ok I understand yeah somebody wants to pay me to physically abuse them exactly that's that's what they want Wow I think it was Marwa I'm scrolling back through I saw that and I was like ok we gotta at least talk about it because this could be a whole new revenue stream for us mmm no this is getting them to like S&M and bonding this is not my thing you guys it's not my thing right all right somebody's freaking out over the alignment of this yes it's true because this is not hanging punctuation there like a DFT I just went through that maybe you're tuning in late I'm just trying to show you let me delete this cuz I don't need that part I'm just trying to show you quotes not prime marks all right there there you have it I can show you other things too but well tell you what Chris you want to tell them about our goal for today just one last time yeah I'm gonna tell your goal so I can you go back to my keynote right I mean 50 shades of dough alright guys William look we're gonna release this book regardless of what happens here today but I'm gonna be much more motivated to do it because there's all going to be a fire into my butt if we should hit this goal it does not look likely that it's going to happen tonight I'm gonna call the election it's gonna go to the Green Party now it's like if we can get to a hundred people to buy the pocket the bundle today I'm going to give you guys the PDF copy and advance release the pocketful of dough it's everything I know in a book yeah and that's the mock-up of the cover covered to be changed you know this is all kind of work in progress mock-ups here it's gonna be one big thought with an explanation behind it so one big thought that's it so it's gonna be a beautiful book because I got my team in doing this he's working on a job she's in the East but listen guys this bundle is only available for the next 48 hours it's it will go away on Monday so do not wait to get this because this is the only chance that you'll have to get 30% off of these courses versus the unit that's a Monday yeah I misspoke when is it over it is over on Sunday guys on Sunday midnight Sunday at midnight does every standard time that's correct now guys you can save 20% on pretty much anything for Black Friday we know this we've been telling people all over the place so if you have three of these courses and you want the the last one in the kit just wait until Black Friday and take advantage of that discount but if you don't have any of these and you want the full collection this is the time to do it because you can get 30% off mm-hmm okay let's get back into it I got a couple more tricks up my sleeve even though our sleeves are rolled up I'm gonna park my cursor right here I'm gonna hit what is it control command space oh I'm freaking out what is this yeah okay I don't know right now my brain is melting guys it's what happens with old age but I was going to show you how to draw a quick arrow using a keyboard shortcut and these hidden keys did you know I'm talking about the emojis no I'm talking with Maurice okay all right let me show you guys how to draw a quick arrow I'm gonna draw an arrow right here so the fastest way I know how to do it by drawing it versus finding a keyboard for it is to draw a box because I hit em for Marquis to draw the box I'm holding option shift as a drag out so it's perfectly square so I'm gonna hit R for rotation right and as I mentioned on the logo therapy class if you double click on this it'll automatically rotate it around the center point so I'm gonna do 45 degrees and it should look like that right and then I'm gonna hit right now you see it's filled with a solid color and no stroke so if I hit shift X it'll reverse the two so now has a stroke and if I hit X again it'll alternate and bring the stroke to the foreground so now I can make adjustments to this drug so I'm gonna do like a two point struck no that's not enough I do three point okay so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select this point is anchor point hit delete hit the pen tool and I'm gonna draw right there and right there and of course I missed it live on TV so I'm gonna grab this point and I've got my smart guides turned on hopefully that is gone correctly and I'm going to group this by hitting command G I'm gonna scale it down and did it change the point size no okay good I didn't want the point size to change but sometimes when you scale you want the point size to change because it affects the perceived weight of it as the arrow is getting smaller and the weight is staying the same the way that you do this you'll command K you go in here and you hit scale stroke and effects so now when you scale it up and down okay okay how much like this again I'm gonna scale it up right now over the point size nine point four I never knew that well there you go Ben so I'm gonna turn that off but it's right here okay scale stroke and effects is right there so this has been grouped yes good luckily and I'm gonna do right there okay there you go so we're gonna go from that to that Quotes not prime marks okay Ben what else should we show and talk about I think that's it we got about five more minutes we do okay we gotta get out of here yeah 640 its Jonah's first day on the job as an editor he did pretty good today not perfect I gave him a solid six point four six point four so numbers better than five tell you right now though John is doing a great job he's got sweaty pits right now but don't worry about that there's no camera him he would just hose him off after the show so what else can we talk about there's so many things to show you guys sheep builder typesetting tricks what else do we got then I mean I feel like you're trying to cover this this all this material that you've already done in the courses I am but I'm actually doing in a different way I will teach you guys maybe one other trick here oh this is gonna be it's this might make some of you guys mad like make you pull your hair out all right let's do it we got this and this I'm gonna drag it down here okay now before the advent of desktop publishing and digital tools you used to have to call in a typesetter and they would typeset for you and they out put things on pieces of film or paper and then you would assemble that together to make your layout so you would call them type and you're like this typeface and here's the copy and this typeface and that weight and they would typeset it for you so it was being done by somebody who was trained to do this a typesetter that was our title and then you would get to stuff and then you would have to then cut it out with an exacto knife and paste it up on a board and that's how you would build your design and that's one way you would design now that we move into the digital age there is no physical properties to these things anymore it's all digital ones and zeros and pixels on the screen but sometimes just