21 thoughts on “How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash”

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  2. Wait up ! Zaks comment has only 4 liked and look at others bro! I love you ! You trained my dog so well!

  3. Hello Zak. Love your videos. I have a question. My husband complaints that our dog Kira bighting at his feet during walking her. Well she does it playfully. He walks her out to pee and while they walk she tries to jump ahead and bight playfully at his feet like if she tries to trip him over. Its annoying. She tried to do it a few times with me but i cut it out right away. She listens to me a bit better. She is still not a good lish walker. She is already 2 years old. She pulls. I want to fix it. But how to also cut her bad behavior with bighting at my hubbies legs?

  4. Very glad this dog isn’t a puppy. All the videos on YouTube are with puppies. I have a 4 year old dog and she can’t walk on a leash…

  5. I am SO of appreciative of all your knowledge that you share on your channel. Thank you for inspiring me on the continued training of my dog. I have been pulled down 7 times due to my dog's excitement when she is on a leash. I am so grateful.

  6. My puppy is 15 weeks old (she's a toy poodle) and when I try walk her, she walks right between my legs or right behind me, rather than by my side or in front of me. Any tips on how to train her out of it?

  7. I have a question of other thing, is it good or not to let the dog see himself in the mirror? And what happens, and what do they think? Please answer me I am so wondering about this

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