How we could teach our bodies to heal faster | Kaitlyn Sadtler

What if you could take a pill or a vaccine and, just like getting over a cold, you could heal your wounds faster? Today, if we have
an operation or an accident, we’re in the hospital for weeks, and often left with scars
and painful side effects of our inability to regenerate
or regrow healthy, uninjured organs. I work to create materials that instruct our immune system to give us
the signals to grow new tissues. Just like vaccines instruct
our body to fight disease, we could instead instruct
our immune system to build tissues
and more quickly heal wounds. Now, regrowing body parts out of nowhere
might seem like magic, but there are several organisms
that can achieve this feat. Some lizards can regrow their tails, the humble salamander
can completely regenerate their arm, and even us mere humans
can regrow our liver after losing more than half
of its original mass. To make this magic
a bit closer to reality, I’m investigating how our body
can heal wounds and build tissue through instructions
from the immune system. From a scrape on your knee
to that annoying sinus infection, our immune system defends
our body from danger. I’m an immunologist, and by using what I know
about our body’s defense system, I was able to identify key players in our fight to build back
our cuts and bruises. When looking at materials
that are currently being tested for their abilities to help regrow muscle, our team noticed that after treating
an injured muscle with these materials, there was a large number of immune cells in that material
and the surrounding muscle. So in this case, instead of the immune cells rushing off
towards infection to fight bacteria, they’re rushing toward an injury. I discovered a specific
type of immune cell, the helper T cell, was present inside
that material that I implanted and absolutely critical for wound healing. Now, just like when you were a kid
and you’d break your pencil and try and tape it back together again, we can heal, but it might not be
in the most functional way, and we’ll get a scar. So if we don’t have these helper T cells, instead of healthy muscle, our muscle develops
fat cells inside of it, and if there’s fat in our muscle,
it isn’t as strong. Now, using our immune system, our body could grow back
without these scars and look like what it was
before we were even injured. I’m working to create materials that give us the signals
to build new tissue by changing the immune response. We know that any time
a material is implanted in our body, the immune system will respond to it. This ranges from pacemakers
to insulin pumps to the materials that engineers are using
to try and build new tissue. So when I place that material,
or scaffold, in the body, the immune system creates
a small environment of cells and proteins that can change the way
that our stem cells behave. Now, just like the weather
affects our daily activities, like going for a run or staying inside and binge-watching
an entire TV show on Netflix, the immune environment of a scaffold affects the way that
our stem cells grow and develop. If we have the wrong signals, say the Netflix signals, we get fat cells instead of muscle. These scaffolds are made
of a variety of different things, from plastics to naturally
derived materials, nanofibers of varying thicknesses, sponges that are more or less porous, gels of different stiffnesses. And researchers
can even make the materials release different signals over time. So in other words, we can orchestrate
this Broadway show of cells by giving them the correct
stage, cues and props that can be changed for different tissues, just like a producer would change the set for “Les Mis” versus
“Little Shop of Horrors.” I’m combining specific types of signals that mimic how our body responds to injury
to help us regenerate. In the future, we could see
a scar-proof band-aid, a moldable muscle filler
or even a wound-healing vaccine. Now, we aren’t going to wake up tomorrow
and be able to heal like Wolverine. Probably not next Tuesday, either. But with these advances, and working with our immune system
to help build tissue and heal wounds, we could begin seeing
products on the market that work with our body’s defense system
to help us regenerate, and maybe one day be able
to keep pace with a salamander. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Our bodies are going to need ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements )and Scalar Energy Right? It's because your talking about working to achieve the healing yet you don't ever say how.

  2. I'm surprised axolotls weren't mentioned, many lizards can regrow parts, but axolotls, as well as starfish, are some of the kings of regeneration. Still though, very interesting thought. A few years ago I had a number of life-saving surgeries, but the aftereffects of cutting into my head and abdomen have left some fairly major, and quality of life decreasing side effects. Being able to minimize, or even prevent some of these would be huge.

  3. This is incredible. The fact that these kinds of things are possible and that there are people working on it is fascinating. I wish her the best of luck in her project and hope that stuff like this is accesible to us in the near future

  4. 2 generations Maby 3 from imortal humans, give and take the ratio of global intrest (suspected High) is this science fiction thoughts?

  5. Arent the same blood cells responsible for scar tissue also used to stop the bleeding in the first place? I doubt you can just trick the body this easily and have no repercussions.

  6. Find a way to regenerate teeth then you'll get my attention.
    The rest of the body looks after itself, be it slow but it still does. Teeth however don't, not efficiently enough anyway.

  7. As long as pharma companies keep milking us to make big bucks, nothing will heal fully. They simply don't want us to heal🙄

  8. Once she mentioned vaccines as good, it was hard to keep an open mind. If a person doesn’t acknowledge how insidious vaccines are, they can’t be that unbiased or brilliant. Just sayin’…

  9. I am also curious how they can make this material only work where it's needed rather that grow back stuff that was removed (like tonsils, appendix, hymen etc)

  10. They use stem cells in animals mixed with drugs and injected around operation sites to aid recovery after surgery. Watch 'supervet' on the uk channel 4.

  11. But the thing I’m wondering is 1. How do you plan to put the T Helper into wounds? Injection that can make people uncomfortable? Or tablets which can take too long or even liquid form which can sting ALOT. 2. How do you plan to afford this

  12. This break through in science and technology need to be supported by the biggest company in the world because it will ease a lot of suffering and as such those inflicted will live a fruitful life/ improve quality of life.

  13. This represents the "gold standard" of TED talks: eloquently written, articulately spoken, direct, with dense and meaningful descriptions of the work. This production quality is what I'm hoping for every time I click on one of these videos.

