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today we head off to the imagine movie theater to show you how to win at the arcade game keymaster I'll be showing you the science behind this arcade game along with some tips and tricks on how to win big the odds are you've seen somebody play this game if not on a YouTube video in a store or you played it yourself and if you're here well you probably lost let's first start off on how the game works there's a key type object inside of the machine you usually have 30 seconds to line the key up with one of the squares holding the prize you're aiming for you can go to the left and the right as many times as you want within the 30 seconds using the joystick but you can only go up one time you hold the usually blue button as you're holding it the key Rises once you let go it stops and goes towards the square if you win it will enter the square and pull out your prize but of course like most arcade games it's rigged but most people think rigged means it's impossible to win that's not the case exactly it's hard to win on this game but it's not impossible the way keymaster works is there's three rows of prizes the top row usually holding the most expensive prizes like iPads headphones and cameras and the middle row holding semi expensive items usually 50 to 100 dollar range and the bottom row that 10 to 20 dollar items the way that this machine is rigged is the operator of the machine will set each row to a certain payout rate meaning it will only let you win once out of a certain number of tries for example say you're going for an iPad Mini 4 on the top row the operator of the machine will most likely want to double or triple his revenue if the keymaster is $1.00 per play he will set the payout rate to let's say $1,500 so it would take 1,500 attempts and $1,500 for the prize are going for in the top row to actually pay out same for the middle row the bottom row except it would just be a much smaller payout rate all operators are different those some might want to get the prize out of the machine faster others might want to make as much money as possible the payout rate also has to be legal for the state they can't set a $10 item to a payout rate of $10,000 what a place like Dave & Buster's or a large arcade like that will have a much higher payout rate on their machines so now that we know how keymaster works here's how to increase your chances of winning if you have played keymaster you may have noticed that the key always hits the top of the square just by a little bit that means it's not due to payout when you let go of the button the key is supposed to stop moving immediately but when it's not due to give out that prize it will keep moving up for a split second or two making it never go in until it's ready for this I have a couple tips number one if no prizes have been won for a couple of months and everything is stayed the same inside of the machine and the machine is in quite a busy area try then you'll have a better chance of catching the payout rate after lots of people have played it if you see something missing in a certain row don't play it this either means someone has recently won so it won't be due to payout for a while or the operators playing tricks on you to make it look like it's possible to win or it's easy to win purposely not putting a prize in a certain keyhole tip number two don't spend more than fifteen or twenty dollars at a time if it keeps hitting the top of the square by a tiny bit it's not doing you're wasting your money tip number three how to tell if it's due to give out a prize remember how I said it will keep hitting the top of the keyhole if you're playing and losing by hitting the bottom of the keyhole buy it just a little bit and not the top that's a good sign that is due to payout and you're about to win the prize because it doesn't proceed to go up after you let go of the button and if you do not feel the key moving off after you let go of the button keep going you're getting close here I was barely hitting the bottom of the keyhole after two more tries I won the prize so that's it hopefully this video has helped you go out and win some expensive prizes now for 1% of the cost thanks for watching

39 thoughts on “How To Win On The Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks”

  1. I’ve won beats earbuds from these before in about three tries on a school field trip
    Everyone was livid, I’m never going to be that lucky again

  2. I went to sky zone (trampoline park) and my cousin won but the people who installed it the put a board where the prize came out we talked to the store owner and they saiuthe didn’t know I never never felt to cheated

  3. The game literally says on the front "This is 100% skill game, it is possible to win every time if you are skilled", I should have won this every time I played it cause I got it perfectly each time, did not realize it was rigged odds, why would I? When it says that on the front!!! Should be considered illegal at that point

  4. I won a game boy advance when they first came out. It was on the game where you like up the blue squares on the screen

  5. When I use to drive truck I spent one evening at a truck stop in Ontario, Ca playing that stupid machine. Spent 50 bucks and won nothing. I ended up having a crowd around me trying to help me line up the key by having two other drivers on each side of the glass. Once I was done I am pretty sure I made the owner of the machine a millionaire on that day because others played alot of money as well. Now that I watched your video this machine isn't worth one buck being that you could spend 50 bucks in a 10 dollar prize.

  6. My sons friend won 5 pair of sneakers from the key machine at Laced up
    So I don’t think this system works

  7. My mum said : Dont try it’s just tat on a nice looking key.. Of course it won’t drop , that’s how they make their money 💵 💰

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