How To Write An Article – What You NEED To Know

Hey Guys hows it going? Its Kon with your one-stop out social gonna be
talking about how to write an article now this is gonna be the first video
many and we’re really gonna get into the topic for those of you who wanted one
for them they should give you a rundown and
should really give you the resources you need start in rain article right after you
watch this video so this a content is king but time is money
and it’s time for you to figure out whether you wanna be reading your
articles more answers either way let’s turn sold
verging on to bring up his wife Jean Paul Muslim actually kick started my online
career through article writing time enough
money to start on my for signing and I averaged about 2,500 and 3,000
words per hour so that’s a pretty quick rate and it is
something important something that I think most people can achieve def course I
manage hired and give feedback to dozens of
writers on a weekly basis song still in tonight released to have
mine hiring was no I really understand the concept of what makes a good article so there’s three essential in my opinion
they make and with typing skills this is an
obvious one am i right the next one is proper formatting in
this is huge it’s very very important and I’ll show you exactly what I mean
actually got a post on my blog with an article that I send all my new
writers the talk to a proper formatting and put
it up as a blog post you guys can all they can check it out after you watch
this video now there it is and most importantly
obviously is the ability tell morning on your
thoughts in this is and you really have to learn
to get your thoughts together in no way your item so what’s the form and I’m talking about
world symbol 50 words for the intro introduce the tax and grab the reader’s
attention make it short snappy in Sydney now the middle you wanna 100 on your
introduction talk about those 12 points that you introduced and it’s gonna be your longest about 200
words make sure to use headings lists in bullet points to really give
your article low keep your paragraphs and sentences 223
2-3 sentences per paragraph no more and any less just kinda seems
tinged and the end of course the conclusion for
you summarized in her heart don’t give them an opinion just
summarize the article keep it on by is that you can let them
make their own deductions of but due to summarize your article this
is proper raining you don’t wanna leave the article have written and then just
and you wanna let the person know that it’s more over now the gathered information of course you
want to keep it short and sweet as well fifty words max now some common mistakes much as one down through the Israel but
not enough lists headings or bullet point people don’t put enough listen headings
and they don’t realize how old structurally important this is to you
are doing and of course some people spend way too
much time researching the Taliban for an article the take me to write five
minutes now literally spend maybe two minutes resurging typing your tail
did you won’t see what comes up read it over and you to come with their
point if you want you’ll have to be completely original just raid in an interesting kind of way
and of course the articles and split on this issue 21
in Lacombe flow soul the open you know you want two to
three sentences per chung people don’t like to see a big
block of text its overwhelming they wanna see a woman
now guys this is how you write week short articles I mean these
articles get accepted that using article that on all the time for me and I’m sure you can put them on your
blog but the point being is that a human takeout you take the time to write an
article in an hour take the time the next day to go over them which would
take a fifteen-minute and just proofreading and go over and we
find the ideas you can end up with some really good quality articles in a really
short amount of time no tell me where you guys think I’m
interested but feel free to post comments all answer all your questions will keep this
updated and if you need anything helps emerged outsource rather dot com your one-stop
about searching: and for more tips information and
general outsourcing advice just feel free to visit us we’ve
got service is being dumb blogs and everything in between such a sound
have a great day happy marketing

57 thoughts on “How To Write An Article – What You NEED To Know”

  1. Nicely done. Very informative. I will admit, I am guity of all of the common mistakes! Thanks for the educational and entertaining video! Subscribing!

  2. 3000 WPH is 50 WPM and I personally type somewhere near 60-70WPM and those people in courts type like 120WPM lol and very accurately I might add.

    good video though!

  3. Really good video I usually outsource my writing unless it is something I am very interested. But you are bang on with the whole video especially the 3 steps.

  4. @clookid Yeah but this isn't English class it's attention spans, which are surprisingly short.

    Long paragraphs are daunting and overwhelming to read, often a shorter and more compact article is much more effective in the 'short' run 🙂


  5. Thanks for the informative video. I'm trying to improve my blog so I'm looking for things like this to make me better. Thanks!

  6. @russellreal
    You just forget that he don't just write after something, he's talking about writing an article where you actually have to come up with things to write, I don't think you could do that at 65 wpm if you didn't knew what to write before hand.

  7. @knector77 Hey Knector, great comment! I'll make a new video which will explain just that – how to figure out what to write about.

    The real secret to writing an article fast is knowing your topic inside out, that doesn't mean a lot of research though. Very good point though, without knowing your topic you WONT be able to quickly write an article no matter how proficient and fast of a typer you are 🙂



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  9. Can you create a video on how you research a topic online, and how you turn those notes into articles? There are no videos on this topic…

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  11. Hi I have a question. I have to write an article for a course i'm taking which should be 4000 words. Now you said in your video that research takes you only 2 minutes, but isn't the research kind of the most important part of writing an article? Because otherwise you don't know anything about the topic you write about….

  12. Depends. If you are writing something intense you should know a bit more than 2 minutes of research. I do research online regularly and you can find quite a bit in a small amount of time, if you know how to search. However, it may take days or weeks to research something intense like medical information, historical accuracy, or little known topics. I believe Kon is talking about very simple articles that may be more about opinion than facts.

  13. oh! I missed and you did too. He said for an article that takes him 5 min to write, he would research 2 min. So again, the more intense or in-depth the longer the research.

  14. This video is made for internet marketers. 3 years ago when article writing was necessary for SEO. Some people have come upon this looking at it as a academic reference, I would not suggest that.

  15. what if I have to make an article on a topic which is completely new for me…. what I have to do than….. plz help…

  16. Thanks! I'm starting to venture into the world of article marketing and this helped me  a lot. I'm hoping to write more articles. Looking forward for more of your videos… 🙂

  17. Hi, I was really working hard for about a month to research and make a satisfactory 600 – 700 word article and send it off to a magazine. But I'm having a bit of trouble forming it up and clearing it. And I NEED to finish it QUICKLY! Please help

  18. I liked you video. I just have a question. If you need to write articles about technical stuff like hydraulics or something else you may know little about, how do you research and write it quick?  Say 400-800 wd. articles for clients.

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  24. Pleased to know that most of the things i already have/thought about are mentioned here. Makes me feel like i'm on the right path.

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