How To Wear a Master's Cap and Gown

congratulations graduate you got your master's degree now you just need to figure out how this stuff is supposed to be worn first off immediately remove the gown from the bag and place it on a hanger to drop out most of the wrinkles if necessary use only a cool iron or steamer for any remaining wrinkles but don't wash or dry clean now it's time to put on the gown the Masters gown can be a little confusing but your hands simply slip through the wrist openings and the back of the sleeve should hang down at the bottom the hem length should fall anywhere below the knee and above the ankles flats or heels will not impact the placement of the hemline the heels are for her and then although it's called a hood it's not meant to go on top of your head place the hood around your neck controller so that it hangs down your back fasten the cord on the front of your void to your shirt dress or gown to keep it away from your neck while development portion is display the front of the cap is indicated in the crown area the mortarboard should be flat and level to the floor when wore the crown should be about one inch above the eyebrows the tassel can be on the left or the right side near the temple depending on the school's tradition but never in the center after the diplomas are received the traditional schools is for the graduates to move the tassel to the left side in you there you have it you're all done and you look like a million bucks

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