23 thoughts on “How we teach computers to understand pictures | Fei Fei Li”

  1. computers are not the same as humans,you are right if this can help us in the short term,but it will definitely take over humans and end up with humanity on the long term,because they read so much information in a split of a second,never gets tired nor sleep,and are not like humans,they will definitely be better than us,they just do not want you to believe or worry about it :/

  2. Спасибо, Омериканцы йобаные, за то что вы создаёте СкайНет 🙂 Этому миру и так пизда глубокая, так что вы на правильном пути)))

  3. Could your comps recognize at least a style of dance or at least a dancer… I doubt it. No seriously… It's so weird for a dancer to watch intelligent and feisty guys attempting to make their machines imitate or even recognize everything that the nature developed through million years of its history. Fingers crossed… still very much enjoyable stuff..

  4. Nah, such a failure experiment that you ain’t trying to teach them to learn, instead of just feeding and taking guesses. As part of AI, theoretically, the machines suppose to learn based on whatever the informations are. I mean this this is not what we called learning just copying and pasting. Not even close to the entry lvl of human AI.

  5. Too many people hide behind technology in order to escape the real world, while believing they are the only ones living in it. Some even believe they were chosen to be at the forefront of some kind of universal, evolutionary change or shift in human consciousness, and that the technological progress they are making is going to help humanity in the longer term. Unfortunately for the non-technologists, who are just going 'along for the ride', those working on technologies like AI rarely ever divulge their ultimate goal or true intent for what they are working toward. AI technologists and those wanting to 'humanise' AI are walking a very thin line between their own selfish desire to experiment, play-with and shape the future of AI and the potential for the final AI embodiment to enslave us all. Do any of them truly reflect on the longer term ramifications of their actions?

  6. Well let's hope these advance machines never fall into the wrong hands,
    a machine doesn't know whether it is being used for good or evil, it just does what it is told to do.
    If the algorithms are open source, we already know a lot of bad people are going to get crazy ideas about what to do with this kind of technology.

  7. i am extremely happy for having presented myself with all these world class scholars of course not personally. i strongly believe that knowledge is to share not to store. joining this group certainly improve ones intelligence in Cyberspace . I WISH THAT 2019 .FCT WILL BE ANOTHER LAND MARK IN TECHNOLOGY dear sirs…

  8. Give her a standing ovation you peasants! 😂

    Those of us working with AI, be it Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision or NLP know that her work is unprecedented.

  9. For those scientists or engineers whose mother tough is not English, while they are trying their best to improve in their profession, they have to spend time to polish their English. So far Feifei Li had done both pretty well. She's really brilliant!

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