sometimes it actually is really cool to go back to those old days and think about what if I had this actually printed out on a photostat paper or something like that some of you guys don't you know what I'm talking about that's okay so what I do is I try to imagine what this design would look like if it had paper now you'll notice here that as a draw it's on the default color which is black right so if it X and bring the color to the front I can change this color now right I can click on this I think I can change it here that's one way to do it but I'm lazy I know that I've hit D for default it puts white as the fill and with a black stroke I want the white fill I just don't want the black stroke so if at X it toggles the the stroke and the fill and then when I hit slash the thing that's right underneath the question mark and it's gonna get rid of it done now I want to send this to the back because I want my typography to come forward so I may have settled my layers correctly let's see if I did a right command there we go command ship left bracket to send it to the back command ship right bracket would bring it to the front boom okay now I have a piece of paper old school right piece of paper let me move this down a little bit it's alright come on baby the Miller weighing thank you so much for the super chat now check this out I haven't done anything to the typeset the typeset has not changed but by putting on a piece of paper I've called attention to this we talked about using lines rules to group things together a shape also holds everything together it's a container alright I want to do the same thing for this up here so I'm gonna use the M tool again I'm gonna draw a box here around this okay now it's already set the right color so I'm gonna send this to the back which is command shelf left bracket and then I want a select the type right there and I could do the same thing I hate D for default which is gonna white fill I hit X to bring the stroke to the foreground and slash to make it like that now look I can I haven't done anything to the typeset itself it's exactly the same types I have not changed the weight I've just changed the color and put two boxes behind it and you can see now it's kind of interesting it gives a lot more weight to the same piece of type so that's pretty cool right now I'm gonna show you some tricks Ben you ready I'm ready I'm gonna copy this okay I'll go over here I've got another board here I'm gonna hit oops I messed up so like this and sometimes this happens you guys if you don't have the page selected and you copy and you go over to another board and you don't select this and hit command F it will it will paste it back on the original board because it needs to be told take it from this artboard and put it on this artboard so that used to frustrate me a lot before but it doesn't do it anymore I'm select these two things I'm gonna group them together watch what happens here because we have physical properties right check that out that is a look right it's a little bit different than the other one because now they're stuck together so before I was like saying this is important but it's different than that now this is connected watch what happens when I overlap it and I'm gonna overlap it in a certain way okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to line this base line to the top of that edge so it's a little bit off let's go a little bit gonna you got a Jonah moan yeah so it's not quite right yet so I'm gonna bring it down a little bit more there we go and so we don't know this like unless you have a bionic eye you just don't know that but you can feel it you can feel that line connecting these two elements together right so repetition and contrast repetition and contrast is what we want is all the world of typography so Chris you're so boring everything you do is justified laugh or flush laugh as some people refer to it flush left justified laugh right what if I just took this and offset it a little bit oh okay what's up oh great okay I'm gonna group these two things together watch and then we do that now we're getting to just Stolte principles here okay where we're not quite sure typically when we look at black we think blacks on top of white but sometimes when you use white this way you see how this blacks isn't top of this white but this white is on top of that black hmm so it creates some dimension out of this thing all right now I'm gonna play around with this further because I love this kind of stuff so I'm gonna use a letter before I do that unless like this first copy that put this here man what's your favorite two numbers 13 and 7 13 it is okay um okay I must like that I'm gonna make it really big you know like 4 times 8 times 12 times so I'm gonna start playing around like this might be a chapter heading you know I'm gonna make it like this same size here more or less okay more or less I'll put over here that's a design hmm okay and this could be for a chapter header a book title something whatever a subway sign this is destination 13 you are at the Kyoto at stop and some information about it so what why did I do it this way because we like to see repetition units of measure that are repeated okay so I'll show you if I take this and extend it all the way over here you can see that the height the x height of this letter I'm sorry the the height of the whole letter the cap height it's the same dimension as the white box we need to see that for harmony sake okay and sometimes if you can't tell if you take something like this and you repeat it over here it'll start to visually tell people these things are all related so it shares the this baseline shares the same edge as the bottom of the box and the cap height shares the same edge of the top of the white box and so they're all being stuck together mm-hmm but we're not done yet forget about we're not done I'm gonna select these things I me a copy I'm gonna go over here and make my space in front again I'm gonna delete this thing because I don't want that what I really wanted to do was this to kind of really play around with the layout I'm gonna change this color where's my command property easier go into here and select white okay I know that chunk zoom in and we play around this layout until I get something that's that feels right I think the one is messing me up thanks Ben I'm gonna change number 23 because of just order just for joy or drew all right we can start playing around with it now this feels a little bit too big for me so we can continue to work that out now remember before I told you when you add an element when you change something the whole layout changes so now that layout feels really unbalanced to me so what I want to do is take this whole thing and just wrap it down like right around here somewhere and this base will feel much better one of the things that we get asked a lot is how to use grids