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  1. Im 50, and one of the great trueisms is that a fool is always certain and the wise doubt themselves. Unfortunately, thoes fools always find success.. mainly for the world is filled with others fools.

  2. Building a own pc still baffles me, putting it together is the easy part, but I have no idea where to start on what parts I need to use, will they even be compatible? What are "the best parts"?
    mostly I'm just behind held back by a fear that I might spend a ungodly amount of money on parts that might not even work when I put them together due to incompatibility's, or just generally being junk that was advertised as good parts.
    Or just buy the wrong things altogether due to the lack of knowledge.

    And yeah, you could say just go to X site and follow X instructions, but most sites are usually made for people who don't have this knowledge and the end result is usually a bit more expensive and less efficient then what a knowledgeable person's build would end up being.

  3. “But you only show people houses.” My mom, a real estate agent hears this a lot. No this is not the case. There is far more involvement for the agent than those that aren’t in real estate. Especially when you own your own company, as my mom does.

  4. I've had a bunch of people tell me I'm "racist" for pointing out the fact that people of different ethnicities have differences in their skeletons. Black peoples' skeletons have a yellowish, caramel, color and if I remember correctly from my juvenile justice class, there's also some difference in the composition of the femur(either it's thicker or longer, I can't remember which). But that's all I remember.

  5. 15:10 Yeah. If its red that give you problems the odds are you are allergic to the histamines. If you have other allergies, asthma, hay feaver and the like this is even more likely. Also vegan free wine is impossible to exist.

  6. My brother isn't concise when he wants to show off. If I try to simplify so people can actually understand, I get shat on (metaphorically).

  7. Great How to video !
    youre definitely giving me some ideas about what i should do next on my channel!!!

  8. 15:10 ok this censorship is getting ridiculous

    Is there ANY location on this planet where GRAPE is a swear word??????????????????

    WTF YouTube

  9. I know a lot of so called „pedagogues“ from my school time and also my current job that don’t know shit about the field, it’s very frustrating working with a client, calming him down or something, just to have a „Karen“ storm in and blame and scream at him and Destroying every bit of binding I’ve created to the person. Fuck that.

  10. My dad is one of those guys who knows everything about everything, just ask him. He could describe the moon to an astronaut and expect to be believed

  11. The part about the family lawyer discussing WWII aviation is very accurate. My uncle was a Navy test pilot and owns an aviation company with 4 other guys. We were in the Udvar-Hazy center (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum) and him and I got into a debate over one of the WWII fighters (MC-202 Folgore) and my uncle tried convincing me that it was German.

  12. I built my own computer! But don't ask me what 99% of it is. Used a site and a friend who knows FAR more than I do about it!

  13. If they claim to be a SE Asia or Viet Nam era SF or SEAL that rescued POWs, saved POWs in combat. The entire SE Asia conflict had NO documented rescue or POW camp rescue op that was successful. The 1970 Son Toi Raid by SOF had no POWs recovered. USAF flyer ✈ Iceal Hambleton was shot down & recovered but he was ignored by the NVA. They wanted his rescue efforts to draw in more enemy troops. The Air Commandos, SAR recovered Hambleton before he could be captured.

  14. When a Stolen Valor or fake SEAL does not know their BUD/S class number. 🤔. They also are unaware or not clear on HALO, SERE, SCUBA, fast rope, etc. If they claim they were in HI in SEAL team 8 that's false. Even number SEAL teams are eastern USA, western area-Pacific are odd….

  15. When a person who claims to have years of experience working with deaf people, argues that they should not be called deaf, instead they should be called "hearing impaired" because that's the politically correct term.

    (Deaf/hard of hearing people are actually extremely offended by being called hearing impaired.)

  16. Usually lack of details. Lack of excitement. Also too much certainty when it should be more inquisitive.

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