21 thoughts on “How to teach your child to ride a balance bike quickly and simply”

  1. This is my experience for my little boy. He tried from 15 months old. Now near 20 months old. https://youtu.be/lAANnNRZSSQ

  2. I did not learn how to bike.MY sister learned bike first but me im not happy because my parents did not teach me how to bike PHILIPPINES WHY

  3. I taught my son how to read when he was still 14 months old. At the start, I assumed he might be a bit young but I gave it a try and followed this reading guide “fetching loli only” ( lovy.biz/o6w0 ). Now at Two years and 4 months, he can read a whole book on his own!

  4. I'm from the USA , we don't get jailed for expressing our opinions on things. we have freedom of speech, even speech that offends your poor little feelings.

  5. I appreciate your effort to inform and the clever idea of a balance bike.

    However it is clear that with the best of intentions the designer of this bike knows little aobut how to design a bike to WANT to steer straght. The geometry of the bike yo are using is inherently NOT going to steer a straight line as the front wheel axle has zero offset from the axis of the forks. Check out bikes and you will that the axle needs to be for ward of the forks axis. High performance bikes for highly skilled competition riders will have less, others for those with less offset than bikes for the less ambitious and less skilled. But even those bikes will have SOME forward offset.

    The bike you are using has ZERO offset. It is an all too common design mistake in learner bikes that are designed by people with no understanding of bike geometry. Those bikes will have NO tendency to track a straight line.

  6. We started both our kids on balance bikes when they were two. At first it's slow-going, but as they adapt and get bigger, they can really zoom along on these things. Our youngest would keep up with his mom, dad and older brother who would all be on pedal bikes by the time he was 4 (of course we weren't going full-on speed, but at a leisurely pace). Parents, you don't even have to be riders. Take the bike along on walks, and let the kids have at it. Both of my boys learned to ride a proper pedal bike, pretty much immediately, same day within 10 or 15 minutes or so of trying, because they'd already mastered balance. They both began riding pedal bikes by age 5. The only thing that differed on a pedal bike, was the pedals (and a slightly larger bike). Totally awesome for kids. Forget training the training wheels – get them a balance bike, even if they are older, 3, 4, 5, 6. No matter. It's still more fun than plodding along with those silly training wheels. Kids love to ride bikes; it does them a great service to learn how early and with the right skills (meaning with the right balance and agility). Great video, thanks !

  7. Almost everyone is getting upset over the fact that parents have the right to choose if they want their kid to wear a helmet or not. Some, if not most parents are going to be with their child when they are learning to ride a bike. It's not like the kid is going to bust their head open after falling sideways 30 inches from the ground. They should instead save those helmets when you teach them how to skate/rollerblade…one of the only activities you can teach your kid that REQUIRES a helmet!

  8. Stupid question, is the rear brake typically on the left hand side in the UK? In the states the rear brake is on the right hand side.

  9. what i did instead of putting training wheels is i removed the crank pedals and chain. once he learned coasting on the lil bike i put the pedals and chain back on. now all he wants to do is ride

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