and what a grids for so I'm gonna tell you right now we're gonna keep going with the grids you call it dang oh dang way too much man I think so all right never mind okay guys thanks for tuning in happy Friday you guys I'm seating I'm just kidding let's do it let's do it okay I'm gonna I'm gonna show you guys something I showed last time when we were doing typography demos and somebody's like oh my god it is possible so get ready guys if you're eating something swallow it right now cuz it might come flying out of your mouth all better so I'm gonna draw a line here I'm the whole done shift and make sure it's a straight line okay what's wrong who's laughing over there Ricky's out there okay Ricky's about to have his mind blown you see outline right there it's a white line like that song right freeze on me don't stop no no nope alright okay anyways I'm gonna take this line and I'm gonna move it over a certain distance let's say that distance right there and I want to do that same thing I want to copy and move it over instead of dragging it I'm gonna command D this is not the part that blows your mind so there you go write every cool Coolio I'm gonna copy this for now and I'm gonna hit command five boom turns into a guide Oh command five so now you hear that that's the guide mines being blown okay why did I copy it I'm gonna paste it back in front again okay I'm gonna rotate this guitar and I'm gonna hit option and click and they'll give me some ability to type in a number and I'm hit okay I'm gonna take this we're over here you know what I'll move it all the way to the edge right there zoom in a little bit make sure yeah it looks pretty good okay I'm a zoom out so I have a little bit more than what I need I'm gonna eat this one what else do I have any more up here yes I do oh we got another one Nathan Lin thank you so much of Jeremy Lin thank you so much we had Jordyn now we have the Lin's it's gluten sanity in here Lin said I'm gonna hide this oops I got too much junk here I'm gonna hide this for a second so you guys can see what's going on so I'm gonna select these points here and drag it all the way out to right so I have a full grid boom I'm hit command five then I'm hit command option three to bring that I'm sorry I'm doing keyboard shortcuts without talking to you my apologies when I want to select something there's too much junk in the way I just select what I can since I intelligently grouped these before you hit command three it hides it I think command option three brings it back but it brings everything that you hit back okay so watch this it's like this command three it's like just like this command three it's like this command three but if a command option three it brings them all back at the same time all right now we have a equidistant grid it's square right square unit and it just so happens because I drew my grid after the fact but like look you see this 23 right here if I really wanted to design to the grid I would probably bring that down here I just make snapped a line and I won the baseline I want the baseline not the overshoot of the three to line up so that's my grid and if you want to toggle the grid because the grid now becomes part of your design I'm gonna hide the grid by hitting command semicolon and and if you do that it toggles it on and off it's probably really hard to see against the screen but there it is okay that's how you use the grid and now what happens is this let's say you were designing and this was over here okay and you're like well I want to make it work towards the grid you can bring it over here and the grid helps you to understand space a little bit better allows you to see things a little clearer okay so you could take this piece of type and bring it up here and you can change this to like I don't know nineteen like that I'm gonna hide the grid here so you can see that maybe that's too hard to see so I'm gonna Defour default I'm gonna hit shift X to switch it X and then see it slash and there you go boom beautiful now you have a little number a little element here you have a number over here you have these boxes and this grid helps us to determine where to put stuff and you can always break the grid because following it and being a slave to it that's not design either right I haven't even gotten into dynamic grids but we can get into that on a different episode not today because it is getting kind of late and what else can we show the good people well somebody asked to see the bundles again oh yeah I think you need to pull it up because I only have an image of it put the image real quick I just posted the link guys this is included in today's bundle is the typography course our lettering zero one course the logo design and construction course and the hand lettering work kit yes and one of our very talented interns from our Center June mm-hmm created this cool graphic for us and these are the bundle graphics right this is clever because it's a cylinder with the cone but the cylinder in the cone come together to make a pencil cool there you go yeah everything has the purpose right and this is bundle number five and you can see she's following all the rules of doubling the type size changing the weight changing the color for contrast she's using all the right design principles and if you don't know how to design just copy one of these layouts and put a piece of graph an illustration in the middle and I'll just make it look tasty mm-hmm all right okay what else can we do bad before we get out of here well let's talk to the people I want to tell you guys we need two more kits if we get two more sales we will hit ten which is great let me see where's that sound effect hold on guys hold on I'm getting something right now this is live breaking news here on the future inside the dojo it's been reported to me live from the field Ben burns knows how to do simple math so when he had eight and we had if we had two more cells it's been reported now I'm hearing this live that equals 10 listen guys breaking news on the breaking news just want to thank tally things are brilliantly thank you so much we need one more we need one more we're almost there great live show continuing to teach old dogs new tricks that's right designs three five one thank you very much CLL CL RR I'm broke I'm so sorry you are broke but you're not broken hang in there buddy that was deep oh my god huh man why not good I just cut right to the heart whatever oh yeah I have so many sound effects and you know who's coming back on the show for limited engagement what you might coming back because he believes this yes yes he is you know and then he'll talk for a long time and then we'll realize I answered yep yeah pretty much pretty much yes you want one more you guys I gotta give you one more hold on let me find a good one we have the whole you know he's not here

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