  14. I don't know what people in the comments who are complaining were expecting. That she was going to explain how to heal wounds at home using toothpaste mixed with brandy?

  15. Well her research found that helper t cells are found in injured tissue and help healing . I thing i read about all the inflammatory cells that are involved in inflammation including t cells and subsequent healing process when i was in college fifteen years ago . So what is new about the subject??? What did she discovered that is worth a ted talk ??? What did we benefit from her talk . Nothing i guess

  16. Get the Slow Mo Guys to document this assisted regeneration as demonstration and pretty much it would seal the deal for me. This brief got me to roughly understand art best

  17. What about that guy who grew a thumb or part of it with pig pouder? He is actually telling you the how and not tales about it.

  18. No need to send signals to our cells, because our body knows how to rebuild our body parts. Just give it the raw materials like proteins and vitamins so that our body can regenerate on its own. We need nutritionists more than immunologists!

  19. I've seen shark bite victims lose large amounts of muscle tissue that never gets rebuilt. Will that be possible with your treatments?

  20. we all have seen this already!!
    The key for healing, not faster or slower, but healing (e.g. full stop, end of the paragraph). Each individual has a unique body metabolism, this is the speed or velocity at which his/her brain nerve cells make a contact, synapsis!! a connection that sends an instruction, one that is received, one first instruction that triggers a reaction of chain recovery for an unwanted tumour, a wound, an emotional scar or even a more ethereal glitch that triggers all other reactions. Something that makes a comeback on a sublevel and makes the body react and gain confidence in the healing process until the individual is healed.
    2. First is Heisenberg principle, either velocity or position are determined at once (this principle is also valid and applied for more than two dependent variables. A beam of light is required to be thrown at a particle's trajectory to determining its position. At this point velocity slows down to near O.
    3. If a child falls down on a playground, and injures/have an accident of some sort, him/herself badly, bleeds, looks for mum/dad and seeks all ATTENTION possible. Parents rush to hospital, he/she is healed and his/her trust in parents ability to care/heal him/her is enhanced every time this happens.
    However if the same occurs in a playground while parents are away (ok. momentarily). The child will get up, dust off, cry a bit less, wondered around fro a while and go back to play. When parents arrive find him in blood, in half the pain, half the requirement of before (yes, could be dead as well, depending on the injury). True some elderly have been left unattended/neglected in severe pain in hospital corridors, wards, often when medical assistance is more needed. But ATTENTION will always slow recovery, it is key. When the brain has other activities that requires to be healthy, fit, up and running; it will begin recovery.
    Mind acts more clearly when it is clean from nasty chemicals, and pollution of some sort which creates blockages in the speed of metabolism and the ability to heal itself. There is an equilibrium in the body (which is a mind in itself), which is determined by freedom of movement; much like that of 'eat as much as you like' some will take 400kcal , some 700kcal, some 1000kcal, some 300kcal in one meal. There is a natural revolution or frequency one particle can take, including its maximum and minimum velocity points of the trajectory for the particle.
    4. Doctors and patients alike should enter into a two way compromise agreement, a contract. You do this , We (doctor and health system) do this.
    5. Health systems are a bit like a supermarket. Go & see, you may buy or not, try later or throw away, try something else. very expensively and costly on either side, highly demanding, and inefficient. UK NHS for example prescribes only the right amount of drug required for a treatment, which it is good, but too many unnecessary drugs are prescribed.
    Patients must take more responsibility/accountability in the recovery/healing process. Salvation = healing comes from the true conviction; I am healed, I am cleaned and my body is/will be too (at some point one may also die). Thank you

  21. yes, there would be patches for recovery of injuries to buy in the supermarket, similar how today we buy paracetamol or other drugs, but in reality there is the moral hazard of how many pills can/should one take/buy. It is a shortcut, a lazy one yes, could heal by yourself, easier, faster, but some prefer to buy paracetamol and move on. It is learning to heal oneself, to know you can master your own body defence system. One can/should seek assistance at times, but a doctor does not cure anything, but oneself gives authority for such and such treatment to function and get the body into a recovery. Again is the conviction that the human body has an innate ability to master oneself body and mind, and to operate at perfect rate, whatever this is, low or high, will depend on the individual and circumstances. thank you

  22. I scraped my palm on the same spot once a month for the past 3 months while doing bmx ticks and bro the last time I scraped my palm it healedin a week. Wound closed up and scabs were falling off already and my skin was pretty much grown and I was able to grab things without it hurting it was just a fresh pink tone

  23. very interesting research and lecture. Hope someone told you not to look at the camera, cause it a little bit distracts from that marvellous lecture

  24. I appreciate the Wolverine reference, but I strongly suggest reading Spider-Man. Especially the lizard act. I got really strong vibes of that here. 😛

  25. Sometimes I don’t understand what these speakers get out of making their ideas public. Is it that she wants funding for her company? Does she want money for more research? How do we as the audience engage with the ideas in the talk after it’s given?

  26. Everyone's body is different. If you think about it, their is no right answer. The immune system is something that fights off diseases, colds etc. When your immune system is weakened, then something will happen negatively to your body. It's about taking care of yourself. Also taking care of your mental health.

  27. I need help ..
    I can't understand fast english !!
    I can't understand when each word ends !
    How can you understand Fast English hhhhh 😭

    Who can help me ?

  28. It is really funny that as medicine continues to advance it is slowly realizing that one of the best ways to heal anything in our body was something people have done for thousands of years. Fasting. Why did it take so long to get any attention at all? Because it is absolutely 100% free.

  29. This is an amazing video, I wish her the best. This would be a revolutionary addition to the medical field. She reminds me of Meredith from greys anatomy 😂❤️

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