37 thoughts on “How To Turn Knowledge Into Money – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 16”

  1. Exactly what I m trying to do and starting a business around it…but in my case the innovation require a little bit of creation to add more value to more people and distinguish my business to others…

  2. Thank you Dan, Subbed and liked. I wake up everyday, thinking about how i'm going to make my millions, listening to your speech on one video you said you started out Copywriting, Then it clicked, that's it…that's how i'm going to start. Now i just need to learn the skill necessary to make my money, We as humans….We acquire the skills necessary to make money….some of us acquire the necessary skills to make ALOT of money. One step at a time though :).

  3. very good advice, better than any other on the internet even Tony Robbins, if I could just block out the bad use of words.

  4. How can I express my gratitude, saying thanks is not enough.
    Fantastic content, resonated a lot with me and came just at the right time!
    Thank you!

  5. Dan, thanks for reminding us about our little place in the grand scheme of things- nothing is that big of a deal, no need sweating the little things. Thanks Dan.

  6. Think innovation not invention. You dont have to invent the fucking wheel. Take something and try to find ways to make it better.

  7. Innovation is taking the tried and tested, knowing there is a need for it and making it better. Sounds less risky than invention. Awesome. Thank you Dan.

  8. Stop giving a damn on what people will think, most people are too occupied with their own problem that don't care about yours anyway.
    Instead of waiting till you're old to laugh on the mistakes, stupid act, why not laugh at them now and move on with your life already. Life's too short to constantly thinking about stupid shit.

  9. "Stop being a puss* and go do something epic". Such an amazing video series with tremendous value. Thank you, Dan 🙏🏽

  10. I find it hilarious how this video series and especially this short segment on innovation vs invention taught me more than my last 2 years doing my Bachelor's degree for Innovation. Sometimes traditional wisdom just does not cut it, it gave me some professional skills I can now use but does not give me that clarity in thinking. Thank you Dan!

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