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– Hi everyone. Today we’re going to talk
about advertorial hooks and how they work. But first, let me start
with how we advertise as a lead generation agency. So, for you guys that don’t know us, we have our two businesses, the first one is our
lead generation agency and the second part, the
second business we have is our education hub, so where we teach people to do what we do as a lead generation agency. So, first of all, how do we advertise within out lead generation agency? Our formula to generate loads of leads, great quality leads at a
cheap price on Facebook is an ad to an advertorial
to a landing page. And the reason we do this is we can create intrigue within our ad and curiosity within our ad because people don’t want
to be sold to on Facebook. They want to find out stuff
and educate themselves. So, they don’t want to be sold to, that’s what I’m trying to say, so if you can create curiosity in the ad, and then take them to an advertorial, the advertorial is where
you close the deal, where you can educate your prospect on their pain points, on the service or whatever that
your client may be selling. So, this works really well and then after they are
educated about the product or service, they click
through to a landing page where they put in their details and they become a lead. Because that advertorial
step is in the middle, if people aren’t interested or it’s not a right fit for them, they’ll click the back button and they’ll leave your funnel. The people that read a
page worth of content, really well written
are warm at this stage. They’re almost as good
as AdWords search leads. There’s almost intent when
they hit to the landing page. And this is how we
generate a lot of volume and a lot of really great
quality leads on Facebook. As I was saying, the advertorial is where
you close the deal. But in order to do that, you have to know your audience. Some of you guys might have seen a few of my ads on Facebook. The reason they do so well is because when I’m talking to people, I know the audience so well because that was me five years ago. I was struggling with retainer contracts, I couldn’t land big national clients with deep pockets, I was being under valued for my service, so I was doing a lot of
work and creating results but because I was on retainer contracts, I was struggling to get
paid what I was worth. There’s four or five things like that. It’s impossible to close the deal when you’re selling retainer contracts because you’re asking for
a three-month commitment, you are charging for landing pages and Pixel installations and all that kind of stuff which could be $20,000 worth of services without them getting a
single lead from you, it’s an almost impossible sale, so this is stuff that I went through when I was an agency owner
struggling with the old method and that meant I’m able
to relate to these people and talk in their language. So, if you’re wanting
to write an advertorial, you have to get that in-depth
knowledge like I have in my industry. I hope that makes sense. So, touch on their pain points. What I just spoke about. It’s impossible to sell retainer services. You can’t land the bigger clients. If you’re touching the pain points within the advertorial, they’re going to go oh yeah,
I can relate to this guy. I can relate to the product or service that you’re selling. It makes a huge difference. And the hook, the advertorial hook is to tell them that something is better than what they are currently experiencing. So, to bring it back to what I’m teaching, the retainer model doesn’t work, it’s impossible to land big clients, there’s actually a better
way by selling leads rather than retainer services and you can relate this method to any kind of industry that you want. So, I hope that makes sense. A little quick video on advertorial hooks and how they work. Enjoy.

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  1. Have you tested longer form ads to a landing page (bypassing the advertorial)? It depends on the audience of course, but I know that it has worked well for some online educators.

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