70 thoughts on “How To Trade Futures For Beginners | The Basics of Futures Trading [Class 1]”

  1. Thanks for the education Clay. Think every trader should broaden their scope and knowledge of other securities and commodities. #jakehunter88

  2. Futures trading is difficult and much more volatile than trading stocks imho. I’ve lost big money trading s&p futures. Know what you are getting yourself into and it’s not the best investment vehicle to start off trading imho.

  3. Futures have alottt of financial power and magnitude especially crude, gold. I would love to see some futures trades !! Thanks clay

  4. Great class – I'm an older trader now, but the simple, well illustrated points help for all age groups. Looking forward to more Clay & thanks!

  5. Super video great info how do you compile your spurcrs i recently did an analyais on Tesla vs NIO and how the two fair up against one anothet

  6. This introduction was better than any introduction any graduate student of finance can get today…NEXT CLASSES should be focused on the mechanics of trading the most liquid future contracts which i think are oil and the financial futures. The mechanics means anything ones needs to start trading. The computer , screens, brokers, trading platforms, data, costs…all explained in great detail…Strategies should be available for the money or for the students of the university

  7. this masturbaitor is still on youtube pretending to teach and make money? Wow the scammers never go away until someone sues their asses.

  8. How do you extrapolate the sentiment of the futures market. All i see on there sites is the number of contracts sold, Take bitcoin on bakkt. What should i be looking at to see of the sentiment is bullish? And maybe in the future you can do a video on how the futures paper market can control prices of acutal commodities ie manipulation

  9. Is ( /NQ, /GC and so on ) a future stock that I can trade to get around the pattern trader rules or must I trade future stock like corn,cattle,gold, silver and so on…. sorry if it's a obvious answer… I'm still new …but I love your videos… I love your straight forward approach. It helps me a lot. Thanks

  10. How To Trade Futures For Beginners = Don't….unless you have a proven back-tested systematic trade approach with positive expectancy

  11. Omg! Thank you so so so much. You explained it just the way I needed to hear it, I have been go crazy for couple days because I just can’t understand what any other channel is saying in their “beginners introduction” videos. Please keep giving us more! I’m on to class 2.

  12. Hi Clay!! Let’s say I buy one future contract, the spot price is 1.50$ for future delivery (in 2 months). Then the price moves to 2.50$ by the settlement date. If I’m correct I would make 1$ per contract. What is confusing me is that you said when you buy a future (agreement) and whatever happens to the sugar price I will settle the contract for the price I agreed to buy it, that is 1.50$, so no profit. Then, how can you make profits if the price is fixed in the future?

  13. I want to take the time to thank you because you can see the time and effort that you put on this class.

    This is a phenomenal class; really serious and easy to understand no boring. Thank you so much!!! So happy to find your videos and your channel.

  14. I made my living as a professional futures trader [ proprietary trader for a large bank ] and the best advice i can give you is don't do it. 90% of small traders lose money. There is no way you can compete with people who do it 8 hours a day. It would be like challenging LeBron James to a game of 1 on 1. Even those who are lucky enough to make money pay for it psychologically. Studies have shown that the pain of losing money is 4 times greater than the joy of making money. The temptation of trying to make a lot of money quickly is strong.
    Best thing you can do is buy a stock index fund [or balanced index fund if your older] and grow your money slowly but consistently. This comment is not meant to be condescending but a caution against the temptation to make a quick buck against all odds.

  15. I am trying to get starting with the stock market and, ofcourse, I am overwhelmed with all the information available. Thanks to your videos I am learning a lot of new and usefull stuff.

  16. in conclusion it's long shot gambling, better to go to vegas and play blackjack. But wait let me take some instagram pics of me infront of large properties and exotics I rented…

  17. the futures market will smash you if your extending yourself on too much margin and don't have the money to put up during a big move. Futures speculating should only be done if you have more than 100k in capital in your account. Other than that just stick to the micros.Just because the requirements aren't as stiff doesn't mean the market wont wipe you out